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Frank N Stine Join The Wrestling In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam


TTCombat gets some new personalities for Rumbleslam with a new set dropping this weekend. See what you make of the funky pairing that is Frank N Stine!

Wrestle With Rigor Mortis & A New Rumbleslam Team!


TTCombat has made available a new Rumbleslam team that you can use to wrestle your way through their awesome Fantasy game. This time, the theme is undead and the team are the Body Builders!

EP99 Video Edition: Mythic’s New Excuse’s Same Concerns


Unboxing & Reviewing Rumbleslam’s Porcelynn


Iconic Fantasy Wrestlers Join TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Range


TTCombat has fired up pre-orders for a new set of Fantasy wrestlers for use in their game, Rumbleslam. There are some super weird and wonderful miniatures for you to choose from that could change up your clashes in the ring. 

GT EP91: Gaming on the Go. [Audio Version]


Mechanical Wrestlers Clash In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon


If you like Dwarves and you enjoy the thought of making a mechanical wrestling team then you'll want to take a closer look at The Runic Thunder team who are quick as greased lightning! A solid new option for TTCombat's Rumbleslam!

EP88 Video Edition: Leagues, Sentinels & The Drunken Master


The Knights Of The Squared Circle Grace Rumbleslam Soon!


TTCombat is going to be getting incredibly flamboyant soon with the Knights Of The Squared Circle making their debut in the wrestling Fantasy world of Rumbleslam. See what you make of these awesome new 32mm miniatures.

Three New Wrestlers Approach The Ring For Rumbleslam


The puns do not stop here with three new announcements which are set to be going to the TTCombat store and retail soon. 

GT EP77 Video Edition: Bruce’s Second Solo Night


Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Special: Our Top 10 Games


Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Trailer: Tune in April 1st


Unboxing: Rumbleslam – Traffic James


EP71: Drop, Dungeons & Conquest [Podcast]


Getting Tabled Holiday Special 2021


Getting Tabled Holiday Special 2021: Audio Version


EP68 Video Edition: Ragnarok, Borderlands & Advent Calendars


Fighting Felines Sneak Into TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon


A selection of awesome fighting cats are on the way as part of TTCombat's Rumbleslam! The One Thousand And One Fights are a bunch of awesome Fantasy Felines that you'll be able to use to dominate the ring! 

GT EP68: Ragnarok, Borderlands & Advent Calendars [Audio/Podcast]




GT EP67: Bundles, turkey & hornet cavalry


Lewis Clarke Interview


The Triassic 5 Hit The Wrestling Ring In Rumbleslam!


Rumbleslam has always been a fun and quirky Fantasy game from the folks at TTCombat. It is going to be getting even more quirky with the addition of an entire team of dinosaurs this weekend! See what you make of the Triassic 5.

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

Try The New Dosh Grabbers Mode In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam


TTCombat are expanding on the gameplay options for you to enjoy when diving into Rumbleslam. Their 32mm Fantasy wrestling game is getting a new expansion this weekend called TLC - Tables, Ladders, Chests!

Quirky New Rumbleslam Wrestlers Hit The TTCombat Canvas


The strange Fantasy wrestling world of Rumbleslam from TTCombat is getting a whole bunch of new characters. If you're looking for a set of unique miniatures for a rather unique tabletop game then I reckon Rumbleslam might speak to you on some level!

TTCombat’s Siege Of The Smallfolk Kickstarter Now Live


TTCombat are back on Kickstarter to fund not one, not two, but three different armies as well as a wealth of new terrain and more. The Siege Of The Smallfolk campaign aims to get funding for these 28mm Fantasy miniatures and deliver them by November 2021.

New Teams & Star Wrestlers Coming To TTCombat’s Rumbleslam


TTCombat is dropping a bunch of new miniatures for their Fantasy wrestling game, Rumbleslam this weekend.

Get Your Rumbleslam On With TTCombat’s Three New Wrestlers


Some more Rumbleslam goodness is coming your way from the folks at TTCombat soon as they prepare to introduce three more wrestlers into the ring.

TTCombat Preview Exclusive Miniatures For Their Game Ranges


TTCombat has revealed four exclusive miniatures which are going to be available only from their webstore.

Get Ready To Rumbleslam Once More As TTCombat Hit The Ring


If you’re interested in diving in and playing out a bit of Fantasy fun on the tabletop which doesn’t involve massive armies or skirmishing warbands battling each other then maybe take a peek at the new releases for TTCombat’s Rumbleslam. 

TTCombat Look Ahead To Flashy New RumbleSlam Wrestlers


TTCombat has been showing off some of the models which are going to be arriving on the canvas in style for RumbleSlam.

TTCombat’s 2019 Rumbleslam & Carnevale Event Exclusives!


TTCombat is going to be attending a bunch of events this year including UK Games Expo this week and Origins soon after.

Arr, Thar Be A New Rumbleslam Superstarrrr


TTCombat have some new wrestlers stepping into the Rumbleslam ring, and have revealed a new WiP for an unmissable Superstar. Yar, it be a Dwarrf Blackbeard!

Let’s Play: Rumbleslam With TTCombat


Sam is joined by Lewis and Jason from TTCombat today to dive into the ring for some Rumbleslam.

Weekender: Forge World; Time To Go Mainstream?


We're talking with TTCombat about their plans for the future and their games plus wondering whether or not it's time for some of the Forge World range to move over into the mainstream!

TTCombat Throw Refs Into The Rumbleslam Ring This Month


TTCombat has previewed the set of new Referee models which will be coming to Rumbleslam on 12th October over on their webstore. 

TTCombat Drink Phoenix Fizz & Make Dropzone Commander Boards


TTCombat have a couple of new previews up to show some of the terrain they have been working on, including vending machines, and game boards for Dropzone Commander.

Carnevale’s Pulcinella Try Their Hand At Rumbleslam


The Carnevale Kickstarter has entered its final hours and as the clock ticks down TTCombat have revealed something a little different; a Carnevale / Rumbleslam crossover team!

Rumbleslam Hits The Webstore & The Mat From TTCombat


TTCombat has now added a whole bunch of Rumbleslam releases to their webstore for you to pick up. Not only is the core game now available to snap up but a rather fancy arena AND loads of teams too.

Let’s Play: Rumbleslam


Let's get ready to RUMBLE! We're taking on the Fantasy Wrestling world of Rumbleslam by TTCombat today in a Let's Play.

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