Games Workshop’s Citadel Paint App Releases This Weekend

September 15, 2017 by brennon

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Games Workshop is releasing their Citadel Paint App this weekend for you to download and play around with. It's totally free and is lauded as the ultimate companion for a painter using the Citadel Range.

Citadel Paint App

The app is going to be available across a number of different devices over the next twenty-four hours and you can use the links below to find the right version for you...

The app gives you options for which base coats to choose from and allows you to find out which colours will work best for the additional stages after the base coat including shading, highlighting and more. After a quick tinker around in the app, it also focuses in on teaching you about the basic techniques you need and offers up advice too.

Neat Features

One of the neat things that the app also does is allow you to use your phone or tablet's camera to focus in on the colours on a particular model and it then tells you what colour you should use to replicate that; it's pretty neat.

Another cool option is the ability to paint by miniature. You simply choose a miniature from their range and it will tell you all the paints you need to add to the model.

Prize Draw

With the release of the app, the folks at Games Workshop are also running a competition to win every single Base, Shade and Layer paint in the Citadel Paint range.


All anyone has to do to enter is download the app to their device. Then, next week from Monday to Friday, one person each day will win this prize!

That is certainly pretty awesome as far as prizes go and well worth downloading the app just to give it a try.

Will you be giving this a go?

"Another cool option is the ability to paint by miniature..."

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