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Hit The High Seas With Dystopian War’s Republic Of Egypt Fleet


Making their way into the Mediterranean and then out towards the Atlantic we have the new Republic Of Egypt Naval Battle Group from the folks at Spartan Games for Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian World Expansion Has Launched On Kickstarter From Spartan Games


Spartan Games heard you and now has gone to Kickstarter to help expand their Dystopian world.

Spartan’s Dystopian Wars Kickstarter Details Emerge


Spartan Games have revealed some more details as to what they're aiming to do when they hit Kickstarter this month, expanding on the world of Dystopian Wars.

Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?


Spartan Games has heard you and have an announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter.

Drill For Sturginium With A New Dystopian Wars Rig


Spartan Games have been tinkering away on more models for use in Dystopian Wars including this Sturginium Drilling Rig that would look good on land or at sea.

A New Britannian Ship Sails Around Dystopian Wars’ Africa


A battle for Africa looks ready to kick off in Dystopian Wars and the Britannians are already sending out new ships to take the land for themselves.

Fight The Battle For Iceland With Spartan’s Dystopian Two Player Set


If you're looking to add some more ships to your Spartan Games Dystopian Wars range, or you just want to get started, then see what you think of The Battle For Iceland which is their new two player set.

Lady Liberty Fights for Freedom in Dystopian Wars


A true American icon is heading out onto the fields of Dystopian Wars as Spartan Games reveal this steampunk world's take on the statue of Liberty herself.

The Mighty Svarog Lumbers Onto The Battlefields Of Dystopian Wars


Do you like big stompy robots? Do you like Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games? Well, see what you think of the massive Svarog which is the new Battle Robot serving the Russian Coalition. This is quite the beast...

Big Stompy Robots Coming To Dystopian Wars


Some BIG stompy robots are coming to Dystopian Wars. These Dreadnought Class Robots were previewed over on the Spartan Games Fan Page showing off models for the Blazing Sun, Prussian Empire and Covenant Of Antarctica...

Spartan Games Bombard Us with Upcoming Releases


Spartan Games have announced new releases for Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions, bringing out all manner of goodies for each of these great games.

Spartan Sail Out Dystopian Wars 2.0 Rules as Free Download


It's time for you to don your admiral's cap and take ready of the steampunk fleets and armies of Spartan Games' great miniature game of epic scale combat as Dystopian Wars 2.0 rules head out as a free download.

An Armoured Dragon Swoops Into Dystopian Wars


We recently saw that the Chinese Federation of Dystopian Wars will be bringing a mighty monster of legend to battle. Now we get to see the finished model of Spartan Games' awesome Armoured Dragon Robot.

The Dystopian Kingdom Of Britannia Get A Halifax Bomber


Get ready to drop some very big bombs on your enemy as the Halifax Bomber drones into view above the battlefields of Dystopian Wars.

The Drone Of Dystopian Wars Bombers Sounds In The Sky


Start thinking up your perfect bombing run with the massive Federated States of America Heavy Bomber that will be hoving into view.

Canadians, Poles & Chinese Machines For Dystopian Wars!


There is a lot of chugging and puffing of smoke coming from the world of Dystopian Wars. See what you think of the Chinese, Canadians and Polish forces coming out of Spartan Games.

Prepare to Face the Might of the Indian Raj in Dystopian Wars


Spartan Games have released two new starter sets for the armies of the Kingdom of Britannian's latest dominion; the Indian Raj.

It’s the Year of the Dragon in Spartan Games’ Dystopian World


Spartan Games have come up with something rather exciting for their Dystopian world; a Chinese Dreadnought that is a real fire breathing dragon!

New Aerial Groups Conquer The Dystopian Wars Skies


Take to the skies with a whole new selection of Aerial Battle Groups coming out of Spartan Games for Dystopian Wars. Which Empire will dominate the clouds?

Gather The New Dystopian Wars Battle Groups With Spartan


Spartan Games is really pushing the boat out with their updated selection of Armoured and Naval Battle Groups for Dystopian Wars. See what you think of these new sets that will be available soon...

Dystopian Wars 2.0 On The Way From Spartan Games!


Bring on the resurgence of Dystopian Wars with 2.0 coming very soon at the end of May. Will you be picking up that Two Player Battle Box chock full of Federated States & Blazing Sun ships?

Once More Into The Breach: The Covenant Hit Back!


We're back with the second part of Lee's adventures in the Dystopian Wars League at Tabletop Nation. Will the Covenant of Antarctica be able to get that teleportation device working?

Full Steam Ahead! The Dystopian Wars League Begins!


Lee Trayler has put down his pen and taken to the battlefield as the Dystopian Wars Journeyman League begins at Tabletop Nation. See how he fares in his first game within!

The East India Merchant Company Sails Out of Spartan Games


In any conflict there are those looking to make some money from it and the Dystopian Wars is no exception as the East India Merchant Company is ready to sail out for whoever wishes to hire them.

The Epic Euclid Dreadnought Flies Into Dystopian Wars


Check out another addition to the Covenant of Antarctica Fleet for the awesome game of Dystopian Wars.

Operation Sirocco & New Dystopian Wars Boxed Sets


Engage in a new conflict with the Operation Sirocco book coming soon for Dystopian Wars.

Steampunk & Sci-Fi Releases From Spartan Games For July


Check out a whole range of new releases from Spartan Games for their various games this July.

Dystopian Wars’ Ottomans Take Their City for a Walk


The first of the Ottoman Empire's land based machines has appeared, an Armoured Air Craft carrier which Spartan are currently calling the Walking City.

The Fleets of the Ottoman Empire Join the Dystopian Wars


The graceful ships of the Ottoman Empire have set sail from Spartan Games and are joining the naval battles for national supremacy in Dystopian Wars.

All Aboard the FSA Land Train for Dystopian Wars


The Federated States of America are receiving new versatile vehicle to help bring down the enemies on land. All aboard the Columbia Land Train.

The Chinese and Aussies Sail into Dystopian Wars on Spring Tides


This May two new nations are joining the battle for the seas which is Dystopian Wars. Prepare to battle in the Far East and Down Under.

A New Fleet Is On The Horizon For Dystopian Wars


Check out this teaser from Spartan Games for a new faction coming to the world of Dystopian Wars! One guess and I think you'd be safe on picking Chinese.

A Bizarre Ship Joins Dystopian Wars’ Russian Coalition


The Russian Coalition of Dystopian Wars is getting a rather strange looking new ship for their fleet; the Veliky Class Escort.

The League of Italian States Rides the Wave of Dystopian War Releases


Spartan Games have announced a massive new wave of Dystopian War releases for April, including the much longed for League of Italian States!

What Is This Sailing Into Dystopian Wars?


Spartan Games have published a preview for a release they will be announcing next week. Could we be seeing the beginning of the League of Italian Nations?

Dystopian Wars Shakes At the Arrival of Armoured Clash


Dystopian Wars, that great game of Victorian sci-fi warfare is expanding the battles taking place on land with their new rule set Armoured Clash!

New Models For Both Sides Of Spartan’s Dystopian Past


Check out the future, or the past, of Dystopian Wars & Dystopian Legions. Some massive armoured vehicles are on the way...

Dystopian Wars Hears The Rumble Of An Armoured Advance


Check out the massive host of armoured vehicles coming to the world of Dystopian Wars.

Battlefield Autopsy: Dystopian Wars


It's time for another Battlefield Autopsy as Justin Brings Stu and his buddy Gavin in to the new studio to have a look at what happened when the guys played a game of Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars: Britannia Majesty Dreadnought Unboxed


Bristling with guns, it's the pride of Her Majesty's navy. Darrell and Sam take a look at the Majesty Class Dreadnought for Dystopian Wars.

Empire of the Blazing Sun: Ika Squid for Dystopian Wars


It's big, but not so slimy! The guys take a look at the giant steampunk nautilus... the Ika Squid for Dystopian Wars.

Learn the Rules of Dystopian Legions With their Quick Start Guide


Dystopian Legions has now got its Quick Start Rules so go check them out over on the Spartan Games website!