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Community Spotlight: Aliens, Sleepy Hollow & A Trip Under The Sea


We get a look at some speed painted Aliens miniatures, a trip to Sleepy Hollow and a dive under the sea to meet an eldritch master!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Games Are You Waiting To Play In 2021?


This week on Cult Of Games XLBS, we're joined by Free, Justin, Warren and Ben who are getting stuck into some hobby, what we have planned for the future and more.

Weekender: NEW Warhammer 40K Starter Sets; The Best Yet? + BIG Star Wars, Marvel Miniatures News!


We're checking out some Fantasy Football teams and more from Greebo Games PLUS a whole bunch of fantastic new miniatures for Star Wars, Marvel and Warhammer 40K fans too.

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!


We're chatting with Phalanx Games about their new Kickstarter project and diving into more from the tabletop world this week!

AntiMatter Preview Monstrous Sea Trolls From The Abyss


AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the previews for their new Kickstarter, Uncharted Realms Of The Abyss

Community Spotlight: Pubs, Dark Demons & Devout Kill Teams

3 years ago 12

Come and check out a nice warm pub, terrifying demons from the deep and a host of holy warriors from the grimdark future,.

AntiMatter Games Show Off Mighty Forest Giant From The Depths


AntiMatter Games has been previewing another of the 3D printable files that will be available in their upcoming Kickstarter.

The Mighty Thunder Lizard Stomps Into AntiMatter’s Lost World


AntiMatter Games has been teasing some upcoming dinosaurs for use in the world of ShadowSea.

DeepWars & ShadowSea Get New Starter Sets Soon


AntiMatter Games has revealed the finalised Starter Sets which will be coming to those who want to delve into both DeepWars and ShadowSea. 

AntiMatter Games Craft More DeepWars Heroes & Villains


AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the sculpting from their upcoming Two-Player Starter Set for DeepWars.

A Deadly Onigor Rises From The Depths For ShadowSea


AntiMatter Games have been showing off more of what's being added into the mix for ShadowSea and their latest preview is for the Onigor!

AntiMatter Release New Shadowsea Character Images


Avast, me hearties! Antimatter Games have released new images of their artwork and miniatures for the Shadowsea characters in the Grace Flynn Warband Starter Set. So weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen and cast your eye to these scurvy dogs!

AntiMatter Games’ Underwater Ancient Sentinel Comes To Life


Included as part of the new ShadowSea Starter Set from AntiMatter Games you might be able to get yourself one of these, the Ancient Sentinel. 

A Mighty Storm Dragon Takes Shape For AntiMatter Games’ ShadowSea


We saw the artwork for AntiMatter Games' mighty Storm Dragon not long ago but this monstrous creature is now becoming a reality as you'll see in this render.

Weekender: 40K KillTeam Commanders; Marvel Or Mistake?


Win Kill Team Commanders expansion sets and let us know if this is a step in the right (or wrong!) direction for Games Workshop.

Community Spotlight: Homemade Burrows, Stunning Conversions & Kitbashes + A Deep Sea Collection!


Converted armies, scratch built terrain and deep sea creatures come to life this week in our Community Spotlight.

AntiMatter Games Head Into The Stygian Depths With New Kickstarter


AntiMatter Games are currently running a new Kickstarter which will help fund their new campaign supplement for ShadowSea called The Stygian Depths: Lost Temple Of Xibalba. 

Vampires & Lizardy Witch Slayers; New ShadowSea Expansion Art


AntiMatter Games continue to reveal more artwork for their upcoming ShadowSea Two-Player Starter Set and a further expansion to the game, Grace Flynn - Tides Of Forever.

AntiMatter Games Preview Art For New ShadowSea Starter Set


AntiMatter Games has previewed some of the artwork for their upcoming ShadowSea Starter Set for two players.

AntiMatter Games Show Off Concept Art For Magnificent Storm Dragon


AntiMatter Games has shown off concept art for a model that I hope is going to be on the way for ShadowSea. Here we have the titanic Storm Dragon...

AntiMatter Games Release Four New ShadowSea Characters


AntiMatter Games has shown off four new character releases for the world of ShadowSea. The first of these is for the Order Of Yosoth...

AntiMatter Games Shows Off Menacing Schools Of Fish


Antimatter Games is not being fishy about their next release for DeepWars.

A Priest Of Yosoth Summons Creepy Creatures For ShadowSea


Meet the creepy Priest Of Yosoth From AntiMatter Games' ShadowSea!

Antimatter Announces Partnership With TerraCutter For Game Aids


Antimatter Games and Terracutter are teaming up to create some gaming aids for DeepWars and ShadowSea

Fantastic New Scatter Terrain From AntiMatter Games


Set the perfect fantasy scene with the new terrain extras from AntiMatter Games. Giant mushrooms, sporepods and crystal patches might be exactly what your table needs to add some character to your game.

Antimatter Games Sends Another Draconid Off For Casting


Antimatter Games has readied another member of the Draconid Legion for casting. Albaxus Flametongue is a serious fellow with flight, fire and a spear to bring to a fight.

Antimatter Games Shows Off The Details On WIP Kalath The Reaver


There's fearsome warriors charging into battle in the world underneath the sea. Antimatter Games is nearly finished with Kalath The Reaver, and the details on this draconid is truly stunning.

Antimatter Teams Up With Tarnished Studios For Video Game


The exciting universe of DeepWars and ShadowSea are coming to the video game platform! Antimatter Games is teaming up with Tarnished Studios to make this happen. Dawn & Gianna will try to catch up with Antimatter at Gen Con and see if they can get the scoop on this project.

Kalath The Reaver Brings Some Serious Stature To Rise Of The Draconids


Take a look at the gigantic new guy for Antimatter Games' Rise of the Draconids! Kalath The Reaver not only looks amazing, but towers over the 35mm miniatures in the game. Any dinosaur fan should grab this awesome piece when he becomes available!

A Draconid Scout Is Headed To Casting From Antimatter Games


Antimatter Games has a stunning Draconid Scout in the works that will be off for casting soon. This mini is 32mm from its feet to its eyes, which means when you consider his wings.... he's huge!

Painting Scaly Beasts Guide From Antimatter Games


Looking to delve into painting your Deep Wars or Shadow Sea miniatures? Antimatter Games has a new guide to Painting Scaly Beasts that is sure to help you on your way!

AntiMatter’s Draconid Legion Receives Its New Releases


AntiMatter Games have shipped out their Kickstarter Wave 1 pledges, so now the newest members of the mighty Draconid Legion are available on their webstore.

The Draconid Legion For ShadowSea is Getting A Scaly Burglar


The Draconid Legion of ShadowSea has a burglar lurking in the dark. Antimatter Games has previewed a lovely, scaly, new sculpt for the game with the Harlequin Burglar.

New Treasure Markers In The Making From Antimatter Games


Antimatter Games is working on a cool new treasure marker to add some sparkle to your Deepwars or Shadowsea game. Any adventurer would be glad to find gold and gems like this!

A Fearsome Dragon Cannon Is in the Way for ShadowSea


ShadowSea is getting some reinforcements by way of fearsome firepower. The Dragon Cannon looks to be effective as a weapon of force as well as in intimidation.

Two New Sculpts For the ShadowSea’s Draconids


Antimatter Games is hard at work on the sculpts for their Draconids for the game ShadowSea. They have released a glimpse at 2 of the pieces for their starter set, with the Ridgeback Lizardman Spine Breaker and Kathkusa the Draconid Sage.

Antimatter Games Releases New Miniatures for ShadowSea.


Antimatter Games releases new miniatures for ShadowSea. This game along with it's sister game DeepWars, have caught my attention. Why not dive in yourself and see what you think.

Draconids are Lurking in the Underground World of Shadow Sea


AntiMatter Games is ramping up to launch their new Kickstarter, additional miniatures for their Draconid Legion of ShadowSea. Any fan of dragons and lizards with love these additions.

New ShadowSea Faction Hits Kickstarter from Antimatter!


ShadowSea surfaces again on Kickstarter as Antimatter Games attempts to add to it's factions.

A Buggy Freebooter Gathers His Arms for ShadowSea


AntiMatter Games are currently working on the sculpt for an insectoid freebooter named Clal-Chk, a multi-limbed mini for ShadowSea who carries a variety of different weapons with him to battle.

AntiMatter’s Axibalan Empire Gets the Goat With Its Latest Sculpt


AntiMatter Games have put out the last sculpt for the Axibalan Empire from their ShadowSea Kickstarter, a large satyr-like warrior whose axe is only dwarfed by the size of his horns.

A Rampaging Rhino Joins the Axibalán Empire of ShadowSea


It's time to smash through a few gates as AntiMatter Games put the finishing touches on Hlotl Gate Smasher, the heavy hitter for the Axibalán Empire.

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