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Empire of the Dead



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Westwind Productions Preview Their Sneaky King Rat!


Westwind Productions has previewed a very sneaky new miniature coming your way, the King Rat. You'll find him appearing soon for your Steampunk games of Empire Of The Dead.

Community Spotlight: A Slaughterpriest Showdown & Werewolf Den


West Wind’s New Website & Forged In Battle Artillery


West Wind have shown off the look for their new website which will also feature some new download options for Secrets Of The Third Reich, Empire Of The Dead and more. It certainly looks like an improvement even from this early sneak peek...

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?


Is this going to be a one cup or two cup episode of The Weekender? Stick on a brew as we go through more news and talk awesome projects... Try A FREE Backstage Trial To Watch The Show

A Steampunk Machine & Something Old Fashioned For Empire Of The Dead


West Wind Productions have two new releases coming out for Empire Of The Dead in their Steampunk Machines collection. First up we have another Landship called the Disraeli which can fight alongside the Gladstone during your skirmishes on the tabletop...

West Wind Get HMLS Gladstone Ready For Battle


West Wind Productions have shown off another of their crazy steampunk contraptions with HMLS Gladstone that, you guessed it, takes to land in order to blast things to pieces. Empire Of The Dead just got a big more 'boomier'. Is that a word?

Empire Of The Dead Spits Lead With New Gatling Gun


West Wind Production have added another contraption to the world of Empire of the Dead. This time they've gone heavy duty with the Penny Gatling Gun which will be rattling out shots (hopefully) all day long...

West Wind Give Empire Of The Dead’s Nemo Some More Arms!


See what West Wind Productions have planned for Nemo and his crew as they take to the seas once more with Empire of the Dead Requiem. I reckon this would be an awesome miniature to paint!

Ride Around in Empire of the Dead’s New Coaches


Following up on their new character models for Empire of the Dead, West Wind Productions have also released three new coaches for you to drive around the smoggy streets of London.

Empire of the Dead Get More Thugs, Servants and Strange Contraptions


This month has seen a plethora of new minis appear for Empire of the Dead, ranging from every day servants and thugs to the downright weird.

Apoc Survivors, Bolt Action Marines & EOTD Steam Exo-Skeleton!


I think it's time for us to show off another awesome bunch of miniatures don't you?

What’s In The Box: Autoblinda, FoW Rocket Mortars & EOTD Captian Nemo & Crew


New West Wind Empire Of The Dead Warbands Summoned!


See what you think of some of the new warbands making their way into Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions.

What’s In The Box: Empire of the Dead’s Van Helsing Faction!


Warren sits down with Andy from West Wind productions to have a look at the awesome Van Helsing Faction Starter Box. See what you make of these cool vampire hunters and what they can bring to your games of Empire of the Dead.

West Wind: Empire Of The Dead Explored


Warren sits down for another chat with Andy Cooper of West Wind. This time he's set his sights on what's been happening with the mysterious world of Empire of the Dead. Get a feel for how the world works, who the factions are and uncover great secrets of The Empire.

Explore the London Streets in Empire of the Dead’ Coaches


One thing the Empire of the Dead Requiem kickstarter brought to the game was the use of vehicles and now West Wind are giving you the perfect way to start driving through the smog shrouded London streets with the Streets of London set of coaches.

The Weekender: Godzilla, Wargames Illustrated Digital & Gloom


This Weekender you get four times the Beasts of War as four of the crew sit down to discuss such critical issues as the latest Godzilla movie, Wargames Illustrated Digital & Gloom!

Van Helsing Takes on the Vampires of Empire of the Dead


Empire of the Dead is world swarming with supernatural horrors, not least of which are vampires. That's why West Wind are bringing in the most famous vampire hunter of them all, Van Helsing.

West Wind Have Found Nemo in Empire of the Dead


Two more crews have risen to stake a claim in the dark and foreboding world of Empire of the Dead, with one being led by none other than the infamous Captain Nemo from Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Go Crazy for West Wind’s Bedlam Brotherhood


We Enter the Final Hours of Empire of the Dead Requiem


Yes gather round one and all for the final hours of Empire of the Dead Requiem, this is your last chance to get in on this great kickstarter.

The Weekender XLBS Throwing in the Tau


On this weeks XLBS the guys get a chat about the games that their planning to play in the near future, and also take a look at the new Tau images and get a little chat about some of the cool kickstarters that are tempting them.

When it Comes to Steampunk Empire of the Dead Travels in Style


Well there are only five more days left for the Empire of the Dead kickstarter and one of the great things this project has brought to the smog shrouded streets is transport! Check out these cool sets of wheels. You'll like the rest of the mini too.

Mount Up In An Exoskeleton Suit For Empire Of The Dead


Check out this fantastic looking Exoskeleton Suit for West Wind Production's Empire of the Dead Kickstarter. Very snazzy indeed!

Go Crazy For Another New Faction For Empire of the Dead


Thanks to kickstarter another Empire of the Dead faction could be in the works. Go crazy for the Bedlam Brotherhood.

A New Faction is Clicking its Way into Empire of the Dead


The Empire of the Dead kickstarter has been going phenomenally well, so well in fact that West Wind have announced a new sinister faction will be entering the steampunk setting. Beware the menacing Clickers!

Learn to Drive in Empire of the Dead


The Empire of the Dead kickstarter has stopped progressing by leaps and bounds and has decided to take a coach instead.

A New Faction Joins Empire of the Dead


The kickstarter for Empire of the Dead is promising to bring all sorts of new goodies, not least of which is the unlocking of a whole new faction, the Supernatural Branch.

The Weekender: GW Facebook, Mercs Week & Empire of the Dead


It's been another busy week here at BoW HQ, with Empire of the Dead starting down the Kickstarter road, Carnevale bringing out more great models and GW cancelling their Facebook page.

West Wind Productions’ Empire Of The Dead Kickstarter Live!


Empire of the Dead has begun it's Kickstarter and it's already half way towards its target. Check out some of the awesome models inside and consider pledging!

Lord Godalming Hunts Dracula Through the Empire of the Dead


West Wind have published a concept sketch of one of the figures who could be entering the Empire of the Dead with the help of crowd funding. Right from the pages of Bram Stoker's Dracula, we find Lord Godalming.

The Empire of the Dead is Spreading to Kickstarter


West Wind have announced that a kickstarter project for one of Beasts of War's favourite skirmish games, Empire of the Dead.

Empire of the Dead: Gentlemen’s Club Faction Starter Box


Darrell feels rather spiffing as he gets his hands on the Gentlemen's Club for Empire of the Dead, but will this be his starting faction or will he go over to the dark side?

Battlefield Autopsy: Empire of the Dead


The guys take time to discuss one of their favorite new games, Empire of the Dead. They've had their first game, but what were the high points?

Empire of Dead Brings Even More Fire Power


In Empire of the Dead more fire power is always better. Hence why West Wind have released a new selection of minis toting all sorts of weaponry to deal with those vicious vampires and werewolves.

Inspector Lestrade Polices The Streets Of Empire Of The Dead


Check out Inspector Lestrade for Empire of the Dead, coming in a large release in the future!

Queen Victoria Is Not Amused In Empire Of The Dead


Check out the Empire of the Dead miniatures coming soon from West Wind Productions.

Quick Start Yourself in Empire of the Dead for Free!


Empire of the Dead releases a free Quick Start version of the rules via Wargame Vault!

West Wind Productions Fire Up the British Steam Suits!


Watch out for the mighty mechanical steam suits from Empire of the Dead!

Empire of the Dead: Brotherhood Faction Starter Box


Darrell takes a look at his favourite faction for Empire of the Dead... those devoted men of the cloth... The Brotherhood

Empire of the Dead Book Review


In the shadows of 1888 four faction's battle for superiority of London bringing every kind of weapon you can imagine from the humble cricket bat right up to a mighty steam cannon, are you ready for the latest mad creation from west wind?

You’ll be Dead when West Wind’s Red Gets Hold of You


Check out the newest addition to the Empire of the Dead cast...

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