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The World Of Twilight


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Sail Down The Rivers Of Anyaral In The World Of Twilight


The World Of Twilight is enjoying another fun Kickstarter project by it's creator, Mike Thorp. This time around, his unique Fantasy world filled with stunning miniatures will be taking a trip down The Rivers Of Anyaral. 

Twilight & Anyaral’s Kedashi Swarms Miniatures Hit Kickstarter


The World Of Twilight and Anyaral are back on Kickstarter as they seek to produce more miniatures for the various factions of their Fantasy world. The Kedashi Swarms are the newest miniatures part of a short campaign!

Travel With The Civilians Of Lanakar in New Twilight Kickstarter


Twilight and The World Of Anyaral is on Kickstarter with a small campaign right now as they look to fund a set of characters which would have been released at Salute this year.

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