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Marvel Dice Masters



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WizKids Announce New Spider-Man Dice Masters Set


WizKids have announced their next expansion set for Marvel Dice Masters. The focus now is going to be on Spider-Man where you'll not only get a new version of the web-slinger but also some of the Sinister Six and more...

Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron Now Available


WizKids new version of Dice Masters based on the (semi)recent Age of Ultron film in the Avengers series is now available to buy from your local stockist. New heroes, lovely dice and insane combinations await...

Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron Starter Set Spotted Online


WizKids have let slip the new Age of Ultron Starter Set for Marvel Dice Masters that is coming soon. It was spotted over on Sidekicks & Shields where they also talked about the new dice too...

A Closer Look At What’s New For DC Comics Dice Masters!


See how the DC Dice Masters game is shaping up with the Justice League being the first starter set coming your way soon.

Why WizKids’ Dice Masters SHOULD Be A Perfect Gateway Game


Could Dice Masters from WizKids be one of the best gateway games for not only young gamers but also adults too? I take some time to talk through some of the pros and cons of one of the biggest games this year.

WizKids Unleash The Uncanny X-Men On Marvel Dice Masters


If you've been enjoying the frenzied world of Dice Masters then you can now get your hands on the Uncanny X-Men sets from WizKids that add more heroes and more dice to your games.

Professor X Previewed For Marvel Dice Masters


Some more Uncanny X-Men previews have come out of WizKids! See what you think of Professor X, Cerebro and X-23!

Mutant Hunting Sentinels Previewed For Marvel Dice Masters!


More villains are added to the Uncanny X-Men expansion for Marvel Dice Masters and they're looking awesome!

More Marvel Dice Masters X-Men Previews For True Believers!


Check out another raft of previews for the upcoming Uncanny X-Men expansion to Marvel Dice Masters! I can't wait to make myself a proper team of X-Men that will stuff it to the opposition!

WizKids Preview Some New Dice Masters X-Men Cards!


See what some of the heroes are shaping up to be like with the Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men set on the horizon.

Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men Spotted In The Wild!


See what you think of the new dice coming your way for Uncanny X-Men, the next set in the Marvel Dice Masters line-up. Would be nice to have some of the normal sets too though WizKids!

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Vs X-Men Review!


It's taken a while but here is my review of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Vs X-Men from WizKids! Considering I've avoided Collectable Card Games most of my life what made me punt for this Collectable DICE Game?

The Uncanny X-Men Up Next For Marvel Dice Masters


See what you think of some mock up images of what could be coming your way with Marvel Dice Masters and their next set, the Uncanny X-Men!

Cube Dueling Marvel Dice Masters Out Very Soon!


It's time to take the many heroes of Marvel-dom and clash in Marvel Dice Masters from WizKids which should be hitting UK stores very, very soon.

WizKids Look To Steal Your Wallet With Marvel Dice Masters


See what you think of this collectable dice game from WizKids, Marvel Dice Masters. It seems a lot of fun!

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