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War of the Ring 2nd Edition



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Ares Games Offer Up New War Of The Ring Board Game Accessories


Ares Games has been talking about some new board game accessories that are on the way for those enjoying War Of The Ring: Second Edition. The first of these accessories could be one that everyone picks up, the Deluxe Game Mat.

Ares Announce Kings Of Middle-earth For War Of The Ring


Ares Games has announced a new expansion coming to their rather immense War Of The Ring board game series. Kings Of Middle-earth will add more mighty heroes into the mix for both the forces of good and evil.

Ryan’s Christmas Wishlist


Bah humbug.

Grab The War Of The Ring Anniversary Book, Guide & Board


Ares Games are continuing to take pre-orders for some of the components within the Anniversary Edition Of War Of The Ring 2nd Edition. See what you make of the Game Book, Guide & Board.

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