New Blood Bowl & Adeptus Titanicus Sneak Peeks Pop Up From Forge World Open Day

July 18, 2016 by brennon

Drawing from the Battle Bunnies Blog which were at the Forge World Open Day this past weekend we got a look at some neat new previews of what's on the cards for all manner of things Games Workshop and more. We'll kick things off with Blood Bowl...

Blood Bowl Dwarf Lineman

First up we have the Dwarf Lineman who has been shown off here with a bit more movement in him than a regular ol' Dwarf from Blood Bowl past. Gone is the hands-on-hips look as they face off across the pitch in favour of a bit more dynamism.

As well as Dwarfs we also got a look at a Skaven Thrower too.

Skaven Thrower

It's neat to see the tail being integrated into the model a little more (and not getting in the way on the pitch). Here the Thrower has his tail wrapped around the ball ready to throw it heroically down the pitch before he gets clobbered by a charging Orc.

The Hobbit

As well as Blood Bowl getting some new previews we saw new models for the realm of Middle-Earth. Firstly we have these Gundabad Berserkers.

Gundabad Berserker

You might remember these from the last movie as they charged into Dale where they sliced hapless Humans and Elves to pieces. These are looking neat and probably better than their on-screen counterparts.

We also got a look at the painted version of Dain who is shown on-pig and on-foot.

Painted (Dain)

Last but not least, simply because I like showing it off, we also got this neat look at the whole Dwarf army assembling with their foot troops lining up for a shield wall.

Hobbit Sculpts

Not a bad set of releases for The Hobbit and Middle-Earth as a whole. Additionally they have also been releasing old sculpts on their webstore over the last few months and you can get some goodies if you're quick.

Adeptus Titanicus & Warhammer 40,000

If you're interested in Sci-Fi then you'll want to delve deeper into their blog (HERE) where they look at what's been previewed for all manner of different factions. However, the big news was Adeptus Titanicus and some more on rules...

Adeptus Titanicus

Here's some of the information that was picked up throughout the day.

  • They're digging into all previous Epic games for inspiration, but it will be a new rule set.
  • Expect Titans to have a plasma reactor power tracker to keep track of how much power they have.
  • They'll be able to overload the reactor to boost power with a risk (Overload voids, increase speed, etc)
  • Harpoons will be back but nowhere near as ridiculous as they used to be!
  • Expect 2nd edition Epic orders and damage charts
  • Expect 1st edition campaign and upgrade rules
  • Engine war will be a bit of a slugfest, with Titans slowly blasting each other to Atoms, staggering about, weapons missing, systems burnt out, but still able to fight until you smash the legs, pulverise the MIU's or cause the reactor to go nuclear.
  • Manoeuvrability is key - the heavier the Titan, the slower they are. He described a play test where his final warlord was fragged when an enemy Warhound got behind it and he didn't have enough power to overload the reactor to take more turns than they can
  • Knights are objective grabbers and shield droppers, don't expect them to go toe to toe with Titans and survive
  • Campaign games are the default mode of play, similar to Necromunda as he described it. With options for competitive and open play.
  • Machine spirit personality will play a role. This sounded really exciting. Titans will pick up a personality the more used they are. So you could end up with a Titan geared for close combat and have it turn into a bit of berserker which will have an effect of it becoming less controllable in battle. 'Resting' the Titan becomes an important choice to make. Yes, your Titan could end up with PTSD or worse.

Also this rather impressive vehicle showed up which looked rather fun.

Macrocarid Explorator

I would certainly explore a planet with this. I would feel very safe indeed within that armoured shell.

If you were at the Forge World Open Day add your favourite moments from it below!

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"However, the big news was Adeptus Titanicus and some more on rules..."

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