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Firestorm Armada



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More Firestorm Armada Previews Warping In


It seems Spartan Games are going into hyperdrive with their previews of Firestorm Armada models. You can check out some of them below... First up is this Sorylian Broadsword Class Dreadnought. You can see just how impressive this is size […]

New Gribbly Preview for Firestorm Armada


Check out this crazy and quite frankly monstrous vessel for Spartan Games' Firestorm Armada... This ship, the Aquan Medusa Class Dreadnought is one hell of an interesting piece. A multi-part resin and pewter model, it should look pretty snazzy on […]

Templates and Playmats for Firestorm Armada


CorSec Engineering have a selection of accessories for you to use in your games of Firestorm Armada. From playmats to templates, your sure to find what you need.

Dreadnought Concepts & Sorylians from Spartan Games


We saw a dreadnought not long ago from Spartan Games, but they have released another concept image complete with intricate designs and a distinctive style. Check out the Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought. Some awesome up close shots you have to […]

Firestorm Armada Unleashes the Retribution


Bringing the pain with the Dindrenzi Federation Retribution Ship!

New Dreadnought for Firestorm Armada


Firestorm Armada unleashes the Dreadnought!

New Races for Firestorm Armada


Check out the renders for these brand new races for Firestorm Armada!

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