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Get A Peek & Prepare For Warcrow Adventures From Corvus Belli!


Corvus Belli has shown off a quick teaser trailer to get you excited for the coming of Warcrow Adventures, their upcoming Fantasy dungeon-crawling board game!

Corvus Belli Unboxing First Look Copy Of Warcrow Adventures!


Hoopoe of Corvus Belli is back with another Whispers Of Lindwurm video. This one is a little different though as instead of diving into the background and lore of Corvus Belli's new Fantasy world, they are doing an unboxing of the demo copy of Warcrow Adventures.

Meet The Hegemony Of Embersig & A Wizard Of Warcrow!


The world of Warcrow expands even more with another preview from Corvus Belli as part of the Whispers Of Lindwurm. This time around, our intrepid traveller Hoopoe visits The Hegemony Of Embersig and meets one of their powerful wizards.

Learn Of The Scions Of Yaldabaoth In Warcrow Adventures!


The latest of the Whispers Of Lindwurm videos from the folks at Corvus Belli and Hoopoe talks about the coming of The Scions Of Yaldabaoth and The Marked in Warcrow!

First Warcrow Mini Announced – Fantasy Dwarves Incoming!


The first miniature has been showcased over on Corvus Belli's Facebook, highlighting the first model to join Warcrow.

Warcrow: Whispers Of Lindwurm Talks Fantasy Nations & Magic


Following on from the first episode of Whispers Of Lindwurm, Hoopoe from Corvus Belli is here with a brand new video looking at the magic from the world of Warcrow (their new Fantasy universe) and also the nations you'll be able to play as.

GT EP77 Video Edition: Bruce’s Second Solo Night


Corvus Belli Start Teasing Warcrow Info With Whispers Of Lindwurm!


Corvus Belli has begun teasing more information about their upcoming Fantasy universe of Warcrow. Hoopoe, a new brand ambassador for Corvus Belli, has started her series called Whispers Of Lindwurm which starts to delve into the background of the world and more.

Corvus Belli Sneak In More Shadowy Teasers For Warcrow


Warcrow was announced by Corvus Belli recently and so now we're starting to see more teasers popping up for the game. This isn't the biggest teaser but it offers up a little sneaky peek at what's coming.

[Studio Update] AdeptiCon 2022 Corvus Belli Seminar


Come and dive into one more video from Corvus Belli to cap off Infinity Raveneye Week. Here, Carlos goes through a big update on everything new for Infinity AND beyond.

Corvus Belli Announces New Fantasy Game Series – Warcrow!


Today, Corvus Belli released a teaser trailer showing players a little sneak peak to what to expect from the classic fantasy world.  Are you ready for Warcrow?

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