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Pike & Shotte



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Load Your Gear Into This Pike & Shotte Baggage Wagon


Warlord Games have a new release for the game of Pike & Shotte, letting you load up your army's gear into this Baggage Wagon.

Pike & Shotte Plays Host To The Armies Of The Samurai


Will you ride into battle alongside the mighty armies of the Samurai in Pike & Shotte?

Warlord Games Help Hold Your Pike & Shotte Horses


Pike & Shotte have a Horse Holder ready to keep your Dragoons' rides in check. See what you think of this little diorama piece.

Hunt For Witches With Pike & Shotte Halloween Special


See if you can smell out some Witches with the Halloween special edition pack from Warlord Games. Will you be hunting the enemy or trying to bring down this duo?

Warlord Games & Arsenal Miniatures Team Up!


See what you think of this new partnership between Warlord Games and Arsenal Miniatures.

Warlord Provide Battle Ready Bastions for the Civil War Guns


Are you looking to recreate the iconic battles of the English Civil War, but lack the appropriate terrain? Well fear not as Warlord Games have revamped their Pike and Shotte Battle-Ready Gun Bastion!

Polish Your Leather Gun For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte


Check out this rather interesting piece of field artillery for Pike & Shotte...

Free Model Just in Time for Christmas!


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching we have a free download to keep you busy on the big day from

Pike & Shotte Readies The Light Guns Alongside An Irish Hero


Pike & Shotte hears the ring of cannon fire and the coming of an Irish Champion.

The Winged Hussars Race into Pike & Shotte with Warlord


Pike & Shotte welcomes the deadly and flamboyant Polish Winged Hussars to the battlefield.

Warlord Shout “For King and Country!” with Pike & Shotte


Pike & Shotte gets the starter set treatment, For King & Country!

Travel in Style With Pike and Shotte


Warlord have a new piece of truly stylish transport for the generals of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.

The Cardinal will See You Now with Warlord Games


The Cardnial steps out of infamous history and rules with an iron fist on the battlefields of France with Warlord Games.

Check Out Warlord’s Mighty Cannon!


Warlord have wheeled out a new menacing weapon of mass destruction to bring to bear upon the enemy forces in games of Pike and Shotte. Cover your ears less you be deafened by the boom of the Demi-Culverin Cannon.

Coach, the Only Way to Travel in Pike & Shotte


Warlord have previewed some pics of their new civil war era Coach for Pike and Shotte.

Warren Meets the Gaming Masters from Warlord Games

11 years ago 378

Warren meets three of the most influential figures in tabletop gaming as they discuss the new games from Warlord... Bolt Action and Pike & Shotte. Watch for a chance to WIN Bolt Action Boxes!

From Pikes to Bows, Warlord Kit Out All of History


Warlord have got some new historical goodies for all you fans of recreating the past on your tabletop.

Warlord Announce Free Pike and Shotte Mini


Warlord have announced that for every copy of the upcoming Pike and Shotte rules bought directly from them you will receive a free mini of Hugo Raleigh, Ensign of the King's Guard.

Warlord Lower Pikes and Ready Shotte


Its almost here folks, Warlord have just announced that their upcoming rules for warfare in the 16th and 17th centuries, Pike and Shotte, is now up for pre-order!

A New Model Army for a Puritanical Age


Check out the New Model Army from Warlord Games!

Painted Surgeon & Greek Reinforcements with Warlord


Ancient and Smoky battlefields get new models from Warlord Games.

The New Model Army Artwork from Warlord Games


New Artwork for Warlord Games' Latest Releases

New Historical Soldiers & Diorama from Warlord Games


A great look at some new miniatures from Warlord Games.

Scots Lancers from Warlord Games


Darrell gets historical as he takes a look at the Scots Lancers, for Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games.

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