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Snap Up The Exiles: New Alliances Set For Guild Ball


Steamforged Games has put together a new set, The Exiles: New Alliances, for you to use in Guild Ball. The set is up for pre-order now with a release on May 18th.

Check Out Deep-Cut’s Official Guild Ball Mats


Deep-Cut Studio is going to be producing official Guild Ball Mats for Steamforged Games. The first of these is themed after the Ratcatcher's Guild...

The Falconer’s Guild Available For Pre-Order From Steamforged Games


The Falconer's Guild is now up on Steamforged Games' Webstore right now. They aren't out for a while yet, but this lets you get your order in for a nice Guild Ball surprise in a few months.

Grab The Rookie Bundle For Steamforged Games’ Guild Ball


Have you had the chance to snap up the Rookie Mega Bundle from Steamforged Games for Guild Ball? The set comes with eleven Rookie models for all manner of different Guilds.

New Team Boxes On The Way For Steamforged’s Guild Ball


Two new team boxes are going to be released in May for Steamforged Games' Guild Ball.

“Lovely” Limited Edition Valentines Guild Ball Minis From Steamforged Games


Celebrate Valentines Day In Miniature Form

Guild Ball Unboxing: Blacksmith’s Guild Set + Mason & Brewers Terrain


We have a double bill of Guild Ball goodness as we kick off with a look at the Blacksmith's Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal set and then the Masons and Brewers Terrain pack.

Weekender: Win A Lightseekers Starter Bundle & American Football Hits The Tabletop


It's the Weekend!

Steamforged’s Ratcatcher’s Guild Coming To Retail In April


Steamforged Games will be releasing the Ratcatcher's Guild very soon for use in Guild Ball.

[Updated] PVC Fishermen & Butcher’s Guild – IndieGoGo Tonight 20:00 GMT


Somewhat out of the blue we got news that the Fisherman & Butcher's Guilds are coming to IndieGoGo from Steamforged Games with new PVC teams.

Weekender: Sinking Ships In UBOOT, Vietnam On The Tabletop & Win A Guild Ball Prize!


Welcome to The Weekender where we've got two great interviews for you this week plus loads more!

Guild Ball’s Old Father’s Harvest Available Soon


Steamforged Games put together a neat story ahead of the release of Old Father's Harvest and the Farmer's Guild for Guild Ball.

New Guild Ball Team Hits From Steamforged – Meet The Ratcatcher’s


Steamforged Games have shown off their first look at the Ratcatcher's Guild for the world of Guild Ball. Take a look at these nefarious sewer dwellers painted by Studio Giraldez.

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Brewers Vs Masons


Weekender XLBS: What Are Your 2018 & Holiday Hobby Plans?


Tell us your plans for 2018 and win an awesome Guild Ball Pressie!

Guild Ball Unboxing: Farmer’s Guild


Today we're delving into the contents of the Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land for Guild Ball, from Steamforged Games.

Black Friday Bonanza
Amazing Tabletop Deals


Beasts Of War At SteamCon 2017


Win New Blacksmiths Az & Justin spend the weekend with Steamforged Games checking out what's new and upcoming in the worlds of Guild Ball, Dark Souls, Resident Evil and Shadow Games

Steamforged Give The Lowdown On Cast Of The Blacksmith’s Guild


Steamforged Games have been chatting about a character for the Blacksmith's Guild in Guild Ball. See what you make of the model and statistics for Cast, Burnish's Apprentice.

Veteran Harry the Hat To Be Fought Over In Guild Ball


The plot thickens in the Union In Chains event

Dark Tower Studios Shows Off Epic Scatter Terrain


Dark Tower Studios is making it even easier to set the perfect scene on the table for your games with their fantastic resin terrain.

Get Your Guild Ball Trick & Treat Now In Their Halloween Sale


It looks like our friends at Steamforged have gotten the Halloween bug. Check out the fantastic Fall themed releases to add extra character to your Guild Ball game!

Weekender: Vote For BoW Awards & FFG Gets Aggressive


Justin interviews Sherwin and Steve from Steamforged Games and we get an exclusive sneak peek at the next Guild Ball model you'll be fighting over!

Army Painter Guild Ball Kick Off! Sets Now Available


The Guild Ball Kick Off! Paint Set is now available for you to snap up from The Army Painter.

Join In With Steamforged’s Union In Chains Event For Guild Ball


Steamforged Games are running their new Community Event for 2017 known as the Union In Chains which will shape the future of Guild Ball and its narrative as we find out where the players find themselves.

Weekender XLBS: What Can You Do When Your Game Dies?


Tales of death abound for 3D printers and games alike.

Steamforged’s Alchemist’s Guild Back With New Box Soon


Steamforged Games have got an updated Guild Ball box on the way for the Alchemist's Guild. The new set, The New Age of Science, is going to be available from September 15th.

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Morticians vs Union – BoW Team Battle


Who is winning this brawl on the field?

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Union Vs Morticians


The Army Painter Pairs Guild Ball Kickoff! With Two Team Paint Set


The Army Painter release full details of their brand new Guild Ball Kickoff! paint sets

Steamforged Games Go All Chibi In Guild Ball


First view of painted Chibi Guild Ball minis

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Masons Vs Union


Jamie from Steamforged Games has entered the pitch and he's joined by our own waterboy John.

Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter


We talk with Steamforged about some tactics for the Farmer's Guild & More!

Steamforged Games Brings Back The Mystery Box!


Steamforged Games has moved their warehouse and offices and opened a new webstore and they're ready to share their excitement with you in savings!

Weekender: Marvelous Mechanical Dice Towers & Own The Biggest Miniature In The World!


Are you settled? Lets get stuck into another awesome Weekender of Tabletop News!

Snag An Early Release Copy Of The Blacksmiths At Gen Con


Will you be joining the masses making the mad dash to the Steamforged Games booth at Gen Con this year? They will have a limited quantity of the highly anticipated Blacksmiths Guild for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Alchemists Vs Morticians


It's time to get the bench warmers off the benches and rocking back onto the field...

See What Steamforged Games Is Bringing To Gen Con


Gen Con is right around the corner and we are not the only ones gearing up for it. Look at one of the offerings from Steamforged Games is bringing for Guild Ball!

Broken Toad Work On Guild Ball Busts Kicking Off With Rage


Broken Toad is going to be creating a range of busts based on the universe of Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. The first of these is Rage.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball’s Blacksmiths Explored


Let's get stuck into a big show...

Pre-Order The Morticians & Sound A Death Knell In Guild Ball


Steamforged Games have put out the new Morticians' Guild team for pre-order. It's time to pull some strings with the Master of Puppets.

Weekender: Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc; What’s It All About?


We've got an awesome Weekender lined up for you today as we have Leo from Mythic Games in the studio talking about Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc!

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