Check Out Stunning Battle Of Pelennor Fields In SBG Issue 10!

March 1, 2021 by brennon

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The team behind SBG have recently released the tenth issue of their excellent fanzine which dives deep into the world of Middle-earth. The latest instalment dives into the events of The Return Of The King with a mega battle report covering Pelennor Fields.

SBG Issue 10 Cover

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This latest issue is a little bit of a celebration of the time spent bringing SBG to life. Starting back in 2014, the team has created some excellent content with in-depth tactics articles, battle reports, painting masterclasses and more. This issue is more of the same quality content with the HUGE clash at Pelennor Fields at the heart of it!

SBG Issue 10 #1

Covering twenty-two pages and featuring around 700 miniatures (13000 points!), this is an absolutely immense battle report which shows off the scale and grandeur of the battle in the film. The photography is great and there is plenty of input from the different players throughout. It reminds me of a Games Workshop battle report of old!

Alongside that battle report which is well worth a read, you also have plenty of advice for those playing the game and painting characters such as The Witch-king! Pretty good if you're going to be fighting out the battle at Pelennor.

SBG Issue 10 #2

These folks really love the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and it's great to see that the fanzine has been going from strength-to-strength, even with events like the pandemic getting in the way.

SBG Issue 10 #3

I would challenge you to pick up this issue and, after seeing the recap of the previous ones, not be tempted to dive in and order some of their older issues too. Digital issues of many of them are available to snap up already and you can also snap up physical issues by contacting the team at [email protected].

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Every time I get a look at one of their magazines I am very tempted to pick up a new Middle-earth army or dig out my old Rohan force and get them finished. I still have quite the collection of old models which just never got finished and one day I'll get around to painting them up!

Are you going to be giving this issue a read?

"Every time I get a look at one of their magazines I am very tempted to pick up a new Middle-earth army..."

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