Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl Hits The Table & Legio Custodes Soon!

September 19, 2016 by brennon

Retailers have been getting their hands on the new Blood Bowl boxed set allowing fans to get a taste of what the new game has to offer from Games Workshop. This means we got to see the box and it's final contents hitting the tabletop...

Blood Bowl (Cover)

These images were shared from War Of Sigmar who snapped up the images from Alliance Open House and their gaming event where they got to show off Blood Bowl in action. I really like the new cover art, a twist on a familiar scene.

Blood Bowl (Rear)

We've known what was in the set for a while now but this gives you a good idea of how it's going to look when you get it onto the tabletop. I'm very tempted to pick up a new copy of the game, whose rules have stayed the same, in order to refresh my love for this Specialist Game.

Blood Bowl (Game)

I know for sure that I'd have to give myself a bit of a refresher as to the rules as I've been relying on the digital versions of the game to do all of the behind the scenes maths!

Legio Custodes Reporting For Duty

The Burning Of Prospero is indeed coming thanks to the leaked image from the cover of the November White Dwarf (HERE) and with that came news of plastic Adeptus Custodes for your Horus Heresy era gaming!

Adeptus Costodes

These shining gold warriors look to be making an appearance against the Thousand Sons and we'd assume the Space Wolves are included in there too somewhere. It should make for a rather popular boxed set we reckon!

The magazine will also come with a download key to add Grombrindal into your Warhammer: Total War games. Free gifts aplenty it seems from White Dwarf these days!

Will you be picking up either Blood Bowl or the new boxed game?

"...with that came news of plastic Adeptus Custodes for your Horus Heresy era gaming!"

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