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Adventure In Cubicle 7’s New Victoriana 5E Roleplaying Game


Cubicle 7 are now on Kickstarter with their roleplaying game, Victoriana. Head to the cobbled streets of 1887 London and take on the role of Irregulars as you investigate the strange and the dangerous during a time of revolution.

Meet The New Lineages Of Cubicle 7’s Victoriana 5E RPG


Cubicle 7 has been showing off some of the artwork for the different Lineages that you'll get to play as in their upcoming 5th Edition version of Victoriana. 

Cubicle 7 Prepare TWO Free Adventures For Free RPG Day


Cubicle 7 is preparing for Free RPG Day which lands on 16th October this year. Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound and Victoriana will feature with adventures being available to pick up from participating stores around the world. 

What Is Victoriana? Sorcery & Steampunk Roleplaying In 5th Edition | Cubicle 7 Interview


We dive into another Cubicle 7 Interview as we find out What Is Victoriana? Delve into a world of sorcery and steampunk roleplaying using the mechanics of 5th Edition D&D.

Cubicle 7 Detail More On Upcoming Victoriana 5e RPG


Cubicle 7 has followed up on their announcement for their upcoming Victoriana RPG with a few more details as to what will be included within the new Player's Guide. We also got to see a wonderful new cover by Antonio De Luca!

Cubicle 7 Revisiting Victoriana RPG Using 5th Edition


Cubicle 7 are going to be revisiting a roleplaying game that they produced back way back in the annuls of time (well, for tabletop gaming anyway). Victoriana is returning to the tabletop with a 5th Edition version later this year. 

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