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Grimm Fairytale Moonstone Takes To Kickstarter October 17th


A full game for Moonstone is coming to Kickstarter on October 17th to bring full forces of must-have, fantasy favorite races to the game table. Humans, Goblins, Gnomes and Faeries will be making their way into your homes and onto your tables in this 32mm Grimm fairytale world.

Flintlock Is Ready To Pick Off Those Pesky Healers In Moonstone


Any fantasy skirmish team would do well with assistance from a sharp-shooter to either pave the way or remove obstacles. Moonstone has added the fanastic sharp-shooter, Flintlock, to their WIP world of Moonstone.

Moonstone Reveals The Quirky New Character, Quarrel, For Their Game


Goblin King Games has released another wonderful piece of art for a new character for their WIP game, Moonstone. Quarrel is a quirky little fella that's part of the Grumbledown Gnome Militia.

Moonstone Shows Off Art For Agatha Tavernfrau


As Moonstone continues to work away on their game, the characters become more and more colorful! This week they are showing off the lovely, Agatha Tavernfrau, who undoubtedly breaks hearts (and skulls) in the local tavern.

Moonstone’s Firespitter Miniature Is Up On Kickstarter


The Firespitter Miniature Kickstarter for Moonstone is live now so you can not only add a great colorful character into your fantasy miniature collection, but support the vision of a new skirmish miniature game in the process.

Another Brilliant Mini In The Works For Upcoming Kickstarter, Moonstone


Moonstone is set to launch on Kickstarter on June 8th and will feature the fantastic model the Firespitter. To sweeten the deal, they have added another whimsical character, Fancyhat, as a potential unlock as they work towards bringing out their new game, Moonstone.

Grimm Fantasy & Poker Collide For Upcoming Moonstone Kickstarter


A fantastic new model has surfaced that will be heading to Kickstarter soon and will eventually be part of a Grimm fantasy world, called Moonstone.

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