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Strontium Dog



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Painted Previews Pop Up For Warlord Games’ Judge Dredd


Warlord Games has been showing off a few more painted previews of what you can expect when the Judge Dredd game hits tabletops later this year.

Warlord Games Show Off Stylish Judge Dredd Vignette


Warlord Games are going to be building on their 2000AD range beyond Strontium Dog later this year as they get stuck into Judge Dredd.

Behind The Board Games: Gav Thorpe


Gav Thorpe is one of the most prolific writers currently working in the tabletop gaming industry.

Mutants & Law Enforcer Hit The Strontium Dog Wastelands


Warlord Games has previewed two new sets of miniatures for use in Strontium Dog.

Warlord Games Preview The Kreelers For Strontium Dog


Warlord Games are also adding to another of their Sci-Fi worlds with Strontium Dog revealing The Kreelers who are coming soon.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Four – Past, Present & Future


We're back with Moji after a bit of a hiatus as he finishes off his series on 2000AD in its many guises; past, present and future!

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance, John and Ben as they go through this weeks' community projects to see what you have been up to in the world of hobby.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Three – The Warlord Games Era


Moji takes a look at the Warlord Games era for 2000AD on the tabletop with both Judge Dredd and the new Strontium Dog Miniatures Game

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben, John and Lance as they trawl through the community projects to see what you've been up to this week!

Alien Outlaws & Wasters Hit The Badlands In Strontium Dog


The world of Strontium Dog by Warlord Games groans at the seams with bad guys who need to be put away or eradicated by Johnny Alpha and Co.

Warlord Games Get Stuck Into A Strontium Dog Playthrough


Warlord Games has put together a playthrough of Strontium Dog.

Motley Goons & More Come To Warlord’s Strontium Dog


Warlord Games are looking towards a new array of Strontium Dog releases to help add more colourful characters to your post-apocalyptic comic adventures.

Strontium Dog Pre-Orders Now Live From Warlord Games


Warlord Games has now started taking pre-orders for the world of Strontium Dog with an awesome looking Starter Set at the head of it all.

Warlord’s Strontium Dog Trailer Welcomes You To The 22nd Century


Warlord Games have released a trailer for their upcoming skirmish game set in the world of the 2000AD comics; Strontium Dog!

Warlord Share More Strontium Dog Miniature Previews


Warlord Games has shared some more Strontium Dog Previews for their new miniature collection AND it looks like rules have dropped in their studio as well. 

Weekender: Wargaming Kursk & A Brand New Terrain Challenge!


We've got an interview looking at wargaming through Kursk AND the announcement of a new Terrain Challenge!

Warlord Begin Miniature Previews For Strontium Dog & 2000AD Line-Up


Warlord Games has now started their miniature previews for Strontium Dog and the exploration of the 2000AD worlds.

Warlord Tease The Coming Of Strontium Dog Later This Year


Warlord Games has been teasing the coming of the new 2000 AD game, Strontium Dog. Taking the concept of gang warfare and campaign-style play, you'll be able to start checking out the game later this year. 

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