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Gruntz 15mm


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ClearHorizon Head To The Dropzone With A Pangolin Grav APC


ClearHorizon is on Kickstarter right now with their relaunch of the Sigma Event 2177 campaign but in addition to that they've also shown off the awesome Pangolin Heavy Advanced Grav APC too!

ClearHorizon’s Sigma Event Kickstarter Launches Today


ClearHorizon is hitting Kickstarter with their 15mm Sci-Fi range for Sigma Event giving you access to troopers and the bugs to battle against them.

ClearHorizon’s Sigma Event 2177 Coming Soon To Kickstarter


ClearHorizon Miniatures are going to be heading to Kickstarter soon in order to fund their new Starter Set for a Gruntz-lite game called Sigma Event 2177.

ClearHorizon Tease New Miniatures For Sigma Event 2177


ClearHorizon are looking ahead to some new releases and that means previews. The latest are for some members of Reaper Team who will feature in Sigma Event 2177.

Strike From The Shadows With ClearHorizon HADES Wraiths


ClearHorizon have some more special operations troops for you to use in your near future games. Striking from the shadows we have the HADES Wraiths which you can see below armed with some deadly railguns which are nasty against both infantry and vehicles...

Whizz Around With ClearHorizon’s Recon Bikers


If you're looking to scout ahead of the main force and do it in 15mm style then see what you make of the Hell Diver Recon Squad from ClearHorizon for their Gruntz inspired range. TRON meets the real-world battlefield?

ClearHorizon’s Cyclops-Class Mech Mounts A Fresh Assault


ClearHorizon Miniatures have given some additional support to their ground troops with the addition of the Cyclops-Class Assault Mech to their webstore. Armed with missiles and autocannons it can deal with both armour and infantry...

ClearHorizon Get Their 15mm Apocalypse Tank Ready For Battle


ClearHorizon have added a new 15mm scale vehicle to their range for use in the likes of Gruntz. This time around it's a HUGE vehicle, the Apocalypse-Class Superheavy Tank. If you need something destroyed this is the vehicle for the job.

Sci-Fi World Building For Wargames – Harold [ClearHorizon Miniatures]


A good background and stories draw us into our wargames. Harold of ClearHorizon Miniatures has written in to give us an idea of what goes into his worldbuilding process...

Strike Hard & Grab New 15mm Squads From ClearHorizon


ClearHorizon Miniatures have previewed what's coming up next in their line-up of vehicles as well as a few new squads for both the Hura and Humans (Epsilon Squad). Both squads bring new weapons and new ways of fighting to the 15mm tabletop...

Call A Medic For ClearHorizon’s Wounded Hell Divers


ClearHorizon Miniatures have added a new set of vignettes and markers to their webstore that allow you to mark your Wounded Hell Divers on the tabletop. See what you think of them in a variety of messed up states below...

Brigade Models Releases 15mm Rifle Squad In Bush Hats


Brigade Models have added some nifty looking 15mm miniatures in bush gear.

ClearHorizon Send In The 15mm HADES Power Armour


When things go wrong for your SpecOps team it's time to send in the more power armoured troopers to clean up the mess thanks to ClearHorizon Miniatures.

High Gravity Mercs Take Squat-Like Shape With ClearHorizon


Pay some High Gravity Mercs to do your dirty work for you and then send in the War Drones thanks to new sets of miniatures both coming and available from ClearHorizon.

Head Out On Covert Ops With ClearHorizon’s 15mm HADES Team


Lock and load then head behind enemy lines to do some covert ops with the HADES Team from ClearHorizon Miniatures in 15mm.

An Apocalypse Class Tank Dominates The Battlefield From ClearHorizon


The Apocalypse Class Super Heavy Tank for 15mm Sci-Fi wargaming is rolling off the production line from ClearHorizon Miniatures very soon indeed and it looks awesome.

Hit The Tabletop Hard With Vanir Drop Ship Kickstarter From ACP Games


A 15mm Vanir Drop Ship is cruising through the skies from ACP Games ready to deliver your troops onto the battlefield in style. See what you think of it and some of its stretch goals!

Checking Out The New Gruntz 15mm Module – SpecOps!


Harold from ClearHorizon Miniatures gives us the lowdown on his new module for Gruntz, SpecOps, which takes the 15mm Sci-Fi game to a skirmish level filled with character development and cool campaign pay!

ClearHorizon Work Out The Rules For New Gruntz 15mm Spin-Off


Get ready for some behind enemy lines fighting as ClearHorizon get set to release their new module for Gruntz which allows you to play skirmish level conflicts on the tabletop with some cool new rules.

A Primer On The Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi Wargame!


Harold from Clear Horizon Miniatures gives us a low down on the world of Gruntz 15mm and how good of a Sci-Fi game it really is! Have you played this wargame?

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