Dernhelm Rides To War In Middle-earth SBG Battle Companies

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off one of the new miniature sets and book which is coming for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game soon. First up we have the release of Eowyn & Merry, mounted and ready for war alongside the rest of the Rohirrim.


The miniature shows Eowyn, dressed and disguised as Dernhelm, riding with Merry into battle against the Orcs outside the gates of Minas Tirith. You can actually assemble this piece with or without Merry, popping him off of the horse as and when you need to to let Eowyn strike down her foes on her own.

Both also come on foot, ready to do battle against the Witch King Of Angmar himself.

Eowyn & Pippin Unmounted - Games Workshop

I think that I prefer the on-foot versions of these heroes when arrayed next to the mounted options. I think there's something about the determined look in Merry's eyes and the challenge being put forth by Eowyn that works very well indeed.

Battle Companies Assemble

As well as the new miniatures there will be additional support coming for those playing smaller skirmish games in Middle-earth with Battle Companies.

Battle Companies - Games Workshop

The new book streamlines and tweaks the rules for Battle Companies to work with the new rules and allows you to play around with a fledgeling warband of warriors as they strive to develop and become heroes in their own right.

Four new warbands have also been worked into the mix too with the Dead Of Dunharrow and Dunland now options for Good and Evil. This hopefully means we're going to see those line-ups revitalised in miniature form in the near future.

Your heroes will be able to develop down much-expanded paths which will give you more control over their abilities and growth. You'll also find both a map-based campaign which will see your Battle Companies battling for control over strategic areas in Middle-earth and a narrative campaign where you head to the Blue Mountains in search of lost treasures.

This sounds like a great way to start playing The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game!

Will you be snapping up this re-worked book?

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"This sounds like a great way to start playing The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game!"

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