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EDEN Celebrates The Holidays With A Special Release- Noellyn


It's time to deck the halls of EDEN, and how better to spread Christmas cheer in the post apocalyptic universe than with a special edition, holiday miniature? Noellyn is the Christmasy lumberjack taking the game by storm this holiday season.

Weekender XLBS: Necromancy, Fantasy Baseball & BoW 2016 Plans


We have some great stuff to chat about today and with so many different ways to interact these days through the internet we're interested in how you watch and read through Beasts of War. Take the Survey Now Click Here

Odval & Kushi Join The Scrapping In EDEN


The EDEN team have shared the sculpts of both Odval and Kushi who are two of their mutants coming to their post-apocalyptic world with a penchant for destruction...

Big December Mutant Releases For EDEN Get Teased


The EDEN team have shown off some of the upcoming miniatures for December with a series of teasers over on social media.

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings


Come and join us for an epic Weekender where we're talking Team Yankee & 4Ground Terrain AND giving away some awesome prizes!

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter


Join us for The Weekender where we have some fantastic terrain to show off, an interview with John Stallard AND a big EDEN prize!

VLOG: Happy Games Factory Filming & What’s With The Cans?


With the Team Yankee Boot Camp fast approaching the team is busy working away but what do all those cans of energy drink have to with that? Plus we have Happy Games Factory, the guys behind Eden and Stygmata for the filming of a new series.

Nabam Joins The Cast Of Characters For Eden & Stygmata


A new character has joined the world of Stygmata and Eden from Happy Games Factory. Nabam will be added to certain pledge options and comes with his rules and statistics to fit into both the role-playing game and the tabletop skirmish game too...

Eden’s Stygmata Campaign Unlocks Miniatures For RPG


The Eden team have unlocked the resin miniatures for their Stygmata Kickstarter campaign which forms the beginning of the role-playing tales present within this post-apocalyptic world...

Unlock The Secrets Of Stygmata For The World Of Eden On Kickstarter


The folks behind the post-apocalyptic world of Eden at Happy Game Factory are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their new project, Stygmata. They are focusing on getting the starter set for their role-playing game set in this ruined world...

Weekender XLBS: Taking Prince of Persia To Salute & Recycling Game Mechanics


We've got a great show lined up for you this Sunday morning. we've got some interesting topics to discuss with you... Try A Backstage Free Trial To Watch

A New Miniature Digs Graves for Angels in Eden


Taban Miniatures have published a preview for a new maniac member of the post-apocalyptic world of Eden. Meet Furfur, the angels gravedigger.

Bots & Bikers Coming To The World Of Eden


The world of Eden is getting some neat new models with the centrepiece of this being the amazing looking Seraph for Dante's Angels. If you want to get in on the whole wasteland biker thing then she's pretty perfect. There's also a neat looking robot called the Marqueur T.U.A.V...

What Have Taban Got in the Balance for April?


Taban Miniatures have published a puzzling sketch teasing something new that will reportedly be appearing this April.

Belphegor Joins Dante’s Angels in Eden this April


Taban Miniatures have published a preview for a new member of Dante's Angels who will be appearing in Eden this April; the menacing Belphegor.

Things Heat Up in Eden With the Appearance of the Ifrit


The Askaris of Eden will soon be heating things up as the mighty Ifrit prepares to be released onto Taban's webstore.

A Master of the Nephilim Comes to Eden in April


A new master of the alien Nephilim faction is preparing for release into Eden come April and Taban Miniatures are showing off some previews for this strange creation.

See the Stats for Two of Eden’s February Releases


Two more maniacal models are making their way into the strange world of Eden this February and now we have the chance to check out their stat cards.

Eden’s Angela Gets A New Rather Skimpy Look


Taban Miniatures have a new piece of concept art showing an alternate design for the Eden Convoy character Angela.

Crazy Ol’ Ma Rolls Her Wheelchair into Eden


Eden is well known for its disturbing and often terrifying characters, but this time Taban Miniatures have truly outdone themselves. After all, what is more scary than someone's granny!

Dante’s Angels Get Released On The World Of Eden!


See what the world of Eden has in store with a new set of miniatures for Dante's Angels and a new website that features a whole range of downloads and more.

Dante’s Angels Take Over Eden For Taban Miniatures


Taban Miniatures have been showing off some miniatures for Dante's Angel in the world of Eden including some painted awesomeness and the statistic cards for each of them.

September Saw Sister Clara Enter Eden


Taban Miniatures have just published images showing off their new September releases which will now be to play in the world of Eden, including the rather strangely clad Sister Clara of the Black Order of the Matriarchy.

The Nephilim of Eden Spread Their Wings


Another of the alien Nephilim will be flying into the game of Eden as the first winged member of the race appears.

Marvin Springs Out of Eden


Taban Miniatures have shown off the latest of their Eden releases, a new post-apocalyptic fighter with something of a surprise hidden under their coat.

Taban’s Latest Monster Show Eden is a Game of Tooth and Claw


Taban Miniatures are showing off another of their latest additions to the world of Eden. this time we see the bestial new Elkelb of the Askaris.

A New Nephilim Flexes His Muscles in Eden


Taban Miniatures have started bringing out their June releases for Eden and have started with the new heavily muscled member of the Nephilim named Hk'Hyudn.

What Monster Is This That Descends Upon Eden?


Two new concept art pieces have appeared featuring upcoming models that will be joining the world of Eden, one of which looks like someone has just given steroids to a werewolf!

The April of Eden Kicks Off With Its New Releases


All of the new minis that will be appearing in the world of Eden this April have appeared and are getting ready to cause carnage in the post-apocalyptic world.

Eden’s Latest Concepts Start Appearing in Awesome Mini Form


The last few days we received a selection of new concepts for the April releases of the sci-fi post-apocalypse game Eden. Now Taban are starting to unveil them in the finished miniature form.

Ya’Palko Ends Off Eden’s April Releases


Taban Miniatures have unveiled the final of their Eden April releases, a Nephilim warrior named Ya'Palko.

A Colourful Pair Join Eden’s Askaris for April


Another piece of concept art is bringing us two new characters for Eden. Joining the Askaris, these are Musharef and Larhima.

Jürgen Joins the Convoy Making Its Way Across Eden


Taban Miniatures have unveiled a new recruit for the Convoy; a knife wielding maniac in flight goggles named Jürgen.

Dance Upon the Strings of Eden’s Puppet Master


Taban Miniatures have announced that they will soon be bringing out a limited number of their awesome Puppet Master made with the help of their Escape Kickstarter.

The Next Wave of Eden is Ready to Scuttle Out of Taban


Eden is well known for its bizarre and disturbing, yet excellently sculpted, take on the post-apocalypse genre. Now Taban Miniatures are bringing out a bunch more minis to take on the terror of this world.

Things Degenerate Fast in the World of Eden


A pair of horrific Degenerates are stumbling out of Taban Miniatures and into the world of Eden.

A Nephilim Warrior Launches the Attack on Eden


Taban Miniatures have unveiled the latest of the menacing Nephilim faction to enter the world of Eden, a vicious Nephilim Warrior.

Taban Miniatures Clown Around with a February Figure


A new member of the Jokers Clan is making his merry way into Taban Miniatures' sci-fi game Eden. It's time to play with fire with Oleg.

The Plastic Minis for the Eden Board Game Escape Taban


You might remember that Taban Miniatures recently ran a Kickstarter to fun a new Eden based board game called Escape. Now we finally get to see some of the actual plastic models which will be appearing in the game.

The Nephilim Arrive in Eden in Time for Christmas


Taban Miniatures have released the latest faction for the game of Eden in their webstore, allowing you to bring the alien Nephilim into the battle.

Taban Miniatures Unveil the Full Nephilim Gang


A new faction of strange alien creatures called the Nephilim has appeared from Taban Miniatures and now they have put out a piece of concept art showing off the full gang.

Creepy Creatures & Katana Wielding Women For Taban’s Eden


Will you be siding with the creepy creatures or the valiant survivors in the world of Eden?

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