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Mansions of Madness



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Come and join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS. In this episode, we're discussing hobby, easy-to-learn games and look back in time to miniature ranges which have been lost to the mists of time.

Mansions Of Madness Investigators Follow The Path Of The Serpent


Fantasy Flight Games' Mansions Of Madness steps beyond the bounds of just one creepy house as your investigators find themselves exploring crumbling ruins and the secrets of a lost civilisation in Path Of The Serpent.

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Vikings, Intrepid Investigators & A Chaotic Master


Come and join us for a look at some Fantasy Vikings, excellent Investigators and a masterful Chaos leader.

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Tabletop gaming is not short of horror games and is well established as a genre. Which has me wondering; with so many games out there, why is it that horror nearly always fails?

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6 years ago 4

Cass takes us through five ultra-spooky places that would be just perfect to match up with a range of horror-themed boardgames, just in time for Halloween!

Bring Horror Across The Water In Latest Mansions Of Madness DLC


As you investigate the latest strange, glowing-eyed child which has inexplicably appeared in your town, you think maybe it's time for a holiday from the Miskatonic River Valley.

Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!


We're discussing ELITE Dangerous: Battle Cards, the ongoing Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign and Warren falls in love with loads of mats at once!

Head On Horrific Journeys In New Mansions of Madness Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order, taking your investigators out into the terrors plaguing the greater world; Horrific Journeys. 

Mother’s Embrace Takes FFG’s Mansions Of Madness Digital


Building on the success of the new edition of Mansions Of Madness, Fantasy Flight Games are going to be bringing Mother's Embrace, a new computer game based on the Cthulhu board game, to your PC in 2019.

Investigate The Sanctum of Twilight In Mansions of Madness


Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order. It's time to lift the veneer of Arkham's upper crust and investigate the Sanctum of Twilight.

Let’s Play: Mansions of Madness


The Dames of Games return with the ever frightful Mansions of Madness Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games.

Weekender XLBS: Time Commanders Returns & Armored Core Comes To Kickstarter


We delve into our Hobby Time this week and work out if we'd be good battlefield generals!

FFG Announces New App Driven Mansions Of Madness


Explore the dark recesses of H.P. Lovecraft's world in the latest game from Fantasy Flight Games- Mansions of Madness Second Edition. This updated version of the game features an innovative app component to control the AI, offering a more true cooperative game play element for the players.

Shut Down An Experiment In Mansions Of Madness Expansion


Dive in and check out a new spooky adventure from Fantasy Flight Games for Mansions of Madness!

Lovecraft’s Own Nightmare Swoops into Arkham Horror


Fantasy Flight have once again added to their range of pre-painted Lovecraftian monsters for the game Arkham Horror. This time it is a monster which haunted the dreams of Lovecraft himself, the Night Gaunt.

Head Into The Wilds With Mansions of Madness


Do you hear the Call of the Wild in Mansions of Madness?

The Play Is The Thing In Mansions Of Madness The Yellow Sign


Are looking to expand your games of Cthulhu horror in Mansions of Madness? Well why not pick up the new expansion available by print on demand? It's time to investigate even more strange goings on in The Yellow Sign.

Arkham Horror Premium Monster Set Slithers Forth


Brand new Pre-painted Monsters for your Lovecraftian Board Games by Fantasy Flight.

Fantasy Flight Till Death Do Us Part Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games are releasing a new print-on-demand expansion for Mansions of Madness. Dare you try and solve the mysteries within 'Til Death Do Us Part?

Fantasy Flight Preview Forbidden Alchemy


Fantasy Flight Games have given us all a quick preview of what we can expect from their upcoming Mansions of Madness expansion, Forbidden Alchemy.

Forbidden Alchemy Mansions of Madness Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games have released a new expansion for Cthulhu horror game Mansions of Madness. Now is the time to dabble in Forbidden Alchemy.

Fantasy Flight’s Latest Expansion for Mansions of Madness


Fantasy Flight have released the second print-on-demand story for Mansions of Madness, the Silver Tablet!

Mansions of Madness


Creepy mansions... mysteries and Great Cthulhu!!! Check out this atmospheric boardgame release from Fantasy Fight Studio...

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