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Pulp City



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Pulp City Proves the Yeti Exists!


The powerhouse supreme of the Jade Cult has left his frozen slopes to stalk the streets of Pulp City. Whether or not you believe in yetis, this one is ready to tear you to shreds!

The Infinite Hourglass Keeps Watch on Pulp City


It seems that May will be the month for Pulp City fluff as some of the details of the Pulp City Supreme Edition's background have been let slip.

Behold the Phalanx of Pulp City’s Supremes


The largest of the Support Supremes has been sculpted up and is prepared to pound the pavement of Pulp City, along with anyone who gets in his way; behold the mighty Phalanx!

Don’t look Grim About Pulp City’s Grimmbiote


Pulp City have finished off their fantastic Grimm models with the Spartan Grimm and the Grimmbiote having just emerged from under the streets.

Surf’s Up in Pulp City as Grimm Gravito Appears


Pulp City's pledge manager options have just been sent out to all you backers, but there are also some awesome minis for us all to get excited about. Check out the Grimm Gravito, accompanied by the Mutant Mobsters.

Pulp City’s Grimms Get Sculpted in All Shapes and Sizes


As we have seen, the Grimms of Pulp City come in all manner of weird shapes and sizes and I have to say I love them all. Pulp Monsters are continuing to sculpt up these Kickstarter funded figures and we recently got to see a bunch of the new models side by side.

Pulp City Sculpt Up Their Hover Kitty!


One of the coolest things to appear from the Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter was the designs for some Hover Cat minions. Now these awesome household pets are getting ready to float on out.

Pulp City’s Wonder Wight Starts to Look a Little Green


Over in Pulp City the various miniatures unlocked by the Kickstarter continue to take shape, the latest being the a rotting wonder from beyond the grave.

Pulp City Faces a Grimminion Infestation!


Pulp City will soon be seeing ever more of their grim Grimms as they finish sculpting their diminutive Grimminions.

Monstrous Minions & Supremes Get Sculpted for Pulp City


The various new miniatures that were released during Pulp City's successful run on Kickstarter are currently getting sculpted up. Pulp Monsters have just put out an update showing off four of them, including the fan made supreme Antaean.

Pulp City Shakes at the Fury of Antaean


Pulp City Supreme Edition did pretty well on Kickstarter and we can all look forward to more awesome minis appearing. One of the most interesting prospects will be the fan created supremes, made by those who pledged the Supreme Genesis level.

The Mighty Gorgoroth Leads the Charge on Pulp City


Well it is finally over. The citizens of Pulp City can breath a sigh of relief as the Supreme Edition Kickstarter comes to a close, but not before it gave some more awesome sculpts such as the mighty Gorgoroth.

Amok Rages Through Pulp City With 3 Days To Go!


There are only three days left for the Pulp City Kickstarter and a new sculpt for the powerhouse supreme Amok has just appeared, ready to rampage through the city streets.

Pulp City Proves it’s Fun for All the Family


Pulp City has unlocked another stretch goal, meaning we finally get to see just what sort of people would choose to live in a city where supremes are constantly battling and giant monsters and aliens invade on a regular basis.

Quake in Fear at the New Unlocked Pulp City Stretch Goals


Two new Supremes have been unlocked for Pulp City over on the Kickstarter, two supremes which might just be the most terrifying beings to ever pound Pulp City's streets.

The Brutal Powerhouse Cro Mag Charges into Pulp City


Over on the Pulp City Kickstarter another of the mighty powerhouse supremes has been sculpted up, this time a supreme from a time long forgotten; Cro Mag.

A Pair of Old Dinosaurs Take On Pulp City’s Supremes


While the Kickstarter is continuing to grow, things in Pulp City just keep getting weirder and weirder. This time we see two new minions for the villain supremes who look like they belong to a different time.

Things Go a Bit Batty at the Pulp City Kickstarter


Pulp City's Kickstarter is continuing to enjoy a good degree of success, with new miniatures regularly being unlocked. The latest of these is a particularly batty design called the Youngblood.

The Pulp City Powerhouses Unlock on Kickstarter


The Kickstarter of the Pulp City Supreme Edition is seeing a great level of success. It has been so successful, in fact, that it has eaten the stretch goals to bring us some of the special Powerhouse Supremes.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It’s the Pulp City Kickstarter!


The long awaited Kickstarter is here, Pulp City Supreme Edition is up and has already achieved its funding target!

Those Guys at Pulp City are Some Crazy Cats


Pulp City's Kickstarter is fast approaching, but lately they published concepts for what has to be one of the craziest miniatures ever. The Hover Cats.

Pulp City’s Anansi Gets Her Kickstarter Photo Shoot


With the help of MaxMini, the guys at Pulp City have sent their supremes for a Kickstarter photo shoot. As a result of this we now get to see the last of starter minis; the villain Anansi.

Pulp City Kicked Off 2014 With Necrotic Tech


Well we're a week into the new year. While the rest of us partied, going out and drinking too much, Pulp City's way of celebrating was to combine unholy necromantic magic with technology to create this new Powerhouse Supreme!

John Grimmsham Rises to the Streets of Pulp City


He has been gradually emerging from his sewer home for a few days and now we finally get to see the full model of John Grimmsham, the leader of Pulp City's verminous Grimm.

Pulp City Prepares for the Grimmvasion


Pulp City have revealed a bit more of the miniature whose sculpt they teased earlier in the week. See if you can guess who it is.

Just What Are We Seeing in Pulp City


The citizens of Pulp City are hard at work getting the place ready for its January Kickstarter and have put up a new preview showing off something strange and, I think that's scales?

The Grimm Get A Rocking New Tank


Another of my favourite citizens of Pulp City has appeared, a rocking new Grimm who will be the strange race of vermin's second tank.

Blood Will Run in Pulp City on the Date of its Kickstarter


Pulp City's upcoming Kickstarter has had to be postponed, but now we have an idea of the date it will be starting. Get ready for a super hero smack down on January 30th 2014.

Pulp City Previews the Green of the Green Emperor’s Oni


The mystical powers of the East's Green Emperor are felt in Pulp City as we see one of the magical constructs he uses to battle in the streets; the Jade Oni.

The Dead of Pulp City Rise at Papa Zombie’s Command


Halloween may be over, but the citizens of Pulp City can never relax for Papa Zombie, Leader of the Coven, can still lead the dead in a merry dance.

A Helpful Robot is Ready to Assist in Pulp City


It seems Pulp City is taking a quick brake from thoose cool Grimm concepts to bring us a new support option for the Heavy Metal gang. Meet M.O.D.

Pulp City’s Grimm Keep Getting Bigger


So far I have loved the sheer variety of the Grimm faction which Pulp City has been showing us and that doesn't look about to change as they preview the first of the Grimm's two tanks; the Hooligrimm.

When You’re Hobbo Low Pulp City’s the Place to Go


Pulp City seems to be swarming with the Grimm, but even the Grimm have some down and outs in their society. Meet the Vagrimm.

Pulp City’s Villains Find Some Muscle


No matter how intricate your evil schemes may be sometimes you just need some pure brute strength to get the job done. When this is the case Pulp City's villains bring out Cro Mag.

Pulp City is a Game of Death!


Pulp City have put out another Grimm concept art of the first free mini which will be getting unlocked on their Kickstarter. Hiya!

The Yeti Brings Some Cool Times to Pulp City


It seems that the supremes of Asia are coming over to Pulp City are they are bringing a powerhouse of their own. A frosty fiend known the world over as the Yeti.

Pulp City’s Unveil the First of their Powerhouses


While Pulp City's Tomcat may have been a little disapointing, I somehow managed to miss something much bigger. Literally! Pulp City's Supreme Edition will see the inclusion of Powerhouses, starting with this Soul Golem.

Tomcat Controls Pulp City’s Skies


The power of flight is one of the all time classic super hero abilities. With the help of his high tech suit the newest member of Pulp City's Heavy Metal team is probably the best aerial combatant of all. His name is Tomcat.

Pulp City’s Grimm Get a Little Gooey


We have already heard that the subterranean Grimm of Pulp City have a rather unstable biology. Well now we find out what happens when that gets mixed with a nice batch of toxic run off.

Heroes Appear to Face Pulp City’s Villains


Hot on the heels of the dastardly villains come the heroes of Pulp City in their very own starter set.

We See the Metal of Pulp City’s Villains


Pulp City's populace continues to grow as we see the new metal models for the Villain Starter set.

Dig Up Some Grimm Trouble in Pulp City


Another of the verminous Grimm has been dug up in Pulp City, this time one which has been tunnelling under the feet of the city's supremes.

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