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New Dystopian Wars Two-Player Starter Set! Fortune And Glory Coming October

4 days ago 5

Warcradle Studios has announced a new Two-Player Starter Set coming to Dystopian Wars for the month of October! Fortune And Glory await as the Union clashes with the Sultanate in a new set that has been designed to get you started in this naval wargame. 

Twilight Kin! Mantic Games’ Kings Of War Elves Like You’ve Never Seen Before #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we get a look at the brand new Twilight Kin, coming soon to Mantic Games' Kings Of War. These are Elves but not as you've seen them before. They have a proper demonic streak to them!

New Dystopian Wars Abydos Set Proves The Might Of The Sultanate!


Warcradle Studios have previewed the newest set of releases coming up for the month of September for Dystopian Wars! There are two new Battlefleet Sets for you to choose from for both the Sultanate and the Scandinavians alongside some bonus miniatures for the Union. 

Community Spotlight: Scatter Terrain, Assassin’s Creed & Dystopian Tabletops


In this week's Community Spotlight, we're looking at a bevvy of awesome terrain as well as a bit of TINY terrain for some naval wargames. We also hang out with Ezio and join the Brotherhood Of Venice.

Independence Battlefleet Coming August For Dystopian Wars!


Warcradle Studios have been showing off the new pre-orders coming soon for Dystopian Wars in the month of August. The Union are unleashing hell with the new Independence Battlefleet Set which comes with a whole host of options for you to tinker with!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Would You Get Crafty With A Terrain Building Month?


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we chat about some of the hobby we've been getting up to! Would you join us for a full month of terrain building? Is it time that we worked on nailing our terrain and making some nice tabletops to play on?

Engage! Star Trek: Away Missions Sets Phasers To Stun Tabletop Gamers #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We set phasers to stun and get beamed up as we engage with the upcoming Star Trek miniatures board game coming from Gale Force Nine! The team are releasing Star Trek: Away Missions later this year and it looks like it could be a lot of fun to dive into, especially with the ways they could take the game in the future.

The Zhanmadao Battlefleet Set Comes To Dystopian Wars In July!


Dystopian Wars is getting graced by more new releases coming up for the month of July. Leading the way from Warcradle Studios is the new Zhanmadao Battlefleet Set which should set old Dystopian Wars fan's hearts aflutter. 

Face UFOs & Mighty Aircraft Carriers In Dystopian Wars Soon


Warcradle Studios have revealed the new sets coming up for Dystopian Wars for the month of June! There are some weird and wonderful miniatures as part of this new set of releases which will be intriguing for those fighting on the high seas and soaring through the skies.

Dystopian Wars Battle Report : Uprising!


Unboxing Dystopian Wars – Protecteur Battlefleet Set


Dystopian Wars Battle Report : Betrayal!


Dystopian Wars – What to build with the Ragnarök Battlefleet Set?


Dystopian Wars Battle Report – Crown Offensive


Dystopian Wars – Unboxing of November ’22 releases


Cyclone Of Shadows Comes To Dystopian Wars In May


Dystopian Wars is hotting up as we move into the month of May with Warcradle Studios. Leading the way is the new campaign set which is called Cyclone Of Shadows. This should be a fun way for you to dive in and enjoy a twisting tale of naval warfare with your friends. 

Zeppelins & More Cruise Into Dystopian Wars For March 2023


Dystopian Wars expands with even more miniatures dropping in the month of March. There are a couple of new Battlefleet Sets alongside some bonus options from Warcradle Studios. We start with the powerful new Mars Battlefleet.

Arbites Return To Warhammer! 40K & Age Of Sigmar Get AWESOME New Reveals! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The big LVO reveal happened this week and that means AWESOME new reveals for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The BIG one was that Arbites are returning to 40K in the newest Kill Team set.

February 2023 Releases Revealed For Dystopian Wars!


February is just around the corner and that means a whole host of new releases for the world of Dystopian Wars by Warcradle Studios. We're going to be getting new themed Battlefleets PLUS a bunch of new Starter options for those thinking about taking the plunge into this naval wargame.

Dystopian Wars Battle Report : Clash of the Titans!


EP97 Video Edition: Highlights & Lowlights from 2022


Unboxing: Retaj Battlefleet Set | Dystopian Wars


In this unboxing, Gerry cracks open the Retaj Battlefleet set from Warcradle Studios for their awesome naval wargame, Dystopian Wars. Let's see what tricks you can pull off with this Battlefleet for the Sultanate.

Unboxing: Protecteur Battlefleet | Dystopian Wars


In this Unboxing, Gerry dives deep into the Protecteur Battlefleet Set, a great stepping-off point for those wanting to start a Canadian fleet for the Crown for Warcradle Studios' naval wargame, Dystopian Wars.

Icarus Battlefleet Signals New Dystopian Wars Releases For 2023


A new year and new miniatures for those wanting to dive deeper into the world of Dystopian Wars. Warcradle Studios showcased a whole host of new releases for the month of January, leading the way with the brand-new Icarus Battlefleet Set.

Unboxing: Dystopian Wars – Mexico Battlefleet | Warcradle Studios


In this Unboxing, Gerry dives deep into the Mexico Battlefleet for the Union in Warcradle Studios' naval wargame, Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars – Narrative campaign: Previous battles, how does it work, how to join?


How to play Dystopian Wars? A didactic Battle Report


Dystopian Wars Battle Report : Alliance VS Imperium 1000pts – Express format




Unboxing Retaj Battlefleet set un ajout de poids pour le Sultanat !


Unboxing: Dystopian Wars – Beyond The Sturginium Skies | Warcradle Studios


In this Unboxing, Gerry dives deep into Beyond The Sturginium Skies set, a great stepping-off point for those wanting to pick up more miniatures for Warcradle Studios' naval wargame, Dystopian Wars.

Unboxing Beyond the Sturginium Skie !


Unboxing: Dystopian Wars – Beyond The Hunt For The Prometheus | Warcradle Studios


In this Unboxing, Gerry dives deep into Beyond The Hunt For The Prometheus, a great stepping-off point for those wanting to pick up more miniatures for Warcradle Studios' naval wargame, Dystopian Wars.

Unboxing Dystopian Wars – Sturginium Skies starter set


Unboxing du nouveau starter 2 joueurs pour Dystopian wars Sturginium Skies !


Community Spotlight: Grot Tanks, Dystopian Wars Fleets & Epic Darth Vader Diorama!


We get stuck into two excellent diorama/display pieces for this week with something Orky and something for Star Wars. We also then dive into two excellent fleets for a bit of Dystopian Wars.

EP92 Video Edition: Shiny Syndrome


Dystopian Wars: Beyond The Hunt For The Prometheus – What To Get Next!


Started playing Dystopian Wars and want to know where to go next? We sit down with Warcradle Studios to discuss going "Beyond..." the Hunt For The Prometheus with the second of two Campaign Boxes. These give you great next steps for your Dystopian Wars journey.

Dystopian Wars Battle Report : Covenant VS Commonwealth – showcasing the Archimedes and Marena sets!


Dystopian Wars – What to build with the Magenta Battlefleet Set?


Dystopian Wars – Archimedes Battlefleet Miniatures Review


Cult Of Games XLBS: Speed Vs Detail – How Do You Prefer To Paint?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, we're talking about changing habits in our hobby and painting. Do you go for speed over detail or something different? Have your painting habits changed completely since you started out?