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Unboxing: Frosthaven – What’s Inside The BIG Box?! | Cephalofair


Gerry dives into an Unboxing of the hotly anticipated next chapter in Cephalofair's board game series. We have a look at what's inside the big box for Frosthaven! Are you eager to dive into a new adventure after playing Gloomhaven and Jaws Of The Lion?

Cephalofair Announces Frosthaven Fulfilment Update


In a recent update, we've had some movement when it comes to what's next for the Gloomhaven universe and when players can hope to have their mammoth Frosthaven boxes. Christmas!

Cephalofair Tease Miniatures Of Gloomhaven Collection For 2022


Gloomhaven, Jaws Of The Lion and the upcoming Frosthaven all hit the tabletop with miniatures for the heroes but with standees used to represent the various monsters you encountered throughout your adventures. Cephalofair is looking to fill those gaps with a fundraiser coming in 2022 for the Miniatures Of Gloomhaven.

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Starter Box + Oathmark; The Next Big Fantasy Wargame?


We're giving away a Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set plus chatting about the great new Oathmark rules from Osprey Games which released this week. Plus, we're also diving into more hobby, news and Kickstarter goodness too!

Frosthaven Hits Kickstarter As Campaign Rockets Past $4 Million


It was somewhat inevitable that the next step for the 'Haven' series would go down well on Kickstarter.

Childres Drops More Information On Frosthaven Project For 2020


Over the weekend at PAX Unplugged, Issac Childres talked more about Frosthaven, the new big box expansion for Gloomhaven which will be coming to Kickstarter next year.

Cephalofair Tease Frosthaven Coming To Kickstarter In 2020


Not content with having created one of the biggest board games of all time (in the figurative and literal sense), Issac Childres of Cephalofair Games has also announced that there is a new expansion/big box for Gloomhaven coming out via Kickstarter next year, Frosthaven.

Cephalofair Preview New Take On Gloomhaven For 2020


Cephalofair Games' Issac Childres has announced that you'll be able to get into a more casual version of Gloomhaven next year

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