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A Gang of Peasants Join Sphere Wars’ Cursed of Malakoy


A gang of undead peasants has risen to join the crew of Sphere Wars' Cursed of Malakoy.

Tis a Pirate’s Life for Sphere Wars’ Renegade Korsair


Yoho me hearties, there be a piratical mini making its way onto the high seas. This time another Renegade Korsair has sailed into the Sphere Wars webstore.

What Shall Sphere Wars Do With the Drunken Pirate?


A new Bukkaneer is getting ready to sail across the high seas of Sphere Wars. That is, of course, if he's sober enough to board the right ship.

Sphere Wars Scuttles Out a Lovely Lady Mantis


A little while back we saw a preview for a new mantis like creature appearing in Sphere Wars. Now that creation is scuttling forth and we have found out it's not a creature at all, it's a Mantis Lady called Yenay.

What Will Sphere Wars Do With the Drunken Pirate?


Over at Sphere Wars a new green has stumbled out onto the web, a piratical individual who may just have had a tad too much grog this morning.

Sphere Wars Gets a Bug Problem


A couple of new sculpts have appeared for the fantasy game Sphere Wars, not least of which is the awesome over-sized insect they have named Yenay.

Sphere Wars Sketches Out the Mighty Kurgan


A new sketch has appeared for an upcoming addition to the game Sphere Wars, a hulking brute of a fighter called Kurgan.

What is This Armoured Monster Stepping into Sphere Wars


A bunch of new renders and concept sketches have appeared for Sphere Wars, presenting us with our first views of the armoured might of Ratfuten!

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