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Norsgard Begin To Unveil Miniature Previews!


See what you think of some updated miniature previews for Norsgard. We might actually be seeing this game in full soon!

Norsgard Work On Sculpting The Ysil Guard


Norsgard are showing off a miniature finally from their collection. See what you think of the work that has gone into the Ysil Guard so far.

Norsgard Preview A Crimson Champion Variant


Norsgard are showing off a variant of their Crimson Champion that has a lot more of a dynamic look to him.

Norsgard’s Scarlet Watch Send In The Daring Scouts


See what you think of a little more artwork from the folks at Norsgard. Is this looking to be the game for you?

Begin The Slaughter With Norsgard’s Crimson Champion


See what you think of another addition to the Norsgard line-up. Is this Crimson Champion a warrior you would want to be standing beside?

The Barbarians Of The Mork Tribe Assemble For War


Another week and another preview from Norsgard! See what you think of their render design for the Mork Tribe Barbarian, the deadly foot troops of this faction.

Norsgard Add To The Ranks Of The Scarlet Guard


Another miniature is previewed for the world of Nosgard and the Order of the Ram. Will this addition to the Scarlet Guard have you interested.

Mix Magic With Martial Might & Norsgard’s Dark Guard


Norsgard are bringing in some magical and martial support in the form of the Death Guard who can do both at the swing of a scythe.

The Deadly Vei-Banshee Takes Shape Again For Norsgard


See what you think of another preview from the folks at Norsgard. You may have spied her in the past but now she is back on the release train!

Norsgard Send Out Their Crimson Champion!


Norsgard is back with more previews and it starts with this hulking warrior called the Crimson Champion. Will he be accepting your challenges for you?

The Undead Rise From The Snows Of Norsgard


Norsgard are showing off a new model and it's from the other side! Will you be checking out their Draugur?

Check Out New Hero Cards For Norsgard’s Characters


Check out two new hero cards for Norsgard that show off a bit more about the heroes you'll be using on the battlefield.

Norsgard Looks To Bring You Starter Boxes In September


Norsgard is looking forwards to Starter Sets coming in September and in the mean time they are showing off a 3D render of an upcoming model.

Norsgard Reveal More Tribal Warriors & An Executioner


The world of Norsgard is welcoming two new additions, the Mork Tribal Warrior and Executioner. Which of them will you pick up?

Raise Your Hammer For Varkof’s Arrival In Norsgard


Norsgard welcomes Varkof to their webstore. Now grab that mighty hammer and start smiting foes!

Two Great New Models Are On The Horizon For Norsgard


Norsgard has some more fantastic miniatures for us to drool over. What do you think of this brutal pair?

January is Norsgard’s Season of the Witch


Norsgard have unveiled their two long awaited January releases, including the newly named sorceress Valdis.

The Dark Guard & More Take Over Norsgard In January


Norsgard welcomes a lot more deadly warriors in January and beyond...

Teasing A Future Model For The World Of Norsgard


Check out a teaser for the future of Norsgard...

Norsgard’s Witch Gets Her Name & A Character Card


Check out this new named witch from Norsgard...

Fight With The Mork Tribal Warriors In The World Of Norsgard


Check out an awesome look at the epic Norsgard Mork Tribal Warrior...

Find A Name For The Witch With Norsgard Miniatures


Check out this upcoming Undead Witch from Norsgard Miniatures. The only thing that would help finish her off is a name...

The Fallen Are Ready For November Release In Norsgard


Check out The Fallen, some crazed barbarians for the world of Norsgard!

The Mork Tribe Grows As The Undead Rise in Norsgard


Norsgard shows off the Fallen, Tribal Warriors and the beginnings of the Undead.

An Orcish Brute Stomps into the World of Norsgard


Norsgard welcomes a mighty Orc Brute and promises a future of IndieGoGo campaigns!

September Brings More Mighty Warriors to Norsgard


Norsgard gets you sorted for September with a new miniature release.

Norsgard Preview More Wild Woman Warriors


Norsgard show off some powerful warrior females ready to lay waste in their fantasy world.

Norsgard Show off their Feral August Releases


Norsgard show off their final images for the August release!

Norsgard Give Us a Sneak Peek at a Mork Tribe Member


Norsgard show off the latest of their Barbarians, and this time its a feral female!

The World of Norsgard Gets Brutal and Barbaric


The Mork Tribe charges out to confront its enemies with Norsgard.

The Order of the Ram Joins the Battle for Norsgard


Norsgard's Order of the Ram finally on sale this June!

Norsgard Welcomes The Alliance of the Bat


Will you join the Alliance of the Bat?

The World of Norsgard Receives a Massive Update


The people and personalities of Norsgard expand. Check out new concept art and other shiny stuff!

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