Burn Under The Gaze Of Forge World Salamander Firedrakes!

July 12, 2014 by brennon

Forge World are bolstering the forces of the Salamander Legion with some neat looking new Firedrake Terminators for said Warhammer legion. See what you make of these hammer wielding warriors ready to smite their foes!

Salamander Firedrakes

Salamander Firedrakes UnpaintedThe set comes with five of these heavily armoured warriors that would of course work perfectly well in the realm of Warhammer 40,000 as well as 30,000 and come equipped with Thunder Hammers and Dragonscale Pattern Storm Shields making them a tough cookie to crack.

The figures are very nice indeed and I like that despite the fact they are essentially walking tanks they have made them look a tad dynamic and indeed got a bit of swing and movement into the poses. I think if you gave these some lavafield bases you'd be laughing!

Will you be picking these up for your Salamanders?

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