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Super Dungeon Explore



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Soda Pop Traverse The Thundervale With New Huntress


Get exploring a more natural looking dungeon with the previews of Forgotten King coming in for Super Dungeon Explore.

Ready a Weed Whacker for this Super Dungeon Explore Enemy


Soda Pop Miniatures have been growing a new enemy for your adventurers to face in the board game Super Dungeon Explore. It may be chibbi and cute, but the Kodama Mook is no ordinary garden pest.

More Cute Adventurers Delve into Super Dungeon Explore


Super Dungeon Explorer, Soda Pop's game of ridiculously cute chibbi dungeon delving, is a getting a couple of new characters the previews of which have just appeared online.

Continuing Your Super Dungeon Exploring in Von Drakk Manor


Soda Pop Miniatures are expanding their popular chibi fantasy board game of Super Dungeon Explorer with the new Von Drakk Manor set.

Save 25% on the excellent Super Dungeon Explore


Above is a vouchure code that will save you 25% on Super Dungeon Explore over at Wayland Games. So that's a whopping £18.75 you could use to treat yourself to something extra! Here's a taste of what's in the box: 52 highly […]

What’s the Latest News from Soda Pop Miniatures at Gen Con 2012


Adam speaks to Soda Pop Miniatures and asks about their recent success, amazing miniatures and future plans.

Soda Pop Take a Fiery Expansion to Gen Con 2012


Soda Pop Miniatures drag Caverns of Roxor off to Gen Con!

Worthy Painting Take on the Soda Pop Miniatures Line


Worthy Painting become the prime painting partner for Soda Pop Miniatures

Soda Pop New Relic Knights And Reloading Super Dungeon Explore!


New Anime inspired models and a return to Super Dungeon Explore from Soda Pop Miniatures.

Battle Foam release Super Dungeon Explore Set


If you've just got your hands on the sensational Super Dungeon Explore, then check out the new foam box inset to hold all your precious parts... new from Battle Foam!

Super News for Super Dungeon Explore!


OK... so it's been stuck on the "slow boat from China" for a while now... but check out some of the cool new concepts for Super Dungeon Explore that will be on the way soon!

Super Dungeon Explore Pre-Orders are Finally Here!


After all that anticipation, waiting an worrying, Soda Pop Miniatures have finally announced the pre-order for Super Dungeon Explore is live!

Exploring the Super Dungeon!


An awesome look at the contents of Super Dungeon Explore with some amazing images snapped by Adam from Gen Con.

Super Dungeon Explore & Relic Knights


John from Soda Pop Miniatures updates us on the progress of Super Dungeon Explore & Relic Nights.

Box Contents from Soda Pop Miniatures


It's nearly time for Gen Con, so here's a sneak peak at the box contents for Super Dungeon Explore, plus a dodgy-looking shot of the cards for Relic Knights, which will preview at the show!

Soda Pop New Dungeon Explorer Dragon


Soda Pop have put up new pictures on of their dragon for Super Dungeon Explore.

New Concept Art for Relic Knights


Here's the latest concept art to come out of Soda Pop Miniatures... this time its Zineda & Spite!

Candy & Cola for Super Dungeon Explore


Check out the limited edition model that will be available for Super Dungeon Explore at GenCon... Candy & Cola.

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