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Firestorm Armada



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Irregular Magazine Issue 10 2011


Warcradle Studios Enters Beta Testing For Firestorm Armada 3rd Edition


Three years ago Spartan Games announced that they were going to be working on a new edition of their space fleet combat game Firestorm Armada.

Warcradle May 4th Q&A Catch-Up


Join Warcradle Studios for their May 4th Q&A session for all things Dystopian Age.

Warcradle Studios Acquires The Dystopian And Firestorm Settings


Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas find a new home.

Spartan Games Announce Firestorm: Strike Force


Spartan Games set out to create a fast, furious and ready to play from the box space fighter in their Firestorm setting

Spartan Games Tease Firestorm Armada 3.0


Looking ahead to what's new from Spartan Games it looks like they have their eye set on Firestorm Armada and the 3.0 Edition of the game.

Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?


Spartan Games has heard you and have an announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter.

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce


Spartan Games Show Off Their June 2015 Firestorm Releases


Spartan Games have shown off what's coming to both Firestorm Armada and Planetfall next month in June. There's a whole range of new ships and a rather epic looking walker too...

More Miniatures Hit The Dropsite for Firestorm Planetfall


Firestorm Planetfall was without doubt one of the most exciting new games of last year, but Spartan Games haven't dropped the ball with it and have released a bunch of images showing off the different helixes that will go together to make your army.

New Firestorm Set & More Planetfall For Spartan In 2015


Check out the new two player starter set coming your way for Firestorm Armada in January of 2015 alongside a host of new releases for the Planetfall factions as well!

Download the Rules for Firestorm Armada


Spartan Games have made the rules for Firestorm Armada 2.0 free to download, letting you easily get into their game of galactic naval combat.

Another Planetfall Preview Swoops Down From Spartan Games


Spartan Games have published another preview of some of the new models that will be appearing in their game Planetfall. This time we take to the skies with the Ba'Kash Aerial Helix.

The Veydreth Alliance Fleet Hoves Into View From Spartan


Spartan Games have put together a new look fleet for the Veydreth Alliance. Is Firestorm Armada on the top of your list of space faring games to play?

The Ba’Kash Battle Carrier Flies Into Firestorm Armada


See what you think of another preview for Firestorm Armada with the Ba'Kash Carrier roving into view through the star systems of Spartan Games.

Two Alliance Nations of Firestorm Armada Sail into the Stars


Spartan Games are releasing two new fleet starter sets of alliance nations to join the battles of Firestorm Armada.

Hobby Lab: The Complete Guide to Asteroids


Spartan Games Call In A Directorate Gunship For Planetfall


See what you think of another painted preview from the folks at Spartan Games. Planetfall is looking better by the image and this is just one Gunship!

Check Out New Cruisers For The Firestorm Galaxy


Check out a whole armada of ships that will be floating into the world of Firestorm Armada in the new year.

Firestorm Armada Ramps Up To Battle Stations


Spartan Games are closing in on the release of their new book for Firestorm Armada and in the mean time are previewing their Battle Stations! Which one is your favourite?

A Storm Is Coming With The Firestorm Armada Boxed Set


See what you folks think of the upcoming Storm Zone Box which contains everything you need to get started in the world of Firestorm Armada.

Firestorm Armada’s Directorate Patrol Fleet is Out for Profit


Another of the Patrol Fleet box sets has appeared for Firestorm Armada, this time it is that of the corporate might of the Directorate.

Dindrenzi Patrol Fleets are Sighted at Spartan Games


The Storm Zone of Firestorm Armada is soon to resound with the blasting of rail guns as the Dindrenzi Patrol Fleet box set is soon to be released!

Spartan Games’ Planetfall Landing In 2014!


See what you think of the release information about Firestorm Armada spin-off Planetfall!

Backstage Sneak Peek: Aquan Stringray Class Destroyer!


Check out the first of our sneak peeks Backstage were you can learn some of the techniques Romain is employing on these special projects. First up we have a look at Romain's work on the Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer.

The Forces Of The Aquan Prime Rise From The Abyss


See what you think of the next faction to get the 'Planetfall' treatment as the Aquan Prime take to the battlefield and leave their watery abode.

Spartan Preview The Swarm Heading For Planetfall


Spartan Games show off some more awesome looking artwork for their upcoming Planetfall game. What do you make of these very different looking tanks?

Spartan Prepare The Directorate For Firestorm Planetfall


Dive into more concept art from Spartan Games for Firestorm Planetfall. What do you think of the models for The Directorate?

Firestorm Planetfall & 2nd Edition Coming Soon


Firestorm Planetfall is on it's way and Spartan Games have been showing off some of the ace concept art for it!

Steampunk & Sci-Fi Releases From Spartan Games For July


Check out a whole range of new releases from Spartan Games for their various games this July.

Painting an Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer


The painting master Romain brings out an Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer from Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games and takes advantage of its beautiful flowing sculpt to paint up in a fantastic teal paint scheme.

Get Started In Firestorm Armada With A Free Rulebook Download!


The folks at Spartan Games have decided that you all need to learn how to play Firestorm Armada by releasing the entire rulebook for FREE on their website!

Spartan Games Introduce the Seven Deadly Fleets of the Rift


Will you be heading into the Rift with Firestorm Armada come October 3rd?

Studio Sparta Show off the 15mm Firestorm Terrans & Dindrenzi


Firestorm Invasion hots up with this preview of the Terran and Dindrenzi forces rolling into battle.

Spartan Games Preview More from Marauders of the Rift


Spartan Games get you all fired up for the expansion, Marauders of the Rift.

A New Race Uses Hyper-Space to Enter Firestorm Armada


Spartan Games have a new race gracing the galaxy of Firestorm Armada.

New Factions Attack in Firestorm Armada’s New Campaign Book!


Firestorm Armada get ready to bring in the Marauders of the Rift.

Firestorm Armada Gets New Rulebook & Dystopian Wars Expands!


The world of both Firestorm Armada and Dystopian War is expanding from Spartan Games.

The Deadly Forces of Firestorm Armada Expand


The forces of Firestorm Armada get some deadly new additions.

The Homeworld Ships of Firestorm Armada Charge their Lasers


The ships of Firestorm Armada charge the lasers and get ready to take over the Galaxy.

Sea, Steam and Space Previews from Spartan Games


Masses of painted previews for the new releases from Spartan Games!

Firestorm Armada Faces the Oroshan’s Might


Spartan Games have previewed a new race which will be joining in the inter-galactic warfare of Firestorm Armada. The Oroshans!

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