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Star Trek: Attack Wing



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WizKids have some new sets for you to take a look at for both Star Trek: Attack Wing and also their D&D Icons Of The Realm range as well.

Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83 – You Lived Long & Prospered Spock


Leonard Nimoy, the man who played the role of Spock on the original series of Star Trek, has died aged 83.

Attack Fighter Expansion for Star Trek: Attack Wing Coming Soon!


Set your phasers to stun and brace yourselves for more Start Trek: Attack Wing action in December! December brings a new Dominion 1st Wave Attack Fighters Expansion Pack!

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Adam Uses the Force to Make it So


Over at Tabletop Minions Adam has managed to hit 3000 subscribers and what has he decided to do on this momentous occasion? Why give us all a quick idea of his impressions of Star Trek Attack Wing compared with Star Wars X-Wing.

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Are you taking part in a tournament/league to win yourself a copy of Deep Space Nine? See what it looks like within!

Pilot the U.S.S. Equinox in Star Trek: Attack Wing


WizKids have previewed the next expansion for their game of Star Trek: Attack Wing. Get ready to explore the final frontier in the Nova Class ship U.S.S. Equinox.

LITKO Bring Tokens to the Final Frontier


LITKO, the makers of a wide range of gaming tokens suitable for all sorts of games are turning their talents to the world of Star Trek.

Keep Star Fleet Safe With Attack Wing Battle Foam


Keep Star Fleet safe in this new custom foam for your starter boxed set. If you're going on a long mission of discovery you're going to want to pick this up.

N.E.C.A Preview The Star Trek: Attack Wing Collection


Check out some of the information about the Star Trek: Attack Wing game from WizKids. What do you think of what's on offer from these guys?

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