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Blasting Charges Set As The CCC Breacher Comes To MERCS!


It's time to end MERCS week with a big, fairly impressive explosion! The MERCS CCC Breacher is now available from their webstore and he is ready to cause some seriously damage.

The CCC Breacher Closes In For The World Of MERCS


It's nearly time to set the explosives with the CCC Breacher as we get a look at him in metal form!

MERCS CCC Breacher Begins To Take Shape


What do you think of this latest MERCS preview for the CCC Breacher?

On the Table s5 ep4: Gates of Antares, D&D & Bushido!


We're back for a new year full of tabletop gaming! This episode we take a look at Cthulhu, Castle, Magic: The Gathering and even the fantastic new Kickstarter from Rick Priestley, Gates of Antares!

The KemVar Of MERCS Send In The Shock Trooper


Check out one of the new additions to MERCS

Countdown to Breach with the CCC in MERCS


MERCS gives us a sneak peek at the render for a rather explosive individual.

Texico and the ISS Are Ready for Hire in MERCS


MERCS welcomes two new factions, the Texico and the ISS.

What’s The Latest for Mercs?


Adam tracks down the guys from Mercs at Gen Con 2012 to have a chat about the games' new factions and the possibility of an expansion.

More MERCS Intel for the Lightning Obsessed ISS!


Do the ISS Faction for MERCS appeal to you now a few more concepts and renders are out?

MERCS Refit the ISS Faction Ready for Corporate Warfare


The MERCS team have a new faction to show off, the deadly but efficient ISS.

MERCS Keizai Waza Starter Set from Worthy Painting!


Check out the awesome Keizai Waza MERCS Starter Set painted up by Worthy Painting!

Worthy Painting Gets to Play with our MERCS Yellow Jackets!


Nick from Worthy Painting gives us a look at the Yellow Jackets Starter Box that his artists have painted for our upcoming MERCS coverage.

Worthy Painting Become Our MERCS with Flashy Starter Sets!


The MERCS are ready to hit the table thanks to Worthy Painting. Now With Added Video of the Sefadu Faction

The IOS MERCS Faction Appears with New Concepts


The IOS Faction gets its first outing for MERCS as concept art.

An Interview at the Mercs Booth


Adam has one final interview from Gen Con. He's at the Mercs booth and gets a look at what's new with this great looking miniatures range.

The Texico MERCS Are Ready to Go to War


The Texico Faction for MERCS gets its art finished and its looking good!

MERCS Minis Hire a Saboteur


A Saboteur gets into the mix with MERCS Minis.

Sneak Peek of New MERCS Faction Boxes


Sneak peek photos of "group packaging hard proofs" of the new MERCS Miniatures faction boxes.

Mercs CCC Faction Unboxed


BoW Adam gets the Nerd Bunker off to a flying start with a What’s in the Box video of the CCC faction for a game called Mercs from Mercs Miniatures.

Cool New Texico Concepts for MERCS


The guys at MERCS miniatures have offered up a sneak peek at some of the concepts for the upcoming Texico faction for MERCS... the Texcico Marshal and the (as yet unnamed) basic troopers!

Concept For New MERC Character


New concept art has been put up for a new MERC character, the FCC Businessman.

Gale Force 9 Set to Release Mercs Accessories


Mercs Minis are teaming up with Gale Force 9 to create a new range of accessories for Mercs, the first of which will be available at GenCon.

Mercs Battle Foam Bag Available in September


If you didn't watch last week's On the Table first of all why not? Secondly, you'll have missed the news that this September Battle Foam will be bringing out a new bag for Mercs.

Here’s the Exclusive MERCS Mini for Gen Con Indy


Mercs have a rather nice new mini to take with them to Gen Con Indy.

Check out the Sefadu for MERCS


MERCS are adding another faction for their game, this time it's the Sefadu!

Time for some more MERCS love?


I thought it was about time that we gave some more love to MERCS here on Beasts of War.

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