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Deep-Cut Release Official EDEN Mat Designs


Deep-Cut Studio has now released a set of official EDEN Mats which can be used with their game of post-apocalyptic mayhem. 

The Immortals Arrive In Eden From Happy Games Factory


Eden welcome some new Immortal faction minis

Krampus Comes To Eden This Christmas


Happy Games Factory are coming out with a special Christmas encounter for Eden, featuring none other than evil Santa itself, Krampus.

Amelin Brings Plague To Eden


It looks as though disease is coming to the world of Eden, spread by the new character Happy Games Factory have previewed.

Guyuk Leads Eden’s October Releases


Happy Games Factory have a some new releases coming this October for Eden and have revealed the newest member of the Khan.

Happy Games Factory Send A Colossal Khan Stomping Over Eden


Happy Games Factory have previewed their upcoming September release, a giant of menace and muscle for the Khan faction.

A Hulking Monster Looms On The Horizon In Eden


Happy Games Factory have put out a sneak peak for a new miniature coming out in September for Eden.

The Nephilim & Khan Of EDEN Get New Characters This Month


The world of EDEN from Happy Games Factory welcomes some new strange creatures to its fold. Both the Nephilim and the Khan are getting new models with the first being Borte for the Khan.

Joker Gangs & More Terrain Arrive For EDEN


The world of EDEN welcomes some new models this month with additional characters for the Jokers Gang including Elenia here.

Another Angel Coming Soon To The World Of EDEN


From the sculpting bench of Juan Navarro Perez, Happy Games Factory is looking to bring another of Dante's Angels to life soon for EDEN with Alouka.

Grab The EDEN Exclusive Undertaker February 18th & 19th


Happy Games Factory is going to be releasing an exclusive EDEN miniature for you to pick up ONLY over the 18th & 19th February.

Katalina Brings The Hammer Down For The Jokers Of EDEN


In a preview of what lies ahead for the rest of January, Happy Games Factory revealed the sculpt for Katalina of The Jokers in the world of EDEN.

Young Hans Is A Fierce Leader For The World Of EDEN


Happy Games Factory is looking ahead at a new character for the world of EDEN. Here we have Hans who is a fierce leader in this post-apocalyptic world.

Klaus & His Leprechauns Arrive In The World Of EDEN


As a Christmas gift for the world of EDEN the folks at Happy Games Factory has revealed their Klaus & Leprechaun set, the EDEN Legends.

The Matriarchy’s Green Order Starter Box Available Now For EDEN


The world of EDEN is soon to be graced with a new Starter Box as they showed off the Green Order Matriarchy Set for their post-apocalyptic world.

Sister Esther & A Merry Fellow On The Way For EDEN


It looks like December is going to be a time of interesting releases for EDEN by Happy Games Factory as they previewed some of their upcoming models.

Wyrm & The Diver Join The Warbands Of EDEN


Happy Games Factory has previewed some of the new characters coming to the world of EDEN.

3 Colours Up: Painting a Bamaka Warrior – Part Two


Today Romain is finishing off Eden's brutal Bamaka Warrior.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Bamaka Warrior – Part One


Skateboards & Quirky Robots Come To The World Of EDEN


EDEN gets its hands on two new models this month with an addition to both the Convoy and the Resistance.

Fiery Fenrir & More Coming To EDEN This July


Happy Games Factory have shown off one of the new models for EDEN's Dante's Angels called Fenrir.

Surviving Eden Battle Report – ISC vs Matriarchy


This will be a no hold back game and I'll be playing the amazing Matriarchy, whereas Fréd will be playing alongside the mechanical robots of the ISC.

EDEN Welcomes Crackpot Bikers, Mutants & Nuns This June


The world of EDEN grows this June as there are four new releases for you to pick up for the game.

EDEN Shows Off Art For A Gluttonous Motorcyclist


A big new guy is rolling into EDEN on a gnarly motorcycle. They've shown off the wicked piece of concept art for the soon to be released sculpt later this month.

Surviving EDEN: The Wasteland Chainsaw Massacre


It's time for more tips & tricks for the world of EDEN. We've got a special weapon up our sleeves...hint, it makes a buzzing sound and looks like a chainsaw.

Surviving EDEN XLBS: Battering The Bikers


We may have gotten a little over zealous in the frontstage show with tiny Lamas and her devastating chainsaw. Let's find out how to counter her!

New Characters Coming To EDEN This June


The minds behind EDEN have sculpted up a couple of new characters for the month of June.

Surviving Eden: Fighting The Matriarchy


Today we've decided to change things up a little and re-configure our factions. The Jokers are facing off against the fearsome Matriarchy.

Surviving Eden XLBS: Overthrowing The Matriarchy


As you witnessed the Matricarhy are quite the nasty bunch and a force to be reckoned with.

A New Round Of EDEN Characters Coming This Month


EDEN welcomes some very interesting looking new characters to their blasted and desolate world of funky individuals this month. We'll kick things off with an addition to the Dante's Angels crew...

Surviving EDEN: ISC Robot Tactics


The Dante's Angels faction is ready to grind down whatever army Fred has to throw at me! Unfortunately he is fielding the ISC Robots - I'm going to need some help!

Surviving Eden: XLBS – Countering the ISC Assault


As Lloyd is a huge fan of the ISC, I plan to get a head start and find out how to counter and possibly defeat these nasties before he gets his hands on them!

More Nephilim Teased For The World Of EDEN


The world of EDEN welcomes another Nephilim character later this month with a look at this sketch that will then be sculpted up by Mohand Art. This chap is all wings and blades...

Surviving Eden: How To Play – Basic Mechanics


This week we'll be discussing the basic movement mechanics within Eden where we get a little too carried away and have too much fun with our mission in the process.

Surviving Eden: XLBS – Advanced Tactics


Welcome to the Backstage episode of Surviving EDEN. We discussed the basic mechanics for Eden in the front stage show, but for now we're diving into the advanced tactics.

Check Out Painted & Upcoming Heroes For EDEN


The world of EDEN is expanding with more characters taking to the wasteland in search of glory. First off lets take a look at what's coming up in the near future with Le Grand Profond...

Surviving EDEN: Welcome to the World of EDEN


Hey guys, I welcome you to join us for a thrilling new mini series; Surviving Eden.

Surviving EDEN: XLBS – The Future of EDEN


Welcome to the Backstage episode of Surviving EDEN. In this show we're discussing the future of EDEN and what's planned for the growth of the game.

Dante’s Angels Get Their Mechanic In EDEN


EDEN welcomes another character to the tabletop wasteland for Dante's Angels. Here we have a mechanic of some skill in the form of Ronwe. He reminds me a lot of Chumbucket from the Mad Max video game...

Na’rgoth Rides Into EDEN On His Giant Lizard


It looks like the Nephilim get themselves another character at the beginning of February with Na'rgoth On Blue Lizard. This set allows you to make him on foot with a separate lizard or mounted atop it for the world of EDEN...

The EDEN Team Resculpt The Kooky Ievgeni


The EDEN crew have resculpted Ievgeni for their post-apocalyptic game world so lets take a look at the older version of him and the new one. Will you be picking up this weird clown?

Unboxing: EDEN’s Dante’s Angels


Today John and I take a look through EDEN's newest release, Dante's Angels. I absolutely love these models, not because the biker has a beard (although that's a plus!) but because they fit so well with the game and look amazing together!

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