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Fallen Frontiers


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Scale75 Release Two More Fallen Frontiers Busts


Scale75 has been expanding on their Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers range which is a series of busts representing the different heroes and villains from its Sci-Fi world.

A Damned Hero Hits The Battlefield Of Fallen Frontiers


Scale75 have two new options for those looking to pick up more miniatures from the Fallen Frontiers world.

Scale75 Introduces Vehicles Into Fallen Frontiers


Scale75 has released some new miniatures for those playing Fallen Frontiers.

Scale75 Add Four New Heroes To Fallen Frontiers


Scale75 have shown off four new heroes for the different factions in Fallen Frontiers.

A Keen-Eyed Sniper & Heavy Infantry Arrive For Fallen Frontiers


Fallen Frontiers is expanding with a whole bunch of new releases from Scale75.

Weekender: Kicking Ass In Reichbusters & Win Rampart Terrain!


We're talking Reichbusters: Projekt Vril with the Mythic Games team today PLUS you could win some great terrain!

Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition Starter Box Now Available From Scale75


This one crept up on me! Scale75 released the new Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition Starter Box at the end of October

Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith’s Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!


Scale75’s Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers Bust Collection Live On Kickstarter


Scale75 are now live with their Kickstarter campaign producing a range of 1/12 Scale Busts for Fallen Frontiers. Check Out Our Quick Look Review Too Within!

Scale75 Bringing Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers To Kickstarter


Scale75 are going to be heading to Kickstarter on February 14th with their Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers range and if you back within the first twenty-four hours you could get yourself an exclusive...

Scale 75’s New Units Combat Ready For The Fallen Frontiers Battlefield


Scale75 continues to grow their Fallen Frontiers range as they add four units to their collection. Each of the factions is getting themselves something to play with.

Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!


We've had a big week as we talk Shadow Games (and more) with Steamforged. You could win your own copy of the game too!

Four New Heroes Join The Fighting In Fallen Frontiers


Fallen Frontiers is welcoming some new heroes to the four different factions. Let's see what Scale75 have in store.

Fallen Frontier’s Starter Set Coming September 15th 2016!


The time has finally come! The Fallen Frontier Starter Set, The Battle For Hextrom VI, is now available for pre-order from Scale75.

The Sayx Nightstalkers Sneak Into Fallen Frontiers


Fallen Frontiers has popped up again with another preview for the Sayx faction. The range is growing steadily and it's going to be awesome once all of this work is complete and we can see the game being played.

Fallen Frontiers Preview Riff Hulks & ARES Aterides


Fallen Frontiers shows off two more units coming soon for the forces of the Riff & ARES in their Sci-Fi game. The first of these are some heavily armoured warriors armed with some rather heavy duty cannons...

Whip Across The Fallen Frontiers Tabletop With A Sayx Raptor


Fallen Frontiers have impressed with another render for the Sayx faction as part of their successful Kickstarter campaign. Now going through the render stage we have the Sayx Raptor which is their version of a bike...

Power Up Chainguns & Despair Before Fallen Frontier’s New Heroes


Fallen Frontiers surprises us with some more previews for their Sci-Fi world. They have some rather interesting looking miniatures this time with the chunky Lee Jenkins and then a pair of vicious killers in Virus & Despair...

Fallen Frontiers Show Off The Might Of The Harvesters


Two units have been previewed in render form for Fallen Frontiers and the Harvester faction within the game. The hulking forms of the Behemoths and the unthinking Slave Warriors both look like dangerous options and great models for this faction...

The Harvesters Show Off The Cybermasters For Fallen Frontiers


Fallen Frontiers takes another look at The Harvesters for their Sci-Fi game. The models at the heart of the focus are the Cybermasters who appear to be the all-machine overlords enacting some kind of plan for the faction going forward...

New Troops & Heroes Rendered For Fallen Frontiers


The folks behind Fallen Frontiers have put together another big set of renders showing off some of the heroes and troopers of their Sci-Fi game. As well as the sword wielding Bianca Carlsson there are the Ares Hyperion Armour and Hank "Operator 323" leading them into battle...

More Previews For Fallen Frontiers & Final Models Revealed!


See how not only the new renders are stacking up for Fallen Frontiers but also some of the final models that will be coming to backers in a few months.

Fallen Frontiers Discuss The Iron Will & Discipline Of The Sayx Line Troops


See what you think of the Sayx Line Infantry Troops from Fallen Frontiers who all have some very cool weapons and a bad ass looking set of armour.

Send In The Elite Troops For Fallen Frontiers Sayx Faction


It's time to send the elite troopers in as the Sayx Assault Squad takes shape for Fallen Frontiers.

Characters Take Shape For Fallen Frontiers With New Renders


Get your knife ready and go hunting with the addition of two cool new renders to the line-up of characters being worked on for Fallen Frontiers!

Catch Up On Fallen Frontiers Google Hangout & Last Few Hours!


Check out our Google Hangout with the minds behind Fallen Frontiers at Scale75! See if any of your questions got answered for this rather neat looking Sci-Fi Game ending soon!

Fallen Frontiers Enters Final Kickstarter Days [Update]


See how Fallen Frontiers is shaping up as it heads towards it's final four days left on Kickstarter! With new heroes, gameplay examples and plenty of options this is quite the awesome package.

Heavy Weaponry & Deadly Despair For Fallen Frontiers


See what Scale75 have been up to with some more additional characters getting shown off on Kickstarter and the cryptic message about Black FREEday tomorrow!

Fallen Frontiers Help Choose Your Hero & New Campaign!


See what the Harvesters have in store with two more heroes and a campaign on the horizon for Fallen Frontiers!

Fallen Frontiers Unlocks Customisation Of Your Starter Box!


Scale75 have broken their next stretch goal that allows you to customise your starter box for Fallen Frontiers allowing you to pick which factions you have facing off against each other!

New Hammer Wielding Stretch Goal For Fallen Frontiers


Scale75 lay out some more stretch goals for Fallen Frontiers including the hammer wielding damage machine that is Hank, Operator 323.

Exclusive Look At Fallen Frontiers Hero Stretch Goal! [Update!]


Check out some of the heroes and their stories from Fallen Frontiers as well as their upcoming stretch goal and the news that Spanish rules are now available.

The Fallen Frontiers Reboot Kickstarter Launches!


The Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter is now live for you to begin pledging! The main boxed game is looking very nice indeed and you can even look at getting your hands on the rules early if you want to have a playtest too!

Exclusive Look At Fallen Frontiers Sphynx Miniature! [Updated!]


Fallen Frontiers is coming to Kickstarter this Friday on November 14th 2014 at 19:00 GMT. Check out more on the rules, miniatures, materials and more as well as an exclusive look at the Harvesters Sphynx!

Fallen Frontiers Falls From Kickstarter


It's sad news as the Kickstarter for the promising new scifi game Fallen Frontiers has been cancelled.

Sci-Fi Fallen Frontiers Game Gets Stuck In On Kickstarter


Get stuck in with another big burly looking Kickstarter from Scale75 called Fallen Frontiers. The miniatures look awesome!

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