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Warcradle Explore Mythos’ Lovecraftian Priory Faction


Warcradle Studios are exploring the different factions coming back to Mythos in 2020 with a look at one of them this week, The Priory.

Warcradle Studios Take Us Into The Dark World Of Mythos


Warcradle Studios has taken over the world of Mythos which was originally created by Paranoid Miniatures.

The Alukah Strides Into The Mythos: Brotherhood Expansion Kickstarter


Paranoid Miniatures recently launched a Kickstarter to bring a new faction, The Brotherhood, into the world of Mythos. In the latest update, they revealed a rather gangly looking gribbly; the Alukah.

Paranoid Miniatures Launches Landfall Campaign For Mythos


It's been in the works for a while now, but the Sea Queen's campaign for Mythos has finally arrived. It was the Sea Queen that started it all for Paranoid Miniatures and Mythos.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off The Wildborn At Salute


If you're looking to add more Lovecraftian goodness to your collection, then stop by the Paranoid Miniatures stand at Salute next weekend. Mythos minis, including the Wildborn, will be available for the taking.

Let’s Play: Mythos – Custos Crypta Vs Hidden Ones


I'm joined by the guys from Paranoid Miniatures to bring you another Let's Play of Mythos.

Weekender: Uncovering Mythos Horrors + Win Two-Player Starter Bundles!


It's time for us to welcome Warren back into the fold for The Weekender this week as we get stuck into plenty of awesomeness from a week in gaming.

Let’s Play: Mythos – Priory vs Wildborn


The guys from Paranoid Miniatures are taking Justin on in a game of Mythos.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Imperium; Returning To 40K & LARP Thoughts


...we have a special guest this week from a far away land!

Paranoid Miniatures’ Mythos Shop & Pre-Orders Open To All


Check out the Paranoid Miniatures Mythos collection with webstore pre-orders beginning now!

The Wildborn Of Mythos Pose For A Group Shot


The fulfilment of the Mythos Kickstarter is rapidly approaching in May, and June will see the retail release! Paranoid Miniatures is beyond excited and ready to show off their hard work at Salute next weekend.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off The Beastly Master For Click Clack


The Lovecraftian world of Mythos of really coming together for Paranoid Miniatures. They've just gotten a peak at the beastly Myth, Click Clack - and he's EPIC.

The Hidden Ones Of Mythos Are An Ominous Lovecraftian Bunch


Every day, Paranoid Miniatures is bringing the world of Mythos closer to our game tables.

The Mighty Click Clack Arrives For The Hidden Ones Of Mythos


Paranoid Miniatures is super excited with the new renders of the mighty Click Clack for Mythos. This huge mini, sitting on his 60mm base is sure to cause some serious trouble for his enemies.

The Fisherman King Joins The Ranks For The Hidden Ones Of Mythos


Something Lovecraftian has clearly latched onto the Fisherman King for the Hidden Ones of Mythos. Paranoid Miniatures is over the moon with the detail that flowed over from the art to the sculpt. It's like there's Mythos involved...

The Wildborn Of Mythos Have Come To Life In Resin


The Lovecraftian world of Mythos is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality as Paranoid Miniatures is sharing the first images of factions in their final resin. Check out the Wildborn and all the fantastic detail they were able to capture in the minis.

New Ritualists Join The Order Of The Enlightened Path For Mythos


How much trouble could a couple of Ritualists be? Paranoid Miniatures had a ton of fun bringing these scary gals into the Order of the Enlightened Path for Mythos- hooks and spells included.

Paranoid Miniatures Show Off The Very Creepy Angler For Mythos


What could be more frightening than getting up close to an angler in the dark waters of the ocean? Paranoid Miniatures figured out the answer for Mythos- running into one the size of a tiger on land!

Chester/Choronzon Takes Form For Mythos & Shattered Earth


What's not to love about a character written into two different games? That's exactly what the guys from Paranoid Miniatures and Massive Awesome thought when they came up with the character Chest/Choronzon for Mythos and Shattered Earth.

Paranoid Shared A “Little” Something For The Wildborn Of Mythos


Paranoid Miniatures has dropped pictures of two more of the miniatures for the Lovecraftian world of Mythos. Have a look at the "meek and mild," Molly of the Hidden Ones and the most impressive, Goat, of the Wildborn.

Check Out Stunning Mythos Master For The Wildborn’s Dorothy


It's not always easy to breathe the life of a character into 3D form from fantastic art, but Paranoid Miniatures has nailed it with their latest master. Check out the wickedly wonderful Dorothy of the Wildborn for Mythos.

The Dockland Queen Joins Mythos From Paranoid Miniatures


Paranoid Miniatures is at it again with another fantastic sculpt for Mythos. Have a look at the rather crabby Dockland Queen in all her barnacled glory!

Paranoid Miniatures Ushers In The New Year With Mythos Updates


The 32mm Lovecratian world of Mythos is really beginning to come alive as Paranoid Miniatures is showing off more of the masters for the sculpts. Check out the latest for the gribbly Custos Crypta.

Paranoid Miniatures Breaks Down A Molly Miniature To Show Off Details


Paranoid Miniatures offered us a unique look at a deconstructed Molly miniatures for Mythos. This very nicely shows the level of thought that's gone into all the details and how they come together to make a stunning miniature.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Brilliant New Card Art For Mythos


The brilliant art direction for Mythos, really captures the feel of Lovecraftian craziness, and Paranoid Miniatures has given their character cards a fantastic makeover! Have a look at the dark and gritty flavor of the characters.

The Lovecraftian Molly Of The Hidden Ones Takes 3D Form For Mythos


The Hidden Ones for Paranoid Miniatures' Lovecraftian Mythos are the next up for sculpting. Molly is the first to get some love, and she looks amazing!

The Wildborn Of Mythos Are An Ominous Presence Indeed!


In a last minute stroke of genius, Paranoid Miniatures decided to scale up the size of the Goat for the Wildborn faction of Mythos- and he does not disappoint! And you thought this faction looked scary before?!

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off First Production Mini For Mythos


Paranoid Miniatures is over the moon with the results from their first production mini for their Kickstarter success, Mythos. Professor Zachary Lazarus is hot of the press- errr, mold- and he's looking fantastic!

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off An Early Character Card


Paranoid Miniatures needs your help and would like to hear your thoughts on their first pass of a character card for Mythos. They've gone for a bold look to embrace the darkness of H.P. Lovecraft and the overall feel of Mythos.

Paranoid Miniatures’ Loren Comes To Life For The Wildborn Of Mythos


If you thought you were looking forward to play the Wildborn in Mythos before, then wait to you see what Paranoid was able to do with their latest model, Loren!

Blood Slithers His Way Into The Wildborn Of Mythos


If you were ever afraid of snakes before, then wait until you see the beast Paranoid Miniatures has revealed for their Lovecraftian world of Mythos! Dorothy's familiar, Blood, makes a BIG entrance into the Wildborn faction.

Paranoid Miniatures Show Off The Sisters Of The Wildborn


If you thought the sisters of Mythos looked scary, just wait to see their synergies in game play. This week Paranoid Miniatures is showing off the renders for Dorothy and Mercy of their recent Kickstarter.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Dorothy For The Wildborn Of Mythos


Paranoid Miniatures is proud to show off the first 3D render for the Wildborn faction of Mythos. The very lovely, (and really scary) Dorothy, is ready to show off her magic.

Order Of The Enlightened Path Unlocked For Mythos In Pledge Manager


Even when a Kickstarter is over- it isn't over! At least that's the opinion of the crew from Paranoid Miniatures with their recent Mythos project. Courtesy of the pledge manager, the Order of the Enlightened have been unlocked.

Paranoid Introduces The Tutorial Campaign For The Priory


With only a couple days left on their Kickstarter, Paranoid Miniatures has released a tutorial campaign for the Priory faction of Mythos. These kinds of campaigns will allow players to ease their way into playing the games with low model counts and each game provides a narrative introduction of new characters to the crews.

Paranoid Unlocks The Wildborn For Last Few Days Of Mythos KS


With only a few more days left in the Kickstarter, Paranoid Miniatures has sweetened the deal even more as they've unlocked the Wildborn faction early! Now you can explore the Lovecraftian Madness of Mythos as witches, centaurs, snakes and a truly frightening goat creature!

Explore The Mysterious Travellers Of Mythos


The Lovecraftian world of Mythos is full of colorful and interesting characters. This week Paranoid Miniatures has given us a peek at the Travellers, another faction to be added to the game in the future.

An Interesting Character Unites Mythos & Shattered Earth


Paranoid Miniatures and Massive Awesome have united to bring a truly unique character into existence. Chester Barreman and the demon that possesses him, Chronzon.

Paranoid Shows Off Redesign Of The Guardian For The Custos Crypta


Paranoid Miniatures has net their funding goal for their Lovecraftian masterpiece, Mythos, but there's always room for more unlocks! While exploring those, they went back to the drawing board to resculpt the Guardian of the Custos Crypta to offer a bit more stability for the big guy.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!


We're a bit knackered after Salute but we're still here to share some tabletop gaming goodness with you all!

Paranoid Now Taking On Kickstarter With Mythos Project


Paranoid Miniatures are now live on Kickstarter looking to fund their world of Cthulhu-inspired horror and called Mythos. If you're looking for fascinating miniatures dripping with character then you'll want to take a closer look...

Paranoid Reveals Concepts For The Order Of The Enlightened Path


Not only is Salute this Saturday, but Paranoid Miniatures is launching their Lovecraftian Kickstarter, Mythos! Come see the Paranoid guys and their amazing artist, Shane Cook, as they run demos and share the madness of their new game.