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Let’s Play: Triumph By PHALANX Games

6 months ago 1

We dive into a new Let's Play of PHALANX Games' latest strategic board game, Triumph. In this eurogame, you take control of one of Rome's great families and see if you can plot and backstab your way to the top and become ruler.

Lead Rome To Greatness On 30th January In PHALANX’s Triumph!


PHALANX are closing in on their Kickstarter for Triumph, a new board game of dominance, intrigue and subtle cooperation set against the backdrop of the Roman empire and the fight for power. 

PHALANX Shape The Roman Empire Next Year With TRIUMPH


PHALANX Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter next year with a new board game about reshaping the Roman Empire and Rome itself as you strive to become the first Emperor. Will you be checking out TRIUMPH?

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