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Green Ronin Announce Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition RPG


Born out of the Adventure Game Engine used in 2008 for the Dragon Age RPG, Green Ronin has had great success with the easy-to-use rules present with their Fantasy AGE roleplaying game. Well, a 2nd Edition of Fantasy AGE is coming in February to level up your experiences at the tabletop.

Help Your Adventure Planning With Fantasy AGE Lairs


Green Ronin has another expansion supplement planned for their Fantasy AGE game called Lairs (available in PDF form too) which is going to be the perfect companion for storytellers without a lot of time. 

Green Ronin Talk Upcoming Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder


The team at Green Ronin are working towards another book releases for Fantasy AGE, the Campaign Builder, so they dived into a little more detail about it in a recent article.

Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE Companion Up For Pre-Order


A new book for those enjoying the open-ended Fantasy AGE role-playing game is coming out soon. The Fantasy AGE Companion is available for pre-order right now from Green Ronin...

Green Ronin Add Another Adventure To Fantasy AGE


Green Ronin have put together another adventure for your Fantasy AGE games. This new Encounters PDF is called Menace From The Mines...

Set Up A New Fantasy AGE Adventure With Encounters


Green Ronin have now produced the first of their Fantasy AGE Encounters books. This will be a series of books which will give you various side quests to drop into adventures to make them that little more exciting.

Head Off On A New Fantasy AGE Adventure With Green Ronin


Green Ronin have started taking pre-orders for their new Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook that allows you to base your campaign in any setting simply by using their mechanical framework...

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