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A Midnight Heist – Wolsung Battle Report Triad VS Ven Rier ... 15 UPDATES!

6 years ago 14

Join us as we have a scuffle in the Warehouse District of Lyonesse in the world of Wolsung. Who will get away with the all important plans?

Wolsung Unboxing: Triad Of The Lotus Dragon


Join us today as we are Unboxing the mysterious Triad Of The Lotus Dragon for the steampunk world of Wolsung.

Wolsung Stratagems: Playing With Your Toy Henchmen


It's about time we got some mechanical toys on the table, and that's exactly what we have planned for this episode of Wolsung Stratagems.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Using Undead Minions


The Ven Rier Zombies are a fearsome team, and when ganged up, it's going to be a rotten embrace!

Weekender: Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game


We announced winners for Shattered Void and Infinity Week as well as diving into our ideas for Scatter Terrain and the Hobby Lab Open Challenge!

P-VLOG: Wolsung SSG Gigantic Golem – From Parts To Painted


Join us as we follow John building and painting the fantastic Gigantic Golem from Micro Art Studios for Wolsung SSG.

Wolsung – Sir Henry Bucklepunch & Lady Dorothy Quimby Unboxing


Bucklepunch, at your discretion, Sir. It's a rather frightful day, this rain is horrible and my Lady Dorothy is late to pick me up, could you be a dear and pass me that umbrella, nevermind... I'll just reach for it myself *boing*

Wolsung SSG Hero Creator App Goes Live


Micro Art Studio has released the beta version of their Hero Creator App, come check it out for yourself.

Wolsung Stratagems: Straight To The Punch!


Today I'm going to be playing the Ash and Oak class, up against Lukazs' terrifying Inventors club.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Running Circles Around The Enemy


I may have also got Sir Henry Bucklepunch in a bit of a sticky situation as well.

Lyonesse Is Burning Down! Wolsung SSG Battle Report – Inventors Club Vs Ven Rier Agents


It's Lance's first game of Wolsung SSG playing as the Ven Rier and he's facing off against Justin who is taking control of the Inventor's Club.

Weekender: Telling Tales With Rory’s Story Cubes


We sit down and tell tales with Rory's Story Cubes and show off new terrain for your gaming table!

New Fantastic Characters Appear In The World Of Wolsung


These Wolsung SSG Steampunk characters are wonderfully diverse and we're kicking things off with the spiffing Arthur Baskerville...

Unboxing: Arthur Baskerville & The Hound of Baskerville


Elementary, my dear Watson, Micro Art Studio surprise us again with their beautiful literary inspired models for Wolsung.

Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys


Join us for another Saturday or positive discussion, a leap into the world of wargaming news and an interview with Nomad Games on their new Talisman game...

Wolsung Stratagems: Drive by Shootings with Vehicles


Welcome to a new Season of Wolsung Stratagems, we're starting off with a bang, or should I say with a ready, steady, go!

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: An Explosive End to Vehicles


We see just how brutally strong the Ogre Bruisers can be in your games of Wolsung!

Unboxing: Wolsung – Cook & Kitchen Boy


Welcome back for another edition of Ready Stea... no wait, wrong show. However, today we're stepping into the kitchen and seeing what's on the menu for Wolsung!

Unboxing: Wolsung – RSM Courier Steammobile


Today I have a special vehicle to roll onto the table; the RSM Courier Steammobile from Micro Art Studio.

Unboxing: Wolsung – Biocognitive Golem & Luigi Campari


Hey guys, it's time for some Wolsung. That's right, we're looking at the Inventors Club today, more specifically the Biocognitive Golem and Luigi Campari from Micro Art Studio.

Unboxing: Wolsung SSG – Inventors Club Starter Set


Are you ready for some wild alchemy? How about a mechanical butler for your essential needs? This week we're unboxing the amazing Inventors Club from Micro Art Studio.

Weekender XLBS: Next Halo Space Game Revealed, More Tanks Info & Mega Terrain Chat


Unboxing: Wolsung – Ash & Oak


Hey guys we're back again for another week of unboxings. Today's episode we're opening up the Ash & Oak Starter Set for Wolsung from Micro Art Studio.

Weekender: Infinity In 2016 & Organised Play


We've got another great Weekender for you today. Carlos has been in the studio from Corvus Belli and he has been sharing thoughts on Infinity in 2016...

Wolsung Battle Report – Scylla vs Ash & Oak


It's time to get stuck into a battle report of a different sort today. We're going to be checking out Wolsung SSG!

Weekender: Wolsung SSG, The Rules Of The Walking Dead & FanHunter


Welcome to The Weekender which once again is jampacked with all manner of interviews and looks at the world of wargaming...

Unboxing: Wolsung SSG – Ven Rier Agents


We're back for another unboxing from the world of Wolsung SGG and I have Lukasz joining me again to unveil the Ven Rier Agents from the Micro Art Studio.

Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?


Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We've got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Unboxing: Wolsung – Scylla Club Starter Pack


Hey guys! Lukasz has joined me once again to unveil the Wolsung SSG Scylla Club Starter Pack from Micro Art Studio.

Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical


Sit back and relax with us for The Weekender XLBS as we discuss some interesting decisions from Games Workshop, talk about getting you settled in the hobby and show off Warren's latest gadgets...

Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?


Unboxing: Wolsung SSG – Gigantic Golem


I'm back this week for another awesome unboxing. With me is Lukasz from Micro Arts Studio. We're going to be unboxing the fearsome Gigantic Golem from Wolsung.

VLOG: A Visit From Wolsung


Another week, another project finished and ready for filming with Lukasz from Micro Art Studio showcasing some new and amazing updates from Wolsung SSG.

VLOG: Gaming Board Prep For Wolsung SSG Filming


With Łukasz from Micro Art Studio coming to the Riverside studio for filming new episodes of Wolsung Stratagems the team has begun working on getting the gaming board ready for action, including a new steampunk enhanced ship.

Weekender: 3D Printed Fantasy Terrain & Unboxing The Glacier King


A Gigantic Golem Pops Up In Micro Art’s Wolsung SSG!


We love big stompy things here at Beasts of War and so when we saw that Micro Art Studios had now added their Gigantic Golem to their webstore for Wolsung SSG we had to feature it here.

Wolsung SSG Shows New And Upcoming Releases


Micro Art's Studio has some new releases for Wolsung SSG that are coming out this week. See if any of these strike your fancy.

Wolsung Stratagems: Snorri’s Wondrous Flea


Łukasz from Micro Art Studio joins us once more to focus on one of Warren's favorite Wolsung miniatures, Snorri Rottstein on his Golemic Flea and tells us how he can assist in getting Golems quickly across the board.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Xenah’s Windborne Charge


For this XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz learn more about hard hitting Xenah Qiang of the Triad of Lotus Dragon. She wields a devastating weapon and can hit as hard as a boosted Security Golem.

Take Aim With Jurgen & More From Micro Art’s Wolsung SSG


See how Wolsung SSG develops with some new models like Jurgen and even Ninja Cats now freshly painted for the tabletop!

Wolsung Stratagems: Supercharging Your Golem


Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio attempt to kill an Ogre Bruiser in one turn with one model in a game of Wolsung. To do it they have a behemoth of a Golem to help them (and a tiny one too).

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Setting Up The Perfect Charge


In the XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio get to grips with the charge mechanic and discover how using your support and biding your time affects it.

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