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Weekender XLBS: Star Wars: Armada Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!


Happy Sunday! As most of you know Salute 2015 is just around the corner and that means we're also organising something for you Backstagers!

Make Way For A Baron of Relics’ Ridend By Tor Gaming


The latest renders for Relics' new faction the Ridend have brought to us the leaders of this honourable medieval race. Leading from the front you can now find the Barons of Ridend.

Tor Gaming Preview Their Feudal Ridend In New Renders


Tor Gaming are working on a new faction of goblinoid miniatures named the Ridend who are getting ready to go medieval on the enemy's backside.

The Heavy Dragoons Reinforce Relics’ Britanans


The latest of the Relics January releases has been unveiled; Heavy Dragoons, the armoured elites of the Britanan puppet army.

You Cannot Run from Relics Rapid Reinforcements


Last month we saw a collection of silhouettes of some upcoming releases for Tor Gaming's rapidly growing fantasy game Relics. Now those silhouettes are beginning to be revealed, starting with new additions for the Nuem and Vaettir.

Tor Gaming Tantalise Us With Teasers for Relics


Tor Gaming have been celebrating these Christmas holidays with some intriguing new teasers for upcoming Relics releases.

The Nuem Ruina Stomps It’s Way Into Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming unleash something deadly and brutal into the world of Relics with the hulking Nuem Ruina!

Orcnar Dmoder & Scribbling Scribes For Relics!


See what's coming for both the Orcnar and the Mercenaries in the world of Relics by Tor Gaming.

Ride Out With Ridend Battle Dragons Of Tor Gaming’s Relics!


Tor Gaming show off some mighty battle dragons for the world of Relics and their new Ridend faction. I can't wait to see these turn into miniatures!

Tor Gaming Start the Fire With the Vaettir Sol


Tor Gaming have previewed two upcoming models that might just spark your interest, as the fiery Vaettir Sol come to Relics.

The Ridend Barons Of Tor Gaming’s Relics Don Their Armour!


Tor Gaming show off the gallant members of Ridend society with their selection of interesting Barons in full plate armour!

Check Out The New Ridend Faction For Tor Gaming’s Relics!


See what you think of these neat little additions to the world of Relics, the Ridend!

Will You Be Hiring Tor Gaming’s Banished Knight?


The Banished Knight for Tor Gaming's game Relics is beginning to take shape and we get our first glimpse of the model's sculpt.

Mercs Start Taking Jobs in Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have announced that they are planning a new range of miniatures for the world of Relics; Mercs!

Tor Gaming Keep Their Eye On the Relic Objective


Tor Gaming have recently announced that they will be bringing out a selection of stylised objective markers for the game of Relics.

Find Out Who Pulls the Strings in Relics


The factions of Relics are getting a selection of new commanders, including an actual Britanan human pulling the strings of the rest of the stitch punk army.

An Orcnar Nappa is Born at Tor Gaming


We have already seen the new additions coming for the Brittanans, Vaettir and Nuem in Relics, but now we see a true miracle of birth; the Orcnar Nappa.

Some Cute Little Puppet Attack Dogs Join Relic’s Britanans


A couple of new releases will soon be joining the world of Relics, including some new pets for the puppets of the Britanans.

Battle Box & Beyond: Relics Vaettir Faction


Time for the final faction From Relics by Tor Gaming. It's time to look at the Vaettir faction. I'll not lie, these elemental soldiers are tempting me quite a bit!

Painting A Relics Britanan Foot Soldier Part 4


Time for Romain to add the finishing touches to his little Britanan Foot Soldier. This little guy is just so creepy and cute now that he's all finished up. Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial!

Painting A Relics Britanan Foot Soldier Part 3


Time for part three of this great little tutorial. Romain now adds some more highlights to the miniature and gets stuck in on painting our little toy soldier's rifle!

Battle Box & Beyond: Relics Nuem Faction


Painting A Relics Britanan Foot Soldier Part 1


It seems our master painter has found a lost little Britanan Foot Soldier and, kind soul that he is, he's taken the fellow in and is giving him a nice little paint job.

Battle Box & Beyond: Relics – Orcnar Faction


Justin and Gav from Tor Gaming are back in the studio for another look at one of the factions for Relics. This time we meet the Orcnar!

Battlebox & Beyond: Relics Britanan Faction


Time to have a look at a different game for Battlebox & Beyond! Justin is joined by Gavin from Tor Gaming as they sit down and have a look at how you would go about expanding the Britanan faction for Relics.

Get Started In Relics With Two Player Starter Sets!


Take yourself and a friend into the world of Relics by Tor Gaming. Do you think you will pick up this two player bundle?

The Designer’s Studio: Talking Relics With Gav Moorcroft of Tor Gaming Part 2


Warren is back for part two of this Designer's tudio with Gav Moorcroft. The guys continue discussing their thoughts on the industry and have a general chinwag on what they love about our wonderful hobby.

The Designer’s Studio: Talking Relics With Gav Moorcroft of Tor Gaming Part 1


Warren is joined by game designer Gav Moorcroft from Tor Gaming to get an insight into the history behind Gav's love of gaming and how he got his break in the industry. Sorry guys video has been fixed!

Unboxing Ko Dali, The Nuem & The Convergence Battlebox


So guys its time for another week full of killer miniatures.

Download Tor Gaming’s Relic Wars 0.2 Now!


Tor Gaming have posted the Relic Wars 2.0 rules on their forums so you can now dive in and have a look at the changes that have been put in place.

A First Look At The Nuem Domini For Tor Gaming’s Relics!


Check out this semi-exclusive look at the new Nuem Domini for Tor Gaming's Relics. Does this meet with your seal of approval?

Tor Gaming Let Out Their Orcnar’s Feminine Side


Tor Gaming are showing off a WIP of a new addition to the Orcnar faction. To say that the Ealdmoder looks different to any other Orcnar model is something of an understatement.

Take A Closer Look At The Relics Rulebooks From Tor Gaming


Check out Tor Gaming's closer look at the rulebook for their game, Relics. It certainly is a good looking tome!

Tor Gaming Let the Dogs Out


Some greens have appeared for Tor Gaming 's game of Relics which promise some puppet puppies for the Britanans.

It’s Time for May Mayhem With New Relics Releases


Tor Gaming have published the images of some of the new models which will be appearing in the twisted fantasy world of Relics this May, with new goodies for everyone be they Britanan puppet or Orcnar monster.

View Tor Gaming’s World of Relics with this Awesome Artwork


Tor Gaming have been showing off some new artwork depicting epic skirmishes between the various factions of their game of stitchpunk carnage Relics.

Fantasy Football Is Filled With Puppets By Tor Gaming


Check out the re-emergence of the Relics: Armistice League with Tor Gaming. It's coming soon so watch out for it!

The Relics Reinforcements Come In Thick & Fast


What do you make of the recent progress Tor Gaming have made in their latest Kickstarter?

Tor Gaming Want Help Funding Relics Reinforcements


Another Kickstarter is on the horizon for the world of Relics by Tor Gaming...

Tor’s Britanan All Stars Stretch Their Goals


As you may have heard, Tor Gaming recently set up a Kickstarter campaign to create the first team in a new fantasy football game set in the world of Relics. Well now the first two stretch goals have been announced.

Take A Closer Look At The Relics: Armistice League Line-Up


Relics: Armistice League kicks off for another half with a look at some more miniatures from the team.

Tor Gaming’s Relics: Armistice League Fundraiser Kicks Off


The Relics: Armistice League Kickstarter has begun!

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