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Strike From The Shadows With Parallax’s Sicarius Assassin


Parallax have successfully funded their Kickstarter for Warbands which is fantastic and that means they can look ahead to making more models for their various Fantasy races.

Parallax Summons Up A Minotaur Spellcaster


If you're looking for a spellcaster to command the elements with skill and deft hands then see what you think of this awesome looking Minotaur from Parallax for their Warbands Kickstarter...

Parallax Back On Kickstarter For Warband Battling


Parallax is now back on Kickstarter looking to find funding for their skirmish game packed with personalised and characterful warbands. In this game YOU pick the paths that your warriors take and there is a real sense that you're putting a lot of your own thinking into this game...

The Devoid Barbarian Goes Berserk For Parallax


Parallax have shared another miniature from their upcoming Kickstarter which is going to begin on Monday. Here we have the Devoid Barbarian. I'm not entirely sure what he is devoid of but he certainly looks rather berserk...

Fire & Ice Sculpt Up A Minotaur For Parallax’s Upcoming Kickstarter


Fire & Ice Miniatures have sculpted up a new miniature for the upcoming Parallax Kickstarter which will be coming in early February. See what you think of their brutal looking Minotaur who is rushing horns first into the enemy ranks...

Parallax Warbands Launches On Kickstarter


Parallax Miniatures have launched their Kickstarter for Parallax: Warbands and they are looking for funding for their small scale skirmish game where your characters battle against other warbands to fulfill contracts...

Q&A Time! Talking Parallax: Warbands With Adam Rosenblum


Before the launch of the Kickstarter we got to talk to Adam Rosenblum of Parallax Miniatures about his game, Warbands. We discuss the miniatures, the game and some of his thoughts on wargaming as a whole right now...

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