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Kingdom Death: Monster returns to Kickstarter with the 1.5 Edition & More!

Weekender XLBS: Talking Kingdom Death Monster Painting!


Welcome to The Weekender XLBS where it's time to sit back, relax, and get stuck into some more hobby chatter.

Let’s Play Kingdom Death: Monster – Lantern Year One


We're joined by the wonderful Chris Handley from Darker Days Radio to play through Kingdom Death: Monster and what more fitting day to do so than Halloween.

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Join us for a special weekend focusing in on Mythic Battles: Pantheon! However, we've plenty more for you too and a packed show beckons!

Kingdom Death Kickstarter II To Drop On Black Friday


If you missed out on Kingdom Death: Monster on its first run, then you should be very excited to hear you'll get another crack at it this November.

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We're in for a packed show this Sunday so get stuck in and start watching!

Community Painting Picks: Monsters, Walkers & Mighty Heroes


It's time for us to return to Community Painting Picks and see what you've been working on. My, you have been busy!

3 Colours Up – Chinese Skin Tone


Today we're diving back into the Skin Tone series and painting another Asian complexion looking at the way you can achieve a Chinese look.

3 Colours Up: Blue Alien Skin Tone – Part Two


Today we're going to be finishing off the model in more detail with additional shading and topping things off with a touch of highlighting on some key features of the model.

3 Colours Up: Blue Alien Skin Tone – Part One


Today we continue our series of learning how to paint skin tones with a look at Blue Alien Skin...

Community Painting Picks – Kingdom Death, Warmahordes & Goblin Raiders


Come and join us for another round of Community Painting Picks where we delve into the weird with Kingdom Death...and the monstrous creations of Warmachine & Hordes.

Community Painting Picks – What’s Been On The Painting Table?


It's time to take a look at what's been going on in the community when it comes to hobby and painting! See some of our choice picks from the last couple of weeks and maybe even show off your own projects too...

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More


Weekender XLBS: Gen Con Highlights & The Great Baking Tin Disaster!


Join Backstage Try a 7 Day FREE Trail

Kingdom Death Comes To Gen Con With New Twilight Knight


Kingdom Death and Monster will be at Gen Con this year so if you're wandering around the trader hall you might spot their rather beautiful (and weird) creations. They are also bringing the rather special Sci-Fi Twilight Knight for you to snatch up...

Weekender XLBS: Halo Ground Combat Game & More!



Kingdom Death: Monster Now Available For Pre-Order


So it begins. Kingdom Death: Monster is NOW finally available for pre-order over on their webstore. There's quite a lot within this box so come and see the contents!

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting White/Grey Hair


Romain is back for another tutorial teaching you some of the essentials of painting. In this particular episode he'll be taking a look at the techniques you can use to paint Grey and/or White hair on another of the amazing Kingdom Death miniatures.

Skin Tone Tutorials – Middle Eastern Skin Part Two


We're back with the final part of this Skin Tone Tutorial where Romain adds the final level of shading and highlighting to this lovely little Kingdom Death Miniature.

Skin Tone Tutorials – Middle Eastern Skin Part One


Romain breaks out his paints and gets ready for another Skin Tone Tutorial this time focusing in on how to paint the skin tones of the Middle East.

CMON’s Latest Painting Contest Highlights Wrath of Kings


CoolMiniOrNot is hosting it's latest painting contest for Wrath of Kings. Enter now for a chance at CMON merchandise credit or an exclusive Wrath of Kings/Kingdom Death crossover mini!

More New Kingdom Death Appears & Game Box Finalised!


Loads of new miniatures have popped up from Kingdom Death as Apotheosis and Warlords take to the land of nightmares and of course many painting tables around the world.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part Two


Romain moves on to the stages of painting his technique for a beautiful African Skin Tone on our little Kingdom Death Pin-Up miniature, adding in another level of deeper shading and highlights.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part One


Welcome to another of our Skin Tone Tutorials where Romain has taken on the challenge of painting up an African beauty in the form of the White Speaker from Kingdom Death's Pin-Up range.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Japanese Skin Part Four!


It's now time to finish up the work on how to paint Japanese skin tones from Romain where he's been working on the Kingdom Death Pin Ups of Death!

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Japanese Skin Part Two!


Welcome back to 3 Colours Up where Romain is showing us how to paint Japanese skin tones on an awesome Kingdom Death Pin Ups of Death miniature!

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Japanese Skin Part One!


We're back with another series of 3 Colours Up and this time the master painter Romain will be showing off how to paint up the skin tones of all creeds, colours and nations!

Pinups & Satan Back For Kingdom Death In Black Friday Sale


The Pinups of Death and Satan are back on the Kingdom Death webstore and at a special Black Friday price as well. Do you think you'll be taking the plunge?

Grab Kingdom Death’s Spooky Twilight Knight This Weekend!


See what you think of Kingdom Death's Halloween Twilight Knight that will only be available to order over this weekend.

The Great Game Hunter Rogue Stalks Kingdom Death


It's time to go hunting with the Great Game Hunter Rogue from Kingdom Death. A positively normal looking miniature by comparison to their others and available in limited supply!

New Update & Previews From Kingdom Death!


Delve back into the world of Kingdom Death with a whole load of new miniatures to gawp at, some updates on the campaign and its progress and more.

More Creatures Creep Out Of The World Of Kingdom Death


The world of Kingdom Death has three additions to its webstore of creepy imagination. See what you think of the Nightmare Ram, Adult Sunstalker and People of the Sun.

What’s in The Box: Kingdom Death’s Pinups of Death Collection!


Once in a while you get a boxed set of miniatures that is a must have for collectors. Justin has got his hands on one such box and its the Pinups of Death Collection from Kingdom Death! These are some very stunning ladies! Take a look and let us know your thoughts on these miniatures.

An Update & New Miniatures From The World Of Kingdom Death


Some more welcome news about Kingdom Death has arrived alongside some amazing looking miniatures once again. Which is your favourite from our selection and indeed the mountain of them over on the update page!

Kingdom Death Show Off A Phenomenal Miniatures Sprue!


Dive into the world of Kingdom Death and check out the full Unarmoured Sprue components with which you'll be making your first frightened survivors!

Kingdom Death Hosts More Macabre Miniatures This Month!


Some more astounding miniatures make their way out of Kingdom Death. Alas The King has gone already (snapped up by Americans!) but there are others to check out!

Satan & Golden Smoke From The Folk Of Kingdom Death


Delve back into the world of Kingdom Death with two new sets that have come up for offer on their growing webstore!

Kingdom Death Comes Ever Closer In New Update


The world of Kingdom Death is coming ever closer with the release of more images of the plastic models and a celebratory Pin-Up Collection.

Kingdom Death are in for a Stormy Knight


Hello and welcome to the Kingdom Death weather forecast. First up it looks like we are all in for a truly impressive Stormy Knight.

Hell Dorado & Kingdom Death Crossover Model Previewed!


See what you think of this new Twilight Knight that has been made in conjunction with Kingdom Death. I think they have got the style just right here.

Kingdom Death Hold Back Plastic Release Till 2014


Check out some of the fantastic looking plastic kits for Kingdom Death. BUT, you might have to wait a while before you get a hold of them!

Kingdom Death Joins Wrath of Kings


Kingdom Death meets Cool Mini Or Not's Wrath of Kings. That's the sort of team up we geeks dream of. Now it is a reality as Kingdom Death's Twilight Knight is getting a new version especially for Wrath of Kings.