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Tercio Creativo Re-Release Some Classic Sculpt


Tercio Creativo is re-releasing some classic sculpts from their 1650 collection.

Characters From Rogues & Cults Sculpted Up By Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo has now finished off two characters for their 1650 world. We first have Chaseur who has been created for the Gaul Vanguard.

A Lethal Gaul Chaseur Arrives From Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo has finished the final pawn/minion for the Gaul Vanguard in 1650. Here we have the Gaul Chaseur with axe and hand crossbow at the ready.

Fight Alongside Pasqual Le Mort In Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo shared another preview of what's on the way for the Gaul Vanguard in their 1650 game. Here we have Pasqual Le Mort.

Tercio Creative Hire Out A Pair Of Mercenaries


Tercio Creativo have new miniatures coming out this July and have previewed what promises to be quite a piratical pair.

Tercio Creativo Create A Mythic Model For Iberian Myths


Tercio Creativo have finished the first model of what they are calling a "recurrent myth" for the new faction of Iberian Myths.

The Ordo Calamitas Shuffle Into Tercio Creativo 1650 Soon


A new crop of models from the Dies Irae fundraiser will soon be available in June from Tercio Creativo. Here we have the Ordo Calamitas for the New Order...

Weekender XLBS: Planning Mega SAGA Battles & Tanks Galore


The Old Regime Return To The Fighting In Tercio Creativo 1650


Tercio Creativo welcomes new soldiers with an old style to them for their 1650 world. The Old Regime are settling in for a right ol' scuffle of their own or maybe alongside the Guard of Ysbilia: Domini Canis.

Tercio Creativo Returns With The Gaul Vanguard


It has been a while since we heard anything from Tercio Creativo but they are now back with a vengeance to add to their 1650 range with the Gaul Vanguard collection.

Tercio Creativo Relaunching Xtraidos IndieGoGo Soon


There were a couple of teething problems with the first Xtraidos IndieGoGo Campaign by Tercio Creativo but they are planning to bring it back shortly where you could pick up models like these.

Virstus Comes To Life For Tercio Creativo’s Xtraidos


Virstus is another of the characters coming to life for Tercio Creativo's new project called Xtraidos. A note about the model below firstly however. While it might look a bit odd pose wise that's because it hasn't been properly positioned yet but you'll get an idea of how the sculpt will look when finished.

Tercio Creativo Finish Up A Production Sample For Xtraidos


Check out one of the fantastic production sculpts from Tercio Creativo showing off what they can do with their Xtraidos range.

Tercio Creativo Show Off First Painted Xtraidos Miniatures


See what you think of some new models from Tercio Creativo for an interesting new game based on their 1650 system. Xtraidos has some awesome miniatures!

The Dashing Gaul Seignor Takes Shape From Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo are back again with another awesome looking miniature. See what you think of the Seignor in his current state with a painted version coming soon!

The Knight & His Faithful Piglet Painted For Tercio Creativo


The religious Knight and his little helpful friend are wandering around the world of Tercio Creativo!

Frederick Willem Shows His Colours At Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo have given their miniature Frederick Willem a fantastic paint job, along side his deadly canon.

Tercio Creativo Hang Out With The Wizened Old Bruja


See what kind of spells you can weave with the new Bruja miniature coming out of Tercio Creativo. I think she's quite the masterful sculpt!

Gloriously Painted Engrossed Lurch From Tercio Creativo


Delve into the world of the Engrossed with two more painted miniatures from Tercio Creativo.

The Dead Looking Engrossed From Tercio Creativo


Another awesome miniature comes to the fore thanks to Tercio Creativo. I need to get my hands on some of these!

Grim Knights & Swashbuckling Rogues From Terco Creativo


Some more excellent miniatures from Tercio Creativo for you to check out! The awesome Plaque has my vote as the best of the pair for his axe/blunderbuss hybrid!

Tercio Creativo Are Almost Finished with Frederick Willem


Amid the selection of greens we recently saw from Tercio Creativo was one Frederick Willem, who now is almost finished and ready to be cast up.

Things are Looking Green at Tercio Creativo


The great sculptors of Tercio Creativo are at it again as they show off a bunch of new minis they are currently working on.

Go Hunting With Tercio Creativo’s Painted Bernardo


Tercio Creativo shows off another awesome model for their world of mixed history and fantasy. What do you think of Brother Bernardo?

Stay Away From The Gaze Of Tercio’s Engrossed Priest


What do you think of this eerie priest that has stalked into the world of Tercio Creativo?

Tercio Creativo Unveil Their Prototype Armoured Carriage


Tercio Creativo are continuing work on their cool Dies Irae minis and have just unveiled the first test copy of their armoured carriage. The only way to travel.

Tercio Creativo’s Dies Irae Enters It’s Final Days


As Dies Irae moves into it's final few days will you be pledging? If you were in doubt check out some of the newest additions to their line-up both painted and unpainted.

Funding Met & Many Models For Tercio Creativo 1650!


Some more goodies have arrived from the world of Tercio Creativo!

Confess Your Sins to Tercio Creativo’s Engrossed Priest


More and more previews keep appearing on the Indiegogo for Tercio Creativo's expansion Dies Irae. This latest one should be enough to scare anyone into attending confession.

Have a Cow Over Tercio Creativo’s Wraith of Dunas Rojas


Tercio Creativo's Indiegogo is going strong and with great sculpts being shown off like this latest one it is easy to see why we hope it succeeds.

Roll Out The Armoured Wagon For Tercio Creativo: Dies Irae!


Tercio Creativo's recent IndieGoGo campaign is going very well indeed as they have passed the half way mark. See what you think of these added rewards.

Whispers & Subtle Knives From Tercio Creativo Dies Irae


Will you be passing around deadly notes with the Informer from Tercio Creativo?

A Swashbuckler & A Damsel For Tercio Creativo’s Dies Irae


Tercio Creativo have run from the sculpting table with two new miniatures for their Dies Irae campaign on IndieGoGo.

Raise Your Garde For Tercio Creativo & Dies Irae!


Tercio Creativo are back with an expansion for their game and they hope to bring it to you through the power of IndieGoGo!

Tyrion Makes An Appearance In Tercio Creativo: 1650?


Check out another superb looking sculpt and paint job from the folks over at Tercio Creativo. Will this half-man be part of your collection?

Tercio Creativo Show Off 50mm of Bad Attitude


Tercio Creativo are continuing to work on their recently announced board game Dies Irrae and to just to peak our interest they have shown off a WIP for one of the miniatures.

Mount Up With New Miniatures For Tercio Creativo


Check out two new fantastic looking miniatures from the folks at Tercio Creativo!

See More Dashing Swordsmen From Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo have a double whammy when it comes to swashbuckling warriors today. See what you think of these two personalities from Spain.

Hold The Line With Tercio Creativo’s Painted Quinto


Tercio Creativo shows off another fantastic painted miniature, and one that I imagine most of you will be picking up.

A Whole Host Of Tercio Creativo: 1650 On The Tabletop Soon


Check out the whole host of miniatures making their way to a Tercio Creativo tabletop soon.

A Gentlemanly Figure Steps Out of Tercio Creativo


A new mini is preparing to step out from Tercio Creativo's historical range of minis. This one is a true gentleman.

Volatinero Makes An Acrobatic Entrance Into Tercio Creativo


Tercio Creativo show off another acrobatic entry to the team. See what you think of the knife wielding assassin within.

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