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The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game



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The Gundabad Berserkers Howl Into Battle For The Hobbit


Dragged up from the depths of Gundabad, Forge World are going to be bolstering the forces of Bolg on the battlefield with their Gundabad Berserkers.

Battleforces Hit For Age Of Sigmar & Warhammer 40,000 Plus Hobbit Terrain!


The worlds of Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 are a little more welcoming this week as pre-orders popped up for the new Battleforce Boxed Sets from Games Workshop plus some Middle-Earth terrain!

Games Workshop’s The Hobbit: There and Back Again Up For Pre-Order


Games Workshop has up for pre-order the next volume in The Hobbit Strategy Battle game.

The SBG Magazine Team Put Together A Hobbity Black Friday Gift


Since it's Black Friday the SBG Magazine team are offering you a chance to pick up all of the issues they've created so far set in the fantastical realm of Middle-Earth.

Forge World Offer Up Pre-Orders For Iron Hills Dwarves!


The Hobbit Trilogy section of the Forge World webstore is now open for business and it brings with it a whole host of angry Iron Dwarves led by Dain Ironfoot!

Weekender XLBS: The Origins Of 4Ground & Cel-Shading Your Minis!


Forge World’s Dain Ironfoot & The Iron Hills Dwarves Available First At Ardacon


Forge World are going to be at the first Ardacon, celebrating Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit on the tabletop, which is to be held in Manchester from the 21st to the 23rd of October.

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up – What’s Ahead?


We continue to catch Warren up on the world of wargaming AND delve into some deeper thoughts and background on Warhammer Fest and what's coming soon from Games Workshop...

Take A Closer Look At The Latest Hobbit SBG Issue


Take a look inside the latest issue for SBG Magazine which is your window into the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Next Issue Of The Hobbit SBG Magazine On The Way Soon


The minds behind the entirely fan made SBG Magazine have shown off the new cover for the latest issue. This time they're going to be taking us on a journey into the depths of Mirkwood to fight the Necromancer in Dol Guldur...

Weekender: Star Trek Ascendancy Interview And Exploring The Mysteries Of Mythos


Welcome to The Weekender where we have some fantastic guests to talk with today from Paranoid Miniatures and Gale Force Nine. We'll be chatting Mythos and Star Trek: Ascendancy!

Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit News Comes Out Of Throne Of Skulls


At Throne of Skulls over the weekend it appears some news has dropped on the future of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with Games Workshop.

Go On A Middle-Earth Adventure At ArdaCon This October


Hot Gates Gaming have set up what could well be the biggest independent Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game and The Hobbit tournament/event yet.

GBHL Pit Dunland Vs Rohan In An Epic 1000pt Battle


We don't normally feature battle reports in the news but this one is well worth checking out because it's not only from a neat Youtube channel keeping Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit alive but also it's bloomin' cool!

Weekender XLBS: The Ben-isode – Lord of the Rings, Age Of Sigmar & More


We're here with an early morning surprise XLBS! So, with that in mind - Happy Sunday! Warning we do touch on a topic of a more adult nature during this (Aspects of Game of Thrones), that may be less suitable for younger viewers.

Ridgeback Miniatures Sculpt Up Their Own Hog Riding Dwarf King


Over on the Great British Hobbit League Facebook Group one of the main presenters of the show, Jamie Giblin, bought this rather awesome take a familiar Dwarf King from The Hobbit to my attention. He's based on a certain movie that came out...

The GBHL Team Put Together Lord Of The Rings Themed SBG Issue #2


Two members of the GBHL Podcast team have done it once again. The second issue of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit themed magazine SBG is now out!

Du Bekar! The Hobbit SBG Issue #2 Coming Soon


I'm very excited to get my peepers around a new issue of SBG from GBHL members Damian and Tom. It will be previewed at Desolation of Stockport and then be available online soon after.

The White Council & Eagles (+ Radagast) Are Coming!


The Eagles are coming and The White Council is kicking butt in Dol Guldur with this latest set of releases for The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop.

The White Council & Radagast On Eagle Spotted For The Hobbit


The full previews/leaks have popped up for The Hobbit showing off Radagast the Brown on his Great Eagle and The White Council in their full on Dol Guldur garb.

New Necrons Spotted On The Horizon For Warhammer 40,000!


Necrons are coming back and in a very deadly way. The new Codex has been sighted online followed by a new Overlord and hopefully much more. New Hobbit stuff popped up too!

Don’t Want To Buy Smaug? Make One Yourself!


See how this DIY Smaug for The Hobbit is looking from the hands of Raphael John Thomas!

Explore the Hidden Pass with The Gate of Erebor Diorama!


You may want to save your Christmas money and put it towards this stunning diorama for the LOTR/Hobbit miniatures! Be sure to check out Arkandy's gallery on CoolMiniOrNot's website for more of this gorgeous work.

New Hobbit SBG Pre-Orders For Bard, Bolg & Azog


See what Games Workshop have to offer for The Hobbit as they release Bard, Bolg and Azog for The Battle of the Five Armies which is in cinemas today!

Bard, Bolg & Azog + New Hobbit Book Leaked


With the movie out on Friday there will be some additional extras for The Hobbit on the tabletop too. See what you think of Bard, Azog, Bolg and a quick look at the rules supplement.

Mighty Smaug The Golden Awakens For The Hobbit!


The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game sees its biggest model yet with the mighty Smaug the Golden descending on their webstore alongside a few other hapless foes. Oh and Bard; Bard is there too...

An Awesome Look At The Mighty Smaug For The Hobbit!


See what you think of this more detailed look at the mighty Smaug coming your way for The Hobbit by Games Workshop. A fairly impressive looking piece I think you'll agree...

Upcoming Smaug For Games Workshop’s Hobbit Line-Up Leaks!


See what you think of Smaug in this rather dark snapshot from the newest issue of White Dwarf. A rather stunning sculpt from what we can see.

Base Changes & Smaug Coming Soon For Games Workshop!


So the bases for all your powered armoured super soldiers are going to be changing it seems thanks to Games Workshop! Oh and that Smaug miniature we talked about a month or so ago, it's coming soon.

More Dwarven Hobbit Pre-Orders Hit The Games Workshop Site


We take a look at the latest from Thorin's Company when it comes to the Battle of the Five Armies and while the sculpts are of top quality it's the price tag once again warding potential hobbyist from even approaching this game.

Elves Take Over Games Workshop’s The Hobbit SBG!


A tidal wave of Finecast hits the webstore for Games Workshop as they reveal their Mirkwood Elves for The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. A perfect time to get back into the game? Not if GW has anything to do with it...

White Dwarf Leak! End Times & Hobbit Coming Soon! [Update!]


Malekith rides to war once more atop a massive old school dragon in the face of another End Times epic from Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy while The Hobbit gets a new batch of good looking Elven additions!

Smaug The Terrible Pre-Orders Up From Weta Workshop!


Fancy bagging yourself a mighty version of Smaug the Terrible from Weta Workshop? Well, if so look inside and see what you think of this particular mighty drake.

The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game – What Will We Be Getting?


So with the main trailer out I thought I'd take over Friday once again with another article focusing in on The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game! This time I'll be trying to work out what we WILL be getting from Games Workshop for the tabletop and also wishlisting what I WANT to see!

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies Trailer Arrives!


Check out the big main trailer for the final film in The Hobbit trilogy that marks the end of a huge journey for all involved and fans alike! Are you going to be heading to the cinema in December to watch the clash of Dwarves, Elves, Men, Bats, Goblins and more!?

A Guide To Making A Perfect Lord Of The Rings Tabletop!


I've talked about getting back into The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and getting the miniatures is proving easy. It's the tabletop I want to work on now! Here's my handy guide to getting yourself some awesome Middle-Earth style terrain.

New Hobbit Film DVD Out Soon & Trailer On The Horizon?


With posters and more coming out for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies the trailer can't be far away. What are you most looking forward to with the final movie?

Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit SBG – The Best Way To Play?


Now I've been delving deeper into The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game I've been pondering on the best way to actually approach playing the game. Is the best direction through scenario or points based play?

Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings SBG Fanzine Launches!


We all love a bit of community spirit and this recent looking amazing fanzine from two members of the GBHL Podcast team, Damian and Tom, certainly appears as if it could revitalise the Middle-Earth side of Games Workshop's hobby!

A Mighty Smaug Action Figure Swoops In From Warner Bros


With Games Workshop not making a massive version of Smaug maybe it's time for you to pick up the dragon from elsewhere? See what you think of this version from Warner Bros!

Ares Games’ Battle Of Five Armies Board Game At Gen Con!


If you've been waiting patiently for The Battle of Five Armies from Ares Games then there isn't long to wait. It will be coming to Gen Con!

Desolation Of Smaug Extended Edition Coming November 3rd


Dive into 25 additional minutes of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug when the extended edition comes out this year in November.

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