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Shattered Void


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Q&A Time! Talking Shattered Void With White Dragon Miniatures


We talk with Alan from White Dragon Miniatures about their spaceship dogfighting game, Shattered Void, which is currently on Kickstarter.

New Corvette Ships Coming To White Dragon’s Shattered Void


White Dragon Miniatures have been hitting more of their stretch goal targets for Shattered Void and the next one focuses towards adding the New Corvettes to their respective factions...

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Join us for a great Weekender with a great competition to win yourself a fantastic Shattered Void prize!

White Dragon’s Shattered Void Spaceships Reviewed!


Christian Schlumpberger reviews some of the ships available for White Dragon Miniatures' Shattered Void which is on Kickstarter now...

White Dragon Introduce A New Race To Shattered Void Kickstarter


A new race added to the mix, rules downloads and plenty of new ships are on the horizon for Shattered Void.

White Dragon’s Shattered Void Kickstarter Launches!


White Dragon Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with the launch of their Sci-Fi dogfighting game called Shattered Void.

White Dragon’s Shattered Void Kickstarter Coming Soon


White Dragon Miniatures have now revealed the start date for their Kickstarter for Shattered Void. Their dogfighting space ship game is going to be looking for fundraising from July 1st 2016!

Get A Primer For Shattered Void By White Dragon


White Dragon Miniatures have continued their updates for the Marine Tactical Unit Kickstarter in 15mm as well as an introduction for Shattered Void, their 3mm dogfighting space combat game coming soon too in the same universe...

White Dragon Revealed Superb Shattered Void Board At Salute


See what the ships looked like on White Dragon Miniatures' Shattered Void board at Salute 2015.

Exclusive Look At Proteus Mech & More Ships For Shattered Void!


Check out not only the awesome Proteus Battle Mech for 15mm scale but also a host of the new Troops and even Ships for the world of Shattered Void by White Dragon Miniatures.

White Dragon Bring New Shattered Void Rules To Salute 2015


See what you think of another little preview for Shattered Void and the news that White Dragon will be at Salute 2015!

White Dragon Defend Your Troops With An Armadilo


Another amazing piece of 3D sculpting work has popped up from White Dragon Miniatures and if their previous reveal is anything to go by this is going to be another great addition to their 15mm line-up.

White Dragon Show Off Shattered Void 15mm Troopers!


Some amazing looking 15mm miniatures have popped up before the launch of the Shattered Void Kickstarter by White Dragon Miniatures. What do you think?

White Dragon Tease A 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter This Year!


Check out some teasers for the coming of a Kickstarter later this year to help fund a range of 15mm Marines for the Shattered Void universe. Oh and some cool Print & Play information too!

Check Out Some Awesome Shattered Void Artwork!


Get into the pilot seat and check out the amazing artwork for Shattered Void by White Dragon Miniatures!

Check Out A Painted Ship For White Dragon’s Shattered Void!


Check out one of the painted up miniatures from White Dragon's new Sci-Fi project - Shattered Void!

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