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Star Trek Adventures



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Customise A Starfleet Ship In Star Trek Adventures Utopia Planitia


If you have considered putting time and effort into your own customised Starfleet ship, the Utopia Panitia Sourcebook has arrived for Star Trek Adventures!

Epic Star Trek Adventures Rules & Resources On Humble Bundle


Modiphius Entertainment is back to team up with Humble Bundle once again, bringing a whole host of Star Trek Adventures resources to your digital library.

Roleplay In The Discovery Era With Star Trek Adventures


Placing players in a new time period, centring around the first two seasons of the newest instalment to the Star Trek franchise.

Crew-Up With The Klingons In New Modiphius Mission


Modiphius have released a new 17-page digital adventure for Star Trek Adventures TTRPG.

Sourcebooks & More; Star Trek: Adventures On Humble Bundle!


Modiphius Entertainment has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring £191.78 worth of Star Trek Adventures RPG digital assets, for as little as £13.14!

Cult Of Games XLBS: No One Expects The Nostalgic Inqusition!


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS where nostalgia is taking hold and everything that was old is new again. We explore hobby passion projects and indulgent ideas!

Irregular Magazine Autumn Issue 2020


Irregular Magazine Winter 2018


Explore The Shackleton Expanse In Star Trek Adventures New Guide


The newest campaign guide for Star Trek Adventures is available to pre-order, taking players out to The Shakleton Expanse for players to explore the deep space in an RPG setting.

Seven New Products Beam Their Way Into Star Trek Adventures


Trekkies! We have an alert! Modiphius Entertainment has announced seven new products coming to Start Trek Adventures, the tabletop role-playing game. Including a very special Collector's Edition, Dice, Guides a new Campaign Setting and a Campaign Guide to take you there. It's time to set your Phasers to Stun, as these new products are going to knock your socks off! 

Fight Like A Klingon With Star Trek Adventures New Book


Star Trek Adventures has taken a walk on the wild side with the addition of a New Core Rulebook from Modiphius for those who want to embrace their brutal side and explore Klingon society. 

Adventure In The Delta Quadrant With Modiphius’ New Book


Modiphius are helping add to your Star Trek Adventures with a new sourcebook. The Delta Quadrant beckons with the new book now available for you to snap up from their webstore. 

Modiphius Take On More Star Trek Adventures In The Gamma Quadrant


Modiphius are heading into the Gamma Quadrant with another sourcebook now available for use alongside Star Trek Adventures.

Go Beyond & Find Strange New Worlds In Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius is taking you to Strange New Worlds with a new book for you to pick up in their Star Trek Adventures collection.

Weekender: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!


We're talking Super Fantasy Brawl with Mythic Games and Labyrinth roleplaying with River Horse!

Modiphius Collect Together Classic Star Trek Villains In New Set


Modiphius has been working on collecting together more of their miniatures into new sets with an emphasis on Star Trek this week.

Behind The Board Games: Chris Birch, Modiphius Entertainment


Sam talks with Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius Entertainment, about his experiences working as a games publisher, and what goes into working on titles like Star Trek, Fallout, or Elder Scrolls.

Join Starfleet With Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures Captain’s Bundle


Modiphius have announced that they are releasing a Star Trek Adventures Captain's Bundle, giving you all the rules and supplements you need to play your games as part of Starfleet. The bundle is made up of the core rulebook, as […]

Modiphius Announce Star Trek Adventures Starter Set


Modiphius are making it easier than ever to delve into their world of Star Trek Adventures with a new Starter Set which is on the horizon.

Red Alert! Skirmishing In Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius has plenty of awesome content out there for those role-playing in Star Trek Adventures. However, they have also put together the first look at their Red Alert Skirmish Rules.

Away Teams, Borg & New Sourcebooks Arrive For Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius have a whole host of new releases out for their Star Trek: Adventures role-playing game. As we're Beasts Of War let's start with the miniatures as we get a look at The Next Generation Away Team.

Modiphius Adding New Aliens & More To Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius are adding to the world of Star Trek: Adventures, their awesome role-playing game, with some new aliens on the horizon and some additional tilesets too.

Snap Up Modiphius’ Character Sheets For Famous Star Trek Characters


Modiphius have made available two packs of downloadable Character Sheets for you to use in Star Trek Adventures.

Modiphius Transport To The Deck Of A Star Trek Ship With New Tiles


If you're a big fan of the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius you might want to take a peek at these new Deck Tiles that have been added to their webstore this week.

Locutus Of Borg Added To Modiphius’ Star Trek RPG Collector’s Edition


Joining the rest of the content inside the huge Borg Cube Collector's Edition set for Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius has now shown off the model for Locutus Of Borg.

Boldly Go With Star Trek Adventures Missions By Modiphius


Modiphius are helping out those who are looking to take their first steps in Star Trek Adventures, their new RPG, with a series of missions collected together in These Are The Voyages.

Weekender: Resurrecting A Lost Space Marine Chapter


Come and join us as we're back in the studio for The Weekender! We have loads to get stuck into including our thoughts on UK Games Expo.

Engage! Modiphius Fire Up Pre-Orders For Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius has opened up pre-orders for you to start grabbing your Star Trek Adventures bits and bobs to begin role-playing and exploring in the vastness of space.

Exclusive Look At New Modiphius Star Trek Adventures RPG Miniatures!


Do you have what it takes to join Starfleet and boldly go where no man has gone before? Soon you will have your chance as Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures RPG drops this August.

Modiphius Bringing Star Trek & Fallout To UK Games Expo


Modiphius are going to be coming to the UK Games Expo this year and that means we get a peek at some of their upcoming projects.

Modiphius Start Up Living Playtest For Star Trek Adventures RPG


Modiphius is looking to begin their Living Playtest of the Star Trek: Adventures role-playing game. You can now head over to their website and join one of three crews.

Weekender XLBS: Terrific Train Terrain & Undercity; A Perfect Gateway Game?


Lloyd goes loco over locomotives and train track tabletops and we explore the ways you could turn the gateway game, The Undercity, into a 2.5D tabletop experience.

Modiphius Announces Their New Star Trek Adventures RPG


"Space, the final frontier," is closer now than it's been in many years, as Modiphius announced the development of their new Star Trek Adventures RPG. This iconic IP will allow gamers to boldly go on new voyages in the footsteps of some of their fan favorite captains and crews.

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