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Hail Caesar



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The Egyptians are Rolling In From Warlord Games!


New Egyptian sets have arrived from Warlord Games to counter the Hittites.

Rome’s Vorenus & Pullo Take Command In Hail Caesar


Add two heroes from both Roman history AND the show Rome to your games of Hail Caesar. I think these are pretty awesome and would give you a great reason to play out an awesome scenario.

Ride into battle on New Chariots for Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Round out your Roman battles with the new 2 man light chariots for Hail Caesar by Warlord Games- the perfect reinforcement for the 3 man heavy chariots.

Roll Like a Roman with Warlord’s Hail Caesar Dice


It's time to roll them bones like they did in the days of the Roman Empire, as Warlord release a new set of Hail Caesar dice bearing roman numerals.

Chieftain Damennus Fights in Hail Caesar’s Germania


Warlord's new Hail Caesar Germania supplement is up for pre-order, and as with all of their rule systems Warlord have got an exclusive miniature for those who buy directly from them. Behold the mighty chieftain Dennus Damennus!

March Your Hail Caesar Roman Legions Into Germania!


It's time to march your Roman legions into the deadliest trap the Germanic Tribes ever sprung. Do you think you can change the course of history and march them through the horror?

More Bronze Age Warriors Swell Your Hail Caesar Ranks


What do you make of more Bronze Age warriors being added to the range of Hail Caesar models by Warlord Games? I quite like these ones!

Defend Ancient Cities With Early-Age Spearmen


Hail Caesar sees more ancient warriors come to defend their cities against the might of Rome.

Hunker Down Behind The Testudo From Warlord Games


Warlord Games get all defensive inside their Testudo formation that is back on the webstore.

Cut Down Macedonians With New Warlord Thracians


Check out these cruel looking warriors from Thrace armed with those deadly blades with the weird name! Ok it's not that weird but they look nasty.

Warlord Bring Us the Cutting Edge of Biblical Warfare


Warlord Games have announced that they will be partnering with Cutting Edge Miniatures to bring us their Biblical Warfare range.

Hail Caesar’s Romans Must Deal With Parthian Riders


Warlord Games show off some of the deadly looking Parthian Horsemen who would hunt down the Romans with harrying shots from afar.

Warlord Plans The Invasion Of Britannia With New Romans


The Roman Empire is in need of new soldiers and you must provide with new Velites!

Begin The Invasion Of Albion Soon In Hail Caesar


Check out this new sourcebook on the way for Warlord's Hail Caesar...

Fight For The Germanic Hordes In Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Warlord Games are back in ancient times bolstering the forces of the Germanic Tribes. What to you make of this mighty horde ready to descend on the Roman Empire?

Warlord Games Show Off Their Open Day Gladiator


Check out the limited edition exclusive miniature for Warlord Games' Open Day and let us know what you want to see there.

Warlord’s Caesarian Romans are Taking Casualties


Warlord have just released some new Hail Caesar Roman casualties to use with your Caesarian Romans.

Two Heroes of Rome Hail Caesar!


Two heroes of the Roman armies are ready to lead the forces in Hail Caesar to expand the empire and enforce the Pax Romana.

Lead Brave Celtic Warriors Into Battle In Hail Caesar!


Send Caesar home upon his shield and with a Celtic sword sticking from between his ribs! Ride into battle with the Celtic Cavalry Command unit and crush Roman spirits!

Hail Caeser Or In This Case, Hail Alexander & Philip!


If you're fed up of playing as the Romans then grab your Macedonians and lead them into battle with either Philip I or Alexander the Great.

Pre-Order Your Place in Hail Caesar’s Dacian Wars


Warlord have announced that they will be releasing a series of campaign specific supplements to help recreate specific wars within the time scale of Hail Caesar, the first of which, dealing with the Dacian Wars, is now up for pre-order.

Bring The Legion To Its Knees With Germanic Tribesmen


Check out these angry barbarians from the forest coming to kill Romans and hold back the expansion of the Empire.

Pre-Order Your Caesarians From Warlord Games


The Caesarian and Republican Roman Legions have been on pre-order from Warlord for a while now, but this week we got our first look at the art that will be adorning their boxes.

Answer Caesar’s Call With Warlord Games’ New Romans


Hail Caesar welcomes plenty more Romans with a release coming in February!

Take The Kushite Tribes To War With Warlord Games


Check out Romes tribal enemies arrayed in a mighty war party.

Yet More Friends, Romans and Countrymen from Warlord


Warlord have previewed the next plastic miniatures which will be appearing in the Hail Caesar Ancients range. This time it is the Caesarian Romans.

A Celt Barbarian Horde Finds Its Leaders At Warlord Games


Check out these crazed Celtic Fanatics from Warlord Games for the battlefields of Hail Caesar.

The Romans of the Early Empire Enter Hail Caesar


Go back to the early days of the Roman empire with these new Hail Caesar Roman soldiers.

Please the Gods With Hail Caesar’s Scratch Built Terrain


Do you need to give your troops of the ancient world somewhere to implore the gods for victory? Well Warlord have a new piece of scratch built terrain for you to lay out on the battlefield. The Greek Temple Shrine.

Warlord’s Romans Travel in Relative Comfort and Style


Warlord Games are travelling in relative style with this new Coach for the Roman Empire.

The Roman Auxiliaries are Back at Warlord Games


The Roman Auxiliaries are back in force for Warlord Games.

Hail Caesar Shows How a Persian King Travels… in Style!


When it comes to leading your Persian troops to new conquests you have to lead them in style. Well why not travel in this stylish chariot?

The Neo-Hittites Join the Battles of Hail Caesar


Since Warlord acquired Immortal Miniatures they have been bringing us all the great miniatures they had for your historical gaming. However, now we are moving into those unreleased minis who have not yet seen the light of day. Check out these new Neo-Hittite troops.

Own the Entire Era of Hail Caesar with new Warlord Rules Deals


Will this new rules deal get you interested in Hail Caesar from Warlord Games?

Lead the Arameans and Chaldeans in Hail Caesar


Warlord have just released a new command set to help lead your units of Aramean or Chaldean spearmen in games of Hail Caesar.

The Conquest of Gaul Begins with Warlord Games


It's time to go to war against the Gauls with Hail Caesar from Warlord Games.

Choose Your Armies in this Hail Caesar Supplement


Warlord have released a new supplement for Hail Caesar detailing 60 new army lists spanning the times of antiquity to early medieval.

Warlord Games Set Down an Assyrian Shield Wall


The Assyrians set up a shield wall in Hail Caesar.

The Babylonians Bolster their Ranks in Hail Caesar


Hail Caesar fills its ranks with Light Infantry.

The Assyrians Ride to Battle with Warlord Games


Warlord Games reinforce the ranks of Ancient Assyria.

Name that Viking with Warlord Games


What name do you think Warlords new Viking needs?

Kushites Ambush the Imperial Romans in Hail Caesar


Hail Caesar welcomes more Kushite warriors to its ancient ranks.

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