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Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview


Download The Star Wars Endor Aftermath X-Wing Rules


You saw us play out the fight on the Live Blog and now you can download all the PDFs you need to play out your very own Endor Aftermath in X-Wing where the Rebels are trying to destroy a last Imperial base on the forest moon!

Fantasy Flight Rule The Skies With X-Wing Imperial Veterans


Adding two alternative paint schemes to the tabletop for X-Wing Fantasy Flight have revealed the Imperial Veterans set which contains both a new TIE Bomber and a TIE Defender too. Gamma Squadron and Countess Ryad are represented here...

Ten Holiday Season Gifts For Tabletop Gamers!


Some of the team have put together a few suggestions for what we think might be good stocking fillers, new year bargains or indeed full on presents for tabletop gamers this holiday season...

Fly With The Ghost Expansion Pack For X-Wing


Take to the stars once more with another miniatures coming your way for X-Wing. This time around we're focusing in on the crew of the rebel ship, the Ghost, from Fantasy Flight Games. Take a look at it below...

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More


X-Wing Strike On Endor Live Blog – The Battle Commences


Make Your Moves Look Snazzy With Custom X-Wing Dials


Fantasy Flight Games have made some Custom Dials which you can use for the various factions in their Star Wars: X-Wing game. They have made custom manoeuvre dials for the Rebels, Imperials and Scum & Villainy groups within the game...

Weekender: Team Yankee Air Support, X-Wing Lands On Endor & More


Welcome to another Weekender. We've had a packed week of filming over the past few days but now we get to relax with you lovely folks!

Live Blog: X-Wing on Endor – Scenario In The Works


Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond


Simon Stokes takes us through the history of Naval Battles both in history and on the tabletop as well as giving us a crash course in the games we should take a look at...

Is Your FLGS Part Of The Championship Circuit For FFG?


Fantasy Flight Games has released information about the upcoming 2016 In Store Championships.

Imperial Raiders Appear For Star Wars Armada


If you are a Star Wars fan you have to be loving these past few months. Now Fantasy Flight Games expands their universe in Star Wars Armada with the addition of the Imperial Raider.

Personalise Your X-Wing Ships With Coloured Stands & Pegs


Fantasy Flight Games are giving you some options to personalise your X-Wing squadrons with a new set of coloured Stands & Pegs which will hopefully then set your ships apart from your friends on the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Show Update & More Star Wars X-Wing!


Relax and unwind with us this Sunday morning as we get stuck into The Weekender XLBS... Go Backstage To Watch With A Free Trial

A Look Into The Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakens Core Set


We were able to get one of the New X-Wing Force Awakens Core Sets that became available in certain stores last Friday as part of Force Friday. Get a look inside before it goes to wide release.

Fantasy Flight Take A Closer Look At New T-70 X-Wing


Fantasy Flight have given us a closer look at the T-70 X-Wing from the new Force Awakens Starter Set which should be launching in the next few weeks. Of course this new fighter comes with new upgrade cards and characters that can fly them into the fray...

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge


We've been looking at loads of awesome things that happened in the tabletop world this week and announcing a new Game Designer Challenge with a focus on making a new Halloween game!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens X-Wing Set Now Official


The Star Wars: The Force Awakens X-Wing set is now an official 'thing' with the coming of Force Friday where everything from the coming Star Wars films merchandise line goes on sale. See what you Fantasy Flight have shown off of the set...

Weekender XLBS: Skulls Galore In Age Of Sigmar & Homebrew World Of Tanks Rules


Join us on this wonderful Sunday about all things hobby related. We've been tinkering away on different projects and got surprised at new Warmachine plastics! Join Backstage To Watch!

Weekender: New Star Wars X-Wing Set Spotted & FoW Team Yankee Previews


New Force Awakens X-Wing Sets, awesome terrain and Team Yankee previews get us excited on this weeks Weekender!

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens X-Wing Sets Spotted From FFG?


Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive


New Ships Boost The X-Wing Miniatures Game From Fantasy Flight


As if you didn't know this was coming. Some new ships are coming to X-Wing: The Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. See what you think of these New Ships, most of which you'll never have heard of! There's then another model, much bigger, to look forward too...

Scum & Villainy’s Fast Fighter for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing


Fantasy Flight Games next wave of ships and you get some really nice options for the Scum and Villainy.

Weekender XLBS: One HUGE Star Destroyer – The Mega Hobby Time Episode!


We've got some awesome hobby chatter for your Sunday including talk about a 11ft Long Star Destroyer.

The Nova Open Team Bring A 11ft Long Star Destroyer To Life For X-Wing


We've all dreamed of Fantasy Flight Games actually bringing out a massive Star Destroyer for our games of X-Wing but we know it will never happen. The Nova Open Tabletop Wargaming team however have taken it upon themselves to make this spectacle a reality with an 11ft Star Destroyer just waiting to be played on and around...

Weekender: X-Wing Wave 7 & Delving Into Undercity Board Game


It's time to get stuck into another weeks worth of tabletop gaming with The Weekender talking X-Wing, Undercity, Batman & More.

Presenting the Academy’s Finest for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing


Fantasy Flight Games contiues to unleash new releases for X-Wing. Here is a look into the TIE Advance fighter that comes in the Imperial Raider expansion pack.

All Three Factions Get New Ships In FFG’s Star Wars X-Wing Update


Four new ships have been added to the line-up of vessels you can use in Star Wars: X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games. Which appeals to you most?

Weekender XLBS: Diving Into 40k & Too Many Skirmish Games?


Happy Sunday! Welcome to XLBS where we're going to be focusing in on a bit of our hobby time where Warren has been playing X-Wing, Justin has been working on his Wrath of Kings models and John has been getting back into Warhammer 40,000 with Blood Angels.

Fantasy Flight Games Lay Down Their New Platmats For X-Wing


Would you want to pick up one of these playmats from Fantasy Flight Games to use when playing X-Wing? These 3x3 natural rubber mats are made tournament legal so that's one thing sorted!

The Deadly IG 2000 For X-Wing Screams Into View


The Scum and Villainy faction continues to grow with the addition of this new ship.

Star Wars At Adepticon 2015 Could Win You a Replica Helmet!


Play some Star Wars at this year's Adepticon and you will be entered for a chance to win your very own Wedge Antilles X-Wing Pilot Helmet! Any real fan of Star Wars would be proud to own this beauty by eFX!

Scum and Villainy Get A New Ship for X-Wing.


Fantasy Flight Games has another new ship for their new faction Scum and Villainy. You can bring this ship and customize it for your next battle.

Crush The Rebellion With X-Wing’s New Big Imperial Raider


See how the Rebel scum stand up to this massive new Imperial Raider drifting into battle for X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games.

A Closer Look Inside the Star Viper Expansion Pack for X-Wing


The Scum & Villainy faction are getting an upgrade with the Star Viper Expansion Pack. This ship offers some great versatility for the relatively low cost and should make an X-Wing game all the more interesting!

Fantasy Flight Games’ Most Wanted Appear


Fantasy Flight Games has done it again and has released information about wave 6 for X-Wing Miniatures Game and this time the new faction Scum and Villainy gets some love.

Illicit Upgrades Enter the Game for Scum & Villainy in X-Wing!


Check out the new Illicit Upgrades for the Scum & Villainy faction for X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games!

The Scum & Villainy Of Star Wars Fly Into X-Wing!


A whole new fleet of ships is heading into the world of X-Wing and this time they're hell bent on scum and/or villainy!

GenCon Update: First Two Days Of Incredible!


GenCon 2014 has come and we prepare for the onslaught of games and their gamers. We are doing our best to get you the best in coverage.

Start Decimating In X-Wing With The VT-49!


Take to the skies with another deadly ship coming to the Imperial forces in X-Wing. Is the VT-49 Decimator going to be joining your fleet?

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