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Human Interface: Nakamura Tower


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HINT Reveals New Studio Giraldez Paintjobs + A Rules Update


This week the folks behind HINT are looking to solidify some of the rules for their game and also show off the world of Studio Giraldez once again on these awesome Cyberpunk models.

New Cyberpunk HINT Models Previewed & Late Pledges Open


Human Interface now as an open Pledge Manager and Late Pledge option, allowing you to dive in and get your hands on the game if you missed the Kickstarter project.

HINT Show Off The Master Form Cyberpunk Hybrid


Here we have a look at another of the AI/Human Hybrid models from Human Interface.

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It’s Clobbering Time With HINT’s Pounder Mech


The team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower shared some of the work going into one of their new mechs. Here we have Pounder which looks like a terrifying mix of man and machine.

Subject Zero Features As New Preview For Cyberpunk Human Interface


Human Interface, in the wake of its successful Kickstarter, shows off a preview of an upcoming model to add into their Cyberpunk world.

Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?


Welcome to Backstage where we relax, talk about what hobby we've been up to and discuss some topics maybe you'd like to feedback on.

Be A Better Human With New HINT Kickstarter


Human Interface is back on the tabletop from Post-Industrial Games and sees them exploring those cooperative and competitive Cyberpunk board game world once again with new characters and new objectives to face.

A New Skirmish Mode Comes To Cyberpunk HINT


The world of HINT is coming back to the world of Kickstarter with a new skirmish game mode called Be A Better Human.

A Black Site Response Team Gets Called In For HINT


The team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is previewing more of what lies ahead for their Cyberpunk world. Here we have a Black Site Response Team member...

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New Augmented Cyberpunk HINT Characters Previewed


Three new characters, previously seen in artwork, have now been rendered up to be shown off by Post-Industrial Games, the folks behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower.

The Bomber Girls Gang & Cyborgs Come To HINT


It looks like the future is bright for the future of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower as they showed off some interesting new characters for their new gang. See what you think of the characters for the Bomber Girls...

New Models, Accessories & More For Human Interface: Nakamura Tower


Postindustrial Games, the makers of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, have put together a selection of new releases for you to snap up. Miniatures, terrain pieces, and accessories are now available.

The HINT Team Look Towards Their Cyberpunk Future


The minds behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is now looking towards their future range and showed off a few previews at Essen Spiel this weekend.

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Human Interface: Nakamura Tower Now Available Alongside Boxes & Blister Packs!


The world of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is now ready to hit the tabletop. The webstore is open and the core game is now available alongside all manner of Boxes and Blisters expanding on their Cyberpunk World.

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower Pulls Together Assembly Guide


With the game now shipping its way out to Kickstarter backers now the team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (HINT) have put together an Assembly Guide.

HINT’s A.I/Human Hybrid Reaches Its Fourth Stage


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (HINT) have shown off another of their finalised models for their Cyberpunk game.

HINT Shows Off A Deadly Cyberpunk Squad


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower shows off some more from their Cyberpunk world as they detail Ginger and the Banshee model from their board game

HINT’s Human Hybrid Project Moves Into The Next Phase


Cyberpunk Board Game HINT, or Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, is nearing its delivery date for Kickstarter backers and with that in mind they've shown off another preview for your enjoyment.

Metal Miniatures Continue To Impress From HINT Board Game


See what you think of a towering new metal miniature for the world of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower...

The Bombshell Girls Take Shape For Cyberpunk HINT


The world of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower grows all the more with a look at the Bombshell Girls and how they've come along with some new renders...

Check Out Painted SAR Angels & A New Look For Cyberpunk HINT


The Human Interface: Nakamura Tower game is making its way onto tabletops soon and the SAR Angels have now been painted up with an additional gift as the Rules are now available to download.

Weekender XLBS: The Eternal Fight For Hobby Space & The Pros & Cons Of Cons


Help Lloyd with his hobby space problem and tell us how you survive at conventions!

HINT Paints Up Some More Superb Cyberpunk Miniatures


Human Interface Nakamura Tower has put forward some more of their painted miniatures as they get into the mass of packing that will mean the game ships out to backers of their campaign. Here we have the BSC EXOS Unit looking awesome...

HINT Gets A Mean New Cyberpunk Exo Skeleton


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower has another update for us this week where we get to see how the Banshee Exo Skeleton has developed. We also have a peek at a new character called Lt. Bonnie 'Ginger' Barlett of the Black Stone Commandos.

HINT Suits Up In Cyberpunk Style Exo Skeletons


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower have shown off some more concept art for what's lying ahead for their Cyberpunk board game. Here we have Banshee which is going to be operated by members of the Black Stone Commandos...

The HINT Team Take The Leads Off Their Cyber Dogs


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower welcomes another preview of some of the upcoming models for their Cyberpunk board game. The latest preview shows off the Hirayatsu D9 which are the attack dogs of the Raid 44 Team...

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?


Welcome Backstage as we get stuck into the Weekender XLBS where we give you another dose of our wit and sage knowledge. Well...we like to think it's helpful anyway!

A New Year & New Models For Cyberpunk HINT


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is proceeding well as we go into the new year and with that in mind they've shown off the completed full squad for the SAR Angel Corp and also the rather beefy Tactical Exo-Suit for the Black Stone Commandos.

New SAR Angel Sculpts Descend For Cyberpunk HINT


Two of the SAR Angels; Laura Basetti and Janet Elroy have been sculpted up for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower. See what you think of this pair and then maybe delve into the Rulebook too so you can get your head around the game...

Drones & Medics Hit HINT’s Cyberpunk World


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower welcomes two more completed models this week as we get a look at how Shirley 'Crazy' Stone has turned out with one of the Drones also getting a new weapon option...

HINT Welcomes A New Cyberpunk Pilot & Sleek Character Cards


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower continues to look enticing with a look at another of the SAR Angels Corp. This time we're checking out Laura Bassetti who is the pilot of the group, making sure that the evac is ready to get you out of harms way.

More Characters Get Kitted Out For Combat In HINT


See what the Human Interface: Nakamura Tower team have been up to with not only new versions of both Eva Morales and Janet Elroy but also a look at some of their astounding painting which makes the miniatures pop.

Commandos & Doctors Hit The Streets Of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower


The minds behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower have shown off some more of their miniatures coming soon with the board game launching soon(ish). See what you think of the Blackstone Commandos with Major Zack and then his operators, Sin and Rocco...

Check Out New Models & A Host Of Rules For HINT


The models for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower are now really coming together. You can see the work that has gone into bringing the Human/AI Hybrid Project to life as it faces off against Gutierrez. See what you think...

HINT Provides First Look At New Rules For Cyberpunk Game


The folks behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower have now added the first of their previews looking at the rules for this Cyberpunk board game. The download which you can grab HERE is another attempt at giving you a basic outline of how the game plays...

Range In On Your Target With A Cyberpunk Sniper


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is back again this week with another update showing off the work that has gone into their Black Stone Commando Sniper known as The Snake Queen...

The HINT Team Show Off Production Models & More


At Essen this year the team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower actually had some of their models for sale as a special bonus for coming to see them at the event. You can see some of the metal models in their finished state below.

Cyberpunk Board Game HINT At Essen 2016


Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is at Essen this year and they have been showing the game off to backers and more. In addition they have the renders for the finished model for the first stage of their AI/Human Hybrid project AND a painted Justine Clevel too...

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