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Start A New Guild Ball Team With Revamped Boxed Sets


A selection of new boxed sets for Guild Ball is going to be released on the 21st June onwards.

The Farmer’s Guild Coming To Guild Ball In August


The Farmer's Guild is hitting the pitch for the world of Guild Ball in August of this year from Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball’s Union Is Getting Some Re-Sculpts


Steamforged Games is bringing some resculpts for the Union. Have a look at the great stuff Russ Charles has cooked up for Coin, Gutter and Decimate.

Blacksmith’s Teased By Steamforged For Guild Ball


Steamforged Games have teased a new faction for the world of Guild Ball this weekend with all eyes turning to the newcomers, the Blacksmith's Guild.

New Union Guild Ball Players Available At Vengeance 2017


Steamforged Games is going to be at Vengeance 2017 this weekend which is a Guild Ball tournament hosted at Element Games in Stockport.

Community Spotlight: Fishermen, Hunters & Horus Heresy Battle Brothers


Let's take a look at some Fisherman, Hunters and then some Horus Heresy Space Marines spurred on by Hobby Night Live.

Guild Ball Week: Proving Ground XLBS – Steamforged Games Face-Off


Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – The Union


Guild Ball Week: Proving Grounds – Engineers Vs Fishermen Grudge Match


Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Mortician’s Guild


For this Guild Ball video, we take a look at the morally dubious Mortician's Guild. A Guild that the other teams hate to play against as they're likely to mess with their minds

Guild Ball Week: Proving Grounds – Hunters Vs Engineers Training Match


Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Engineer’s Guild


We find out about Wooden Mechanica in the world of Guild Ball and the many shapes and sizes it takes as we discover more about the Engineer's Guild.

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Hunter’s Guild


Guild Ball Week: Proving Grounds – Butchers Vs Fishermen Training Match


Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Fisherman’s Guild


We take a look at the Guild Ball team that have little interest in fighting but focuses instead on scoring goals. So much so that the mascots get involved!

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Butcher’s Guild


Not all Guild Ball teams want to score goal after goal, some prefer to do lots of damage and tenderise their opposition. One such Guild is the aptly named Butchers

Guild Ball Week: Kick Off! Demo Game


Its the Mason's Guild taking on the Brewers Guild as we play a demo game with the contents of the Guild Ball Kick! Starter Set from Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Brewer’s Guild


We take a took at the Guild Ball team that has intoxicated Justin...

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Mason’s Guild


If you are looking for a Guild Ball team with a winning mentality how about a Guild that has won the Championship two years in a row...

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – Alchemist’s Guild


We kick off Guild Ball Week with Jaime and Bryce from Steamforged Games joining Justin to give us some background into the world of the game and one of the Guilds, the Alchemists.

Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!


We've got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic's Warpath...

Weekender: GW’s Community Commitment & What’s Inside The Terrain Crate?


New Players & Salute Specials Coming To Guild Ball


If you're following along with everything Guild Ball then you'll know that Steamforged Games has just released Locus for the Engineer's Guild.

Spring Heralds An Easter Treat From Steamforged & A Painting Contest


The Easter Bunny isn't the only thing coming to town! Steamforged Games is launching their Spring Sale this weekend, including their Easter Fangtooth. Not up for shopping? Why not try to win him in their painting competition?

New Guild Ball Boxes Spotted In The Wild


New Guild Ball Team Boxes were spotted for Steamforged's awesome game out in the wild.

Guild Ball Welcomes Veterans, Hags & Puppeteers This Week


Three new characters are coming to the tabletop for Guild Ball by Steamforged Games this week. The Butcher's are first up on the block as they show off Veteran Ox.

The Heralds Of Winter’s Moon Join The Guild Ball Fun


Revealed yesterday, Steamforged Games showed off a new addition to the Hunter's Guild in Guild Ball. See what you make of the Heralds Of Winter's Moon.

Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!


We've had a big week as we talk Shadow Games (and more) with Steamforged. You could win your own copy of the game too!

New Players Soon To Be Hitting The Pitch For Guild Ball


Keep an eye out for some additional players making their way to the Guild Ball pitch from Steamforged Games as we head into the new year.

Steamforged Announces U.S Guild Ball Regional Championships


Steamforged Games and their wildly popular game Guild Ball is gearing up for the 2017 Championships with this new announcement.

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We're delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

Watch Steamforged’s Keynote On Guild Ball & More


Steamforged Games has uploaded the Keynote Speech from SteamCon allowing you to catch up with everything that was announced over the weekend including news on the Farmer's Guild!

Steamforged Kick Off! Guild Ball Starter Set Coming Soon


As a heads up, remember that Steamforged Game' Kick Off! Starter Set for Guild Ball is on the way soon with a release within the next week or so.

UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!


It's that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday and we need YOUR help!

Steamforged Set Up SteamCon & Black Friday Sales


Steamforged is looking ahead to SteamCon and Black Friday with some sales and limited edition offers for you to pick up as budding Guild Ball fans.

Steamforged Look Ahead To Season III Of Guild Ball


See what lies ahead for the world of Guild Ball has Steamforged Games show off some additional characters and a new card pack popping up next year in January.

Prepare For The Butcher’s Civil War In Guild Ball


It looks like you're going to have to take a side when it comes to the world of Guild Ball. The Butcher's Guild are descending into civil war...

Steamforged Offer Up Event Exclusives For Guild Ball At Essen Spiel


Steamforged Games are at Essen Spiel this weekend and that means Event Exclusive bits and pieces for Guild Ball! Take a look at Flint and Tater who will once again be available from their webstore and at the event.

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!


It's time to get talking with Battlefront about Team Yankee and Hawk on Dropfleet!

Steamforged Games Releasing Guild Ball Two Player Starter Box


Steamforged Games will be releasing a Two Player Starter Box for Guild Ball called Kick Off on the 25th of November 2016!

Daring New Veteran Guild Ball Players Join The Roster


Steamforged Games have added a new selection of Veteran Players to their webstore allowing you to unleash their newly learned skills on opposing teams in Guild Ball.

New Veteran Players Limber Up For A Game Of Guild Ball


Steamforged Games have added two more players to their releases for Guild Ball this month. We're looking at more Veteran Players taking to the field with both Velocity and Siren.

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