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Relic Knights



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3 Colours Up – Painting Black Armour


Today we're beginning a new painting series to show you how to paint Armour.

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box


It's that time again, we're looking at Relic Knights from Ninja Division. Today John and myself are opening up the Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box.

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Black Dragons & Sophia Drake


This week we're taking a look through more of the Relic Knights from Ninja Division.

New Concept Art & Sculpts Shows May Releases For Relic Knights


This week, Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are showing off some fantastic concept art for their upcoming May releases. Dan D. Starship and Void Witch are sure to add some new tricks your games. More to come on these characters soon.

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box


John and I are sitting down with a new game in our collection called Relic Knights from Ninja Division.

New Relic Knight Releases For April Take Shape


Ninja Division have shown off the Relic Knight releases for April in their lovely resin forms. You can't pick them up just yet but it won't be long until these model from their webstore...

Weekender XLBS: The Cult Of The New; Are People Playing Too Many Games?


Sit back and relax (maybe with an ASMR Video?) and join us for The Weekender XLBS...

Vlog: Creating A Cool Table For Relic Knights


Hey guys, we may be late on the Vlog this week however we're going crazy in the studio with the amount of content planned for you in the upcoming week for...Infinity!

Ninja Division Releases April’s Previews For Relic Knights


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have posted a new preview for some new minis for Relic Knights.

Castellan Is Now Available For Relic Knights From Ninja Division


Ninja Division has released a new huge miniature for the Shattered Sword Cadre for Relic Knights.

Relic Knights Gets New Questing Knights At Gen Con


The time for questing is now and Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures has some fantastic new Questing Knights for Relic Knights on the way at Gen Con! They'll even have resins available as early releases!

Soda Pop Announce Void Break Expansion for Relic Knights


Ninja Division have made the rather exciting announcement that an expansion for Relic Knights will soon be forthcoming. The story will continue in Relic Knights: Void Break.

New Hatriya Warriors & Mighty Dahon Roar Into Life For Relic Knights


Golden Vance on the Horizon for Relic Knights


Relic Knights is becoming a very popular game and they continue with their releases. See what they have upcoming for May.

Soda Pop Shows off January Releases for Relic Knights


Soda Pop Miniatures announces their January releases for Relic Knights that include a whole bunch of neat new models for a variety of factions.

Relic Knights December Releases Just in Time for the Holidays


Soda Pop Miniatures has announced their December releases for their ever expanding world of Relic Knights.

Look Who’s Coming to Relic Knights in November!


November has some great new mini's for Relic Knights coming to your tables! Ninja Divisiona and Soda Pop Miniatures has pics of the cool new mini's heading your way.

Keep Your Cards Safe Playing Relic Knights Using Elite Dashboards


If you want to stop your cards getting damaged whenever you play Relic Knights you might fancy pre-ordering one of the new Elite Dashboards that Soda Pop Miniatures will soon be releasing.

October Offers Cool New Releases for Relic Knights!


If it's treats you want, then October has just what you need with the release of 4 awesome mini's for Relic Knights! Ninja Division has these goodies ready to hit the shelves on Oct. 16th!

Secret Weapon Grow Some Esper Crystals for Relic Knights


Secret Weapon have come out with a new range of Esper Crystals specifically for use in the game of Relic Knights.

The Relic Knights Gets Released Onto Soda Pop Miniatures


They're finally here, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division's game of card based anime style combat is finally released.

Unboxing The Relic Knights: Black Diamond Set & More!


Community member Wildchevy managed to get a look at some of the awesome miniatures coming out of Relic Knights! See what you think of his unboxing where he checks out the Black Diamond set and more!

Calamity Coming in July with Relic Knights!


Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing announce retail release of Relic Knights for July 2014.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Little Boosts Make A Big Difference


Need a little help in your games of Relic Knights? How about a boost? We're looking at them today with Ninja Division's John Candice.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Controlling Chaos, Dahon Be Gone!


In our Frontstage episode of Relic Knights Quest we caused some major devastation and now we're learning how to control it.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Defensive Cypher Tactics


Welcome Backstage to more Relic Knights Quest as John from Ninja Division talks about Defensive Cypher Tactics and how to use them effectively.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Denying Enemy Objectives


In this Backstage Show of Relic Knights Quest, I need to find out how I can defeat John and deny him any more objectives in this game!

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Objective Focus Over Combat


In our first Relic Knights Quest show, we chose our Deployment & Scenarios. In this Backstage show, we're going to show off some activation moves and see if our choices were wise, or a little silly.

Soda Pop Show Off A Big Mean Green Dragon!


A rather epic looking Dragon is making it's way into the world of Relic Knights thanks to the sculptors from Soda Pop. What do you think?

Soda Pop Ready Their Relic Knights Kickstarter Miniatures


Check out some of these work-in-progress models from Soda Pop's Relic Knights Kickstarter.

Soda Pop Preview Some Upcoming Minis For Relic Knights


Check out these new previews for Relic Knights by Soda Pop Miniatures.

Preview Miss Moffet For Soda Pop’s Relic Knights


Check out this new model preview from the world of Soda Pop Miniatures' Relic Knights.

Soda Pop’s Relic Knights Nears Completion


With only 10 days left to go on the Kickstarter campaign for Relic Knights I dedcided it was about time to take a look at some of minis this community funded project will be bringing us.

What’s the Latest News from Soda Pop Miniatures at Gen Con 2012


Adam speaks to Soda Pop Miniatures and asks about their recent success, amazing miniatures and future plans.

Soda Pop’s Relic Knights Heads to Kickstarter


Could the Relic Knights Kickstarter be the one for you?

Going for a Ride with the Relic Knights Hell’s Belles


Soda Pop have some more anime babes for you to ogle at.

Worthy Painting Take on the Soda Pop Miniatures Line


Worthy Painting become the prime painting partner for Soda Pop Miniatures

Soda Pop New Relic Knights And Reloading Super Dungeon Explore!


New Anime inspired models and a return to Super Dungeon Explore from Soda Pop Miniatures.

Prefect Relic Knights Limited Editions


Check out the brand new Limited Edition models for Relic Knights available from Cool Mini or Not.

Super Dungeon Explore & Relic Knights


John from Soda Pop Miniatures updates us on the progress of Super Dungeon Explore & Relic Nights.

Get Ready for the Noh Berserker!


Check out this piece of early concept art for the Noh Berserker for Relic Knights from Soda Pop Miniatures.

Box Contents from Soda Pop Miniatures


It's nearly time for Gen Con, so here's a sneak peak at the box contents for Super Dungeon Explore, plus a dodgy-looking shot of the cards for Relic Knights, which will preview at the show!

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